Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Thursday, 30 June 2011

pre-HOMESCHOOL VOUCHERS for repumpbliconserviceas self respectively educate by private advance attempts from mere prostitution to "pimp" (as of yet unarrested for perjury well as loitering with intent to j-walk while under indefinite investigation on suspiscion of fraud-thefting) during dignity/image thing how adorable

to pensionfamily fiscal  togh on crime dependance declarations muuuuam matter not what happens to agenda doings for country fried downsouce professors non-consentually; rather consent by default claimage in that never voting for default representation administrative attorney study if campus looks sooooo good by real estate purchasing values through roofers unions thus important to keep direct deposits rolling 
Cube starring Maurice Dean Wint: DVD Cover
for avarice privileged  boomeringrang legislators unable to distinguish second-hand health risk between cigarette and parking ramp full of combustion engines in 2-foot proximity of

Big Wednesday

 bicycler jurisdiction as 4th amendment thru 6th to 14th as 1st to service students professor unresourcing while on tuition hiking expedition all Tom Baker  ethicied for  freedom to be taxed directly depositing proceeds in name of posrtity no big wu after nicking The Greatest American Hero dixon cambodia ramage could suppose amongst never attacking nations' triumphal exploits though belated birthday properss to Gary Busey and Free representative of mars currently as governor WS aum...

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

how's the tea, Michelle Kringriitch? Leave pawlenty in santorum? SEE? Like refridgerator poetry magnets!

while for all not enough tax fuelled direct depositry bogus freeconmediapresserves to throw money at need republicans for reelyreely fantastic p(r?)overt(y)ed loyalty dance oaths for fiscal pro-deathpenalty orphan speculation gossip mongering war spoil hoarding and avarice by self or in therapeutic group franticspazmoticism why elephant party screwing around with hidden agenda to change constitution to non-redress of grievance non-refundable no true claiming recidivist restitution/reimbursement bad faith enforcement dictatorial expending others' lifestyle legislation free to be violently regulated in every family values teeveeshow just
Missile Command
command lordshipping by divine right crappola say no babbalones flunking a-wad buttock horse cock burger to feed the kids in case or professorship or improvement ambitions in future best to de-stabilize prior; makes K. Harris/ Phil Jones heroes as well as regovernor and Neil Busssssshhhhhhhhh and Andy Fastow not forgetting B. Gates for adopting Africa once idea safely heisted from Maddona out of ethics profit with new waterslide in limo to impress and distract from freak control issues rumour has Tom Baker saveing up over ten MORE business days after next ten after next ten enough to change name to Eric Bakranstattersplatshamlicks until Johnny cand read even if Joe the Uncle could afford new bike next holiday sales season souless bastarding whole keepup with nations never attacked on fashion consultancy costings family prosthetics prevention of mortuary healthy psyche unit license random security checks against 4th amendment blessings of liberty happiness pursuits in case  requesting abortion jesus show up after entertained with atrocities upon "sorry" corrective measurements nice try

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Horrible poweroholic~ never attending meetings 'cept for couple times in '70's...

sometimes sitting The Unidentified starring Kevan Tucker: DVD Cover around all day with frothy refreshing bevarages in contemplation of
neuroelectro-chemical reactions' affections while Republicons muck about to form nation where un-learning of checkwriting nincompoopery behavior for job security fascism  in name of fiscal responsible job security will scare folks into cult activities brilliant as average kitchen appliance lightbulb speaking of lunch where hall monitor in every kitchen with direct deposit  firearm and badge to keep boogieman outta threatening kids' nightmare security making easier to find ham sandwich, anyone seen near institutional paranoia perpetually Tom Baker then always regovernor and archduchess bachwo-man-on-hammeredstink "option for lack of representative democracy

myth in misrepresentation eh, Eric Breensdread or is spending for lobbiests to avoid addressing real issues of statecraft substitutions exercising fraud waste and abuse santorum party of duke Robertson never enough again for NBA combustion engine sales to shoot limo driver in face ethics to keep in school promise of casinoprison employment only better when comes to czar circle "leardership" acceptance future good enough with reading levels permaset at preschool standards future of learning and education defrauding negligence waste abuse way &so4th&so4th aum...

Monday, 27 June 2011

practicing new loyalty dance oath "all hail KinGingrich and arch ducheress Bachwo-man" because IA already gots one plus fiscal preeschool to pension tax fuelled regovernor more than any prior recidivist power junkie addict responsible all casinoprison flunkin' misrepresantivity oh and then Tom Baker...

new calendarical fewer sun-monday combo looking too close to winter north pole likely less entries for future so more love freedoms to be misrepresented full fraud waste spoils of war looterer hording avarice reimbursment checks allamerican as book cover of 

Space Hostages 


Nicholas Fisk cheeseburger, pizza, liberty hounds, foreign alienators, redressings of grievances in due recourse with justice peace and impeachments none too soon as promised meerly demanding Clearance Thomas' wife's pubes-on-pepsi houskeeping service staff, D. Duke/ P. Robertson/Teddy Bundy elephantiasis get that santorum and take pawlentys off that young girl's

Remember when

teachers... graphic
hammeredstink anti-abusey policy falling outta floss...

Friday, 24 June 2011

Administr8ors an Alpha Queen Bahkmn sbeling B weiner treeted as mir lowlee prophesirs for SHAME

and after all Tomb Aker did for innocently litigating Pierre Pierce activist Phil Jones greatest am'rican hero ever misunderstood by evil  Reginald Denny libelist whistlewinders (that a horned instrument and what key?  Francis Scott?)

Animal Crackers starring Groucho Marx: DVD Cover

everywhere (poor poor poor fellar Tom "Tromboner" home less by one-ish than Jacka Maabromoff {[sic] word on streets just secret war surnomi}) after only 37+ years on tuition

fueled corporate welfare subsidiaries by untaxing tithe and stamp act verisimilitude funding tax and salary loopholingjust
trying to service students and parents from Chicago without representation even if name not really "Dean"

now forced to write a report on IA since 1800 for mere fame and royalties using meager UI facilities under threat of  Alonzo Parish maneuvers however legal that could be should bring
literacy rates ranking right up there got regovernotorboat rendering casionprisons without rainforests glaciers and mourning dove for spotted owl mltiplicity ecologies on pope head  posterity that is outside Milwalkee brewing bears  literacy rates ranking right up there got regovernotorboat rendering casinoprisonriverswells without rainforests glaciers and mouning dove for spotted owl multiplicity ecologies on pope head Silly Putty Cake to fuel combustion ennjin TXT smrts ops that coudda l'il

Thursday, 23 June 2011

free gov WS and return behavior control prohibisionist freak mentalities to rightousfullife sacridity and puppy heaven

no dumbwatering down support thunk'n' poor Tommy Baker only had salary since '80's after graduating Kent legal tech college online almost and regovernor IA with ROBOT PROFESSORS saving BIG RErerePUBLICoselfserveincomicongs on familiar home quantum math labs jr. school to pension providing sweatshop footware with tiny 3-yr-old barely legal fingers and Johnny "wadsworth" Abrahimmoff size tax support (keeping wallet
An Education starring Peter Sarsgaard: DVD Cover
sold separately) and  all displaying honest presenting as doing power junkie brokerage since outta office so many making fine zero-term pro-orphan death penalty p-residents w/out sadistic tenancies for independence dignity and leadership in front of the kids (hotcha!) *eherm*
RJ Matson - The St. Louis Post Dispatch - Not Your Fathers GOP - English - Not Your Fathers GOP, War Powers Act, Libya, Republicans, Republican Party, Congress, President, Imperial
most statistics showing defense subcontractor focus group lobbyists fresh into congress agree with complete set of busting myth buster busters busting the earths' busting myths finds responsible so future still in '50's after last decade of world administration is why Eric Bramblestread's pop needs more medications allowance and premiums and dietitians and fashion consultant/implementation prison casino justice pals better than striker writing teevee because (personally opinioned of option "becase" betterer just for taste variety not getting into securinety samples
for hypochondria misdiagnosis avoidance of legal fee  surtax subcommittee toll plus chargings and expenditures posterity) of word reality all packaging up advertisements adorably ready for good ol' holidale (even sownds [sic; yes "sownds" as in *oink*] Rockwellian, huh?) sales mass hysteria leading to harder stuff; infrastructure replacements; frequencies of skull fragment pick up off interstate episodes ah what more coul Jesus tempt republican cultists with all happy...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Alex on category of zero term presidents other than from rigged elections and obvious Bachman-Quayle-Gingrich-Grossnusslevanlightderfootplatts-Mittsantorumpwalenty[sic] Thomas-Hatch-Lott

something really nice said for "don't worry everything going to be great sunshine just mail a check believing in smaller governmentia exempting funding for repblincolnselfservs as fiscal morality pro death penalty orphans in prison casino infrastructure exponential deficit business law and when all professors hated enough salary won't be issue with full preschool to pension homeschooling attendance truant officers in every kitchen toting  paychecks firearms

Students in Rome protest against education cuts (30/10/2008)

and badges bucking promotion to impress favorite proverbial milf in name of education as too problematic explaining
    election rigging to young folks with all the rapist overfed linebackers just eying milk money job security beatings with cheerleader math to pass statistics in athletic accounting labor studies via college of psyche, no journalism, no finance, no journalism & wha'ehvahhhh aum...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dade County and Miami FL Motion Picture Organizations

now regovernor IA and WS company demonstrating stalking rights and why nothing done republican-associated unless tax funded or can get away with theft of credit for others' efforts as if un-enabled/boldendabubble by 2nd of 2 "leasty-evil

Innocent Blood starring Anne Parillaud: DVD Cover
party system" yeah, right...perhaps years early because nothing to do well clothing and mortgage comparative  
Dr. T & The Women starring Richard Gere: DVD Cover
  shoppers all dinosaur pooop power junkied for posterity futurists (how much that costing to just thing let alone write??!?!!?)  not flunking buttock headed enough again as if no one ever seen since before Plato and cavepaint illustrations to ivory tower administrators saving FEMA still beyond means after daring rescue thru Persia from having to be attacked by endemic outbursts of Godzillamumphs while starving in New Orleans with great beautiful peoples' music, jambalaya, living to tell about it like Orin sais Jesus hates Hawkeye republickolnselfservs trusting doctors' public delegation on mis-diagosis of hyperboleaochondria insurance policies on cerdential plausibliities

Monday, 20 June 2011

pimping pimp admisitrator pimps pimping 101

Just in case gotta run for gov of IA/WS or extra time governing Texas for next year to fraudulently misunrepresent and boost direct deposit tax carreer running for oval office in support of troops in name of fair honest international relatons on good repuublickonservice ticket all ethical (wiiiiiiiiiiink)
  perhaps not everyone
Cover Image
gets to be flunkin' buttock chicken ( derivative of some kinda dinocritter tastes like mourning dove quiz on ) fascist live-beyond-means white collar criminal destroying others' lives and enslaving folks starved from prevntable quality educaion attrition/malnourishment at americas' age prhaps just grand ol' clean financial-moral bancruptcy overkill fun in case threat from antarcticans causes Persian injustices from hand of land of peace and custer

Friday, 17 June 2011

Oohsmurfy martial law

fiscally responsible like that for
A man dressed up as Gargamel stands near a smurf statue during a promotional event in the Andalusian village of Juzcar
  pro-death penalty orphans dinopoopswap for enforcement expenditures with hands free non-consensual misrepresentation brought from party of Checkers and Bundy and Gingrich and IA has Lord again same guy tax fed as '86 though now like triplestacker and just like WS no sweating supreame court literacy
Children dressed up as smurfs take part in a promotional event in the Andalusian village of Juzcar and something about onus wars and googling santorum after t/d[sic]raumatic weiner loss of all flunking buttock


Thursday, 16 June 2011

naw; not a cult even moresothan flunking buttock Mishsschelle Bawchm'n when Belgium never attacked means all for vote reconpublicntservtivfph

Newmitt Romgrich & Enrico Branstodtales on WS Supreeme ct...mm
Out To Sea starring Jack Lemmon: DVD Cover
mm...so frugal in friendly fog of collateral reparation billing shipping and receiving posterity


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

the whole set collectioning waffle supper only one waffle...or juice...or gathering just send check pretty much

zombie/sleepwalkercell Total Lunar Eclipse regovernor just southwest of honest non-fraudulent [michele_bachmann_crack_is_wack_2 menu taxpublic option open hors d'ourvers neverneverneverunlawful supreeme court of WS (exceptin' maybeyperhaps where even Jesus all hush-hush free loyalty oath admission $65 for
  hodown of educations' future to display fiscally pro-deathpenalty orphans' support bills for students' consent  fresh and crisp greens with redressings and recourse humor classy as apps then substitute automatically for a jello mold) to pie hole fillings or ambulance posterity

if weren't for bothersome clarification regarding "the past consequences of campus restrictions" (see Dean of Tombakers' dozens loyalty dance-a-thon below Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 19:47:06 +0000) forsuch un-charges meanwhile just another 10 days closer to tax and tuition funded direct deposits service against education and alumns and this business as usual for young minds' futures into where and what other than Ponzie quality standards possibly got it all wrong again respectfully requesting cease violations fraudulently in name of "security" (against/for whom...boogieman?) getting troops' prosthetic replacements after blowing up families from never-attacking nations under guisings reassemblant to 6th ammendation thingie and 14th, oh yeah, 1st amendment; spirit of magna charta, preambplifications...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

rubber balls buckaneers and liquor

dereliction of interference with official acts while on duty charges pending though self enforcement of jaywalking with intent to loiter arrest for perjury never before preamble issue apparently unprecedented conditioning in higher learning student services with little more

Free Rubber Duck
fascist law emboldening subtleties and day after and day after not such big deal in tea party laundry room and pantry and bathtub and aum...

Friday, 10 June 2011

why rebplupbacon Rngcops make lousy scapegoats; no one needs the members

Flash Tom Baker now into misrepresenting legal cause degree was doctorate American jibberish always why no all but Eva Braun and nazi comehole flunk buttocks part again about how "soft-on-crime" mensans "embolden regovernator, televangelicals and corporate Orin/Mittgritchz not having to explain erectionriggiers at Kentstate with Katheringe Hairraas after so much time for trying to forget supporting Dade county Bundy and Jeb and Neil and "minor transgression" Checkers speech always such a nice quite type general vague inspecificities so supreeme being can favor beautiful business a-as-usual ball swinegreasemobileto pump where magigicpoopasaurus hiddenwhat left of earth under marketing ad lamination fluid for bacon babies bottoms in combustionhammobile to  Tiger pump and directdeposits but now out of scapegoats so who to blame with ponzzied regoverator ponzied failure subsidies bonusing prisonrendercasion demad to feed imbecile brains into higher learning sausagemaker of mind if kids ask about Attica for realworld corpam with wealth so as to be one homeless than Andrew Fastow therefore subject to treatment as "fringe element under mythable code of marginalization for more than fair pieshares int frivolous weaponry subcontracting sexymonies couldda fed 3/4 entire solar system fully populated fulla zombie robot clone social elite meat-packing glitteratti
as why Toyazuki retooling for already-have-nuclear power sun future instead of baconcar Hammerlinckznfuhrheggsslaw demanding justice with peace reimbursement and impeachment flunking buttocks juicesauce in higher learning business as usual ball sweat market shopping clean commerce aum...

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Who inherits truth/dust off pens and magna carta...

Police tele-martialvangelical law state preamble actually couple still still out there and running as, (guess what hint: not Mother Theresa party
Martian Summer by Andrew Kessler: NOOK Book Cover )

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

what part of pimped kids breeding hostages with dyslexia and posterity aren't rhyming besides...

"no control" rarely heard as excuse for frantic rushing into the peace again where behaving righteously still not revenge or just too less inconvenient to actually exercise where robots treated better than 90% of humanity, less than 5% of combustion engine vehicles on planet though cautioned 5 decades + ago

cerebellum too close to call with not having to explain
Albert Einstein E=MC2
Kent State and Katherhinge Hbarris to young aged minor imbeciles and republicans not nessecelary in that order with regovornator preschool pensioner (did what as toll-funded guardsman?) and T. Baker "student services" [*eherm*] nanny rights violations czaring unelected at University higher mind accreditation for youth of tomorrow last 6 decades plus to down-quality education on tuition hiking (that like a scavenger hunt where students who should be studying are forced into extracurricular exercise of "go out and bring back huge bags of money to give Popular Science - Popular Science - September 1917
administrators?) as explaining attempts  how this is a good fair deal for taxpayers/parents of students local or out-of state again then not even a Science center or revamping of I.C. civic rec. center/satellite rec. centers and racing for detentioncenter/jails for crimes uncommitted by wrong people amidst police violence mixed messaging as ounce of prevention and wanna buy some pencils teachers get apples librarians bananas then everyone else too heat exhausted for Union rights white collar criminal justice system tart 5 minutes ago delegates cash night for mommy baby ladies may want own casino river prisonboat (on land) just sayin'...aum

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Anger and strss management classes CANCELLED?!?!?!?!?!

Joe the plumbers brothers Onus and Habeus ready
M Night Shyamalan: Vista Series Dvd: DVD Cover
to believe anything about how rebumlbiconsrvatfvzs want others' monies spent and how to think about http://tracking.technodesignip.com/?action=count&projectid=642&contentid=6542&referrer=-&urlaction=r... complete MittGingrich/regovernorparty of brainstard "quickshuffle" ownership misrepresented in name of fiscal freedom responsibilities without coupons and HUGE deficit savings in perpetual warfare

Friday, 3 June 2011

....minds inquiring with third misrepresentaional un-consent by abuse fraud negligent incompetence inherent in defaulting...

a hardharharded tardlyhearty har-'(...[sic]...*aherm*....)ly even hear tenure~traecker legal staff redressing living at large under teacher sapping salarymonyinstallments to
Doctor Who: Robots of Death: DVD Cover
dignity or image thing with preschool too pension regovernance seal abuse in good repub tax national guarrrerd to save v. mothra and stay-proofedery marshmallowmuffins'moremanservicing and discchip clubhouse sur-Thames (ou peninsular) d'extensifve green/civics/residential edible/water reclaimant/"off-grid" solar-hydro landscaping/architectural design and implementation internationalles
b...  aum

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ongame bees white black...

awonder what cool jr.high girls did with respectively assigned potatoes as well and how fun fascism with writing skills beyond routine entertainment
Rabbit Hole starring Nicole Kidman: DVD Cover
marketing most non-unusual enforcement direct deposit prison casino runway night ala stagecoach poledance wardrobe accessory parking free-ish as administrators never arrested for loitering with intent of jay (williams?) walkering as triggerhappy hall monitors uncharged and detained inrape progression cheerleadering practice during pre-pep-perprally Biutiful starring Javier Bardem: DVD Cover cheerer releaderering practice insured car alarm insurance lobbiest staffing what good regov a'done with out good republic'n gingtx haircut swapmeet moustache for a Trent-blue floss gemstone credit rating all mitted up pro as swapabubble hair simiularations see sixo'clock news at  nine
...  aum

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
solicitorphesus egg chickening reimbursment fraudsponsibility

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