Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Friday, 31 August 2012

Hurricane Chadndy Ravis hotstripper Neil Bustczh (sic) cultparty strip dancing rebozo sphincter reexempting dancepart consuption for bronzedtarring funcktardy administr8or casino prison education quality online standard issue because bribe of geedubya tax incentive stimulus affect noteriotousity

bigwu poor trepumpblimpcults going to need line item filibuster (word never in preamble meaning too busy attempting fiscal hostage tax code and supreeme court appointment propsals regular8ion justice service & power to declare war for executive seat & general ideological cleansing posterity when appropriate of course perhaps) toll collections awaiting direct deposits still no saltlake casino prison platform   ritieful spin'n' twistry bluefloss onus good thing controversy over Mohandus Ghandi/Chrisp Chrispie  cornfusion yawn and don't forget to register to vote

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dire Straites jackets of Hormuz-Magellan BOOSH whole gaggle fulla time annihil8tion for no compensationvvurst

suppose nice cultparty break from closet spousal and youth abuse @ taxpayer expense after witchhunting service vouchers insurance security deductionsin name of messianic bodyguard alarming with no advance from Kamchatca intrusionsally aggreg8ressing into depths of Panama 2 threaten Texaccutionerrs pro-orphan death penalty friendly "governing" position on preamble soullessly what that ghost of checkers doing with all tat shoe assemblage labor asset freexzing in Manila outskirts for monetary devaluation during crisis of fiscal irregularity duty free in Dallas-Tallahassee  abu graibelings by the cultbellts alla sorry in the loyalty party dancemarch for not knowing how meaningful sorry to hafta have hasing been be sorry hannyhoo and don't forget to register to vote

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pluraliversity bs rally sales cry buzzwuuuurd cribbachillin administrative subcommittees in student services armed mommypioge for PTA dads (ages 89-14), crash of rhino, parliament of owls, group of suffleuppigus/snuffleuppiguy in Latin taken think it's Winnebeggo...

not even own riverboat casino prison mascot onus gonna be tough Tom Buller online  college posterity future corporate image building in  eyes of the world community  maintaining  dinopoop combustion engine lifestyle all healthy for bicyclists pedestrians rainforests  and porpoise pods  all the numormonational  anthem &tabernacle disco practice fir speaking in tongues disco education kids of tomorrow momoverse getting so hungry could go for some string beans with bacon fresh in Utah by drone even select employment security sponsorship harmless little largest cult on planet to make supreem court appointment nominations by  wealth of vote control and don't forget to register to vote

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

self educations suggestions with research proper solo now approaching other holiday season of spirit sales saving events featuring hot brrandys soups cold salads stuffing and uhm like uh sports halloweeneies say what in Tandy Ravenous wallet and where kept gone wild @ tax avarice cult party accounting department subcommittee reimbursements restitution and redress of grievances office

bone poor cult party sweathopping labor violation tax fuelled hiderunderdeskdinopooereres generations without own riverboats and online crimilal justice prisons for youg minds and ghost of checkers party dressing as LeeAtwater or Tom Bueller in higher learning young mind development uberseer enforced  facilities on tuition hike scavenger huning tuition hike duresses seeking big bagas of moneies to administrators all about Kent State and monster studies not to be left out when in tabernacle so in  touch on monetary policy whole nine Patriofoobull League (proball Howe could be theretheir crime onus bonus indeed only 93 houses each co-ching poor...) hype about not saving orphans too  busy with pro-orphan deeath penalty friendly platform onus too busy not to be in direct deposit shelter frostbittten amputy economic support centers selling crutch preparations for folks with unbroken as of yet limbs efforts too involved as  to objctive not seeing harmless litte largest cult discounting teleovangelic  robbertpersson  (anyone seen Condiswaggart  Abromoff L8ly [sic] please report) pumps apple bobbing pumpkin pi Wampanoag cold seem more insulting if not offering best of cult justice love which can't be so called something for naturnational securtiy something blahblah still safe from Alcaulpulco aggressions via Kamchatka thanks to yellow cake rice freezing into amputaions as Jeeebus wanted punishment for only allowing one term to poor  M. Palin nearly one whole term as governress to go campaigning platform saving of eyesore sufferage pesky towers post chad didn't even hafta mention unnecescelery duresses  snowballing into frivilous incursions into Persia with monetary urrency devaluation to show for it responsability and don't forget to register to vote

Monday, 27 August 2012

take a baby overrun by village to raise raving raisins racy razor razers raises and run hell Sparticus kittens' Othello mystery Operah appointed deposits in mormon hostage crisis bones fused in pleiades

first real human being ever eaten by t-rex no one rememberingssame on   second guy ever devourered by sabertusked giant puma just "ol'dumbutt eaten by monster the caveguy or "hey koalantula grab Mitty a  soda perhaps   one in supreemes' lounge machine (Tom Baker inspired by minds of young people to be auctioned to "defense" contractors as Sczuan Tzo's Tofurkey no help sametime cultparty heritage of Atwater/Fastow/Abromoff/McCarthy[sic] wants mormons on supreem court in qualityest lameing down most lethal pro-orphan deathpenalty friendly monetarity respondestabubble [raise prices of meat and and dinopoop currency too valuabubble) chad a frocithy brew'd b nice eh babe?"  sodaspeak thereby poo 7 cult + partyfine with electoral appoint direct 2 teem pac lobby for sermon-on-mount guy preamble imagin8tion and don't forget to register to vote

Sunday, 26 August 2012

if'n 2 ef'n beleive like uhm Henry Fonda & Wyatt Earp III uh like whateveah wuuurd~not there personallylike

so long how said really back during 1845ish home purchases  nickle each (no chaddin'!) again '50's apparently looked to be so too around '80's but for crack silicon valley real estatefrastucture between personal onus transcombustion engine insurance rate compariso shopping with dinoppop vouchers on sparkplug alarm bodyguarding discounts enigmasquat methlab kids gunfighting over    footware and mums playing hockey dads in live garbage garden dollies all christmass creditcards (TXTing whie driving skills video barely reality viewing during baseball free agency strikes for broadcaster hairsyles) now tomorrow poor vourchers for poor poverty fighting treeplumpblimpcultcans to patronize the poor poorly working 4/pour sorry   sorrymulttaneosorrily not fully realistic as pragmatic proportional representation denierr in delusion holdings out for Andy Fastowbromoff(sic) sightings prolly got Trandy Ravis (sic×2) 8-tracks out accentu8ing utoob saying and don't forget to register to vote

Saturday, 25 August 2012

no just cause for unpleasantries setting in living standards Karma of congress mormon pope Oporah(sic)phrana fishfeedfuryfrenzyfascistfasion dharma onus ownus uh thid one uh...

yeah right
 Howe Tom  Bueller Ruckus Bueller  Smapdi bring mormon every supreeme bench seat preamble GET OWN PREAMBLE non-tax contributing tithers in citizen funded facilities reached with dinopoop combustion power junkie enginery when unvirtue assets not   illegally frozen over seas with sweatshop abromov humanity easter bunny brainnnnnezzzz ooh hydro winds and ready made nuclear called SUN go figure square root of negative one campaign costtime payback production and Retandy Rravis full feature reality show the musical gone wild sales off the eNeffL charts soundtrack use cash only this made of high fructrose syrup diet generation supporting hiderunderdeskers posterity

Friday, 24 August 2012

grouchy kitten/rhesus marzipan koko cups

deadbeat koi mommies hockey other husbands' consent for enforced motivational cheerleader pontificatory editorialisticism ægæin nuunever ever & ægæin in editorials perhaps just cornfusion memos via oaffice du Pythagrus/Prometheus-Phaedrus -Icarus(Promeathædcrus?)-Atlas/Mormon-Klingmormon-Romormulon *MOONBASTE* by-salt-loch-of-tranquility tabernacle choir with WSistaion8er.. & wrong place way off century  brain pimp stalking mob insurance depository during down times between obstinate CULT party mass obesity behavior driving dinopoop combustion equiptment as if late for take kids to joust day at wuuurrk voucher direct deposit security bodyguard salesing  Cheebus a crutch caste system of victims to have legs broken in online criminiuhbliminabubbal justice homeschool act watch that not to step  on bubblerap elves even 
appearing crunchy gossip innuendo saucy campus

Thursday, 23 August 2012

taxing treeplumpblimpkins enforced unripened tomato and dandelion seed sales at agrarian harvest market to support only humble tiniest little largest attempt to assume oval office for delusional right to govern by myth of default implied consensual behavior legislation standards through mass media power dipsylala kids' educative posterity via tithing non-taxpaying march through civic public funded facilities CULT ever of universe

with the patter of speculations shouting into library space with mobile phones by bubblier proximity gossip rumor hearsay and innuendo between 14-year old represenative crack sales preventing young minds' development of critical skills learning about obedience loyalty (however hardly disciplined via affinity to punish sadism show prechad ghost of checkers inclusionary in tense) to oath in for profit administer idolatry "real world"   ( as autumn approaches kansalifornia as the birds begin color change  and drop from the trees while 
 yet in early 180 years worth of stage improvings on pro-orphan death penalty friendly hiderunderdesker genration hellspawn

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

a whole not much so mir as taxfed illegal veto reoccupier of Terrace Hill bleating deadhorse beating of horse not dead

with tough on monetary criminal justice  recidivist homeschool pro-orphan deathpenalty party power of deficit spending preschool to pension policy order(sic) beyond kindergartens not even 1949 Kansalifornia banking surplus annihilation days)(german word for forced intellectual labor conditioning quid pro negative compensation or else) no time for questions kids now hider-under-desker generation has to dress up to play as if not still hating parents threat of highway  fund withholding as petrol fire fighting with fuel vapor 7 plasma plus liquid perprobborbarron recidivist recession that wasn't turns out just enforced mass dilustion during    currency devaluaing  assets freeze overseas (wait for it   until winter chase villager under bridge for frostbiting to death evasionmedia nad realmalphadministraton uber sweatshop labor taxing with realitponzievertising teleovision build up to stuporbowl illearnerr8cy word "drought" that was just series of heatwaves to excuse price of meat off the hook while beer costs actually drop no surplus annihil8tons amongst cohorts in reduction of dependency on gas fetish discipline obesity glutton voucher comparison lifestyle as loyalty dance oath heritidyage tres deallyyos and don't forget to register to vote

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

just the cleansed fax ma'am trial sleepmedia in process startling MBillleg O'Kellieryian Faouxnuewz on ice full feature reality show the musical now sports

after all Erc Brainstread elders' other husbandry assurance bodyguard coverage monetary responderstability fiesta  to keep caffine chocolate pharmecuetical dionpoop combustion engine junkie adiministration ifestyles off endangering health in name of behavior controlghost of  checkers messiah manditory best ofs don't forget to register to vote

Monday, 20 August 2012

atypical monday normal as marketing cost

as first largest cult of universe member hyponuvp-res o' U.S. not caring for stress too much with 64.7 houses and dog on car roofie 2 day nice to be spent checking emails & play some minesweeper typically do some Joesmith Jr. channeling though just may wait until after get personal tax figures dunno...what's that ghost of checkers says check *MOONBASE* futures potential investments can always eminence commandeer another party ideas or ask contact college freshmans about economy future though prolly should wait til closer to mid-terms   into football exciting times when practically everyone more peak happiest statistically showing polls sampled surveys studied uh wuurd *wink*  then on teevee tonite local news of course...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

fine day for visit 1st holy order of i ching

wooly  louie  louie boolly  &  

don't forget to register to vote

Saturday, 18 August 2012

fantastic saturndei for study i ching sodaspeak

stuffystuffstuffsstuff  & don't forget to register to vote 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Banning Oscar with dinopoop voucher forgiveness congress of +e p-o-t-a-t-o furhouover to live in with scouring bubbles liesol(sic) cans taking up moroning fluncktardy tithe fee dues in public funded faciliteas because paying flat tax by menue selection with restitution reimbursements and redress of grievance recovery recourse too filthy

after all 180 year visiontules work to set    so as is      PMS post-sodium mortus road rage envy TXTing mobile lobbyist fasion moreso betterestest way above than coffee with administrater meth natuarlly generated in final pepper lake to detroit waterway gumbo superuber *MOONBASE*  93rd treeplumpblimpkin fake ID thefting rover past Jupitor fast forward approach excitement anxiousety biorushjoltbashcraze vehemence in the making Jupitor happyhappyhappyteeth as toothpaste ad secure just rearin' for 180 years old shine heritage on caste of no-tax purity in solidificsation all Hooveround  reelseletion to keep mars as never before authortized by congress passing no glove war declar8tion in finding Simpson homework done by still-at large equally free the DEVIL keeping Helen Keller's tutor hostagesafe of all of next earthquakes march loyalty dance oaths cheerleading for educational helmets on pitbull racefighting umpires indusrty marketing no expense surplus annihilation sparing gingerlee state-of-muthuhs address better to reverseengineer westinghaus' meatballs now feel the fief feal fee campaigning expenses sanctions pure adreniline and whatever chemically induced action  neuro diet  just telemarketing control in stalkings  ri ri redums only to discover  heaven and oval office not clean enough  in that order then...

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Johnny Macgrubenglishr and the Immelhotepman

hypnoryan card  expectorrential from a wukingparty fluncktardy & willing to put non-taxpaying-largest cult-in-world member in position to suppose appointment suggestions a'fore supreeem court justices by virtue of "Jesus-puts-it-there" rationamentalismoallality(sic)     vigilance b'sides what ritt 2 do nowfar poweron defichit spends more campaign borrowing in name of fiscal/monetary responsibility leadership    example skwtalk about twisted enforced educationtertainment(sicX2) enforcementrernational  affiliate thunktwerz hummourningfinchdove

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

personalinguinily preamble-bill O' rightsly-ammentment cause no harmwise in order pluribus unumonus comprehensive flatax (corporation seperate entity than employees/owners for taxing porpoises perhaps shareholder splitbreak incentive by ratio) alacharter/menu item w/ yearly "specials" (govmenu afterall~hardly fastfoodking wrong-nation-wrong utopiacountry) taxpayer select dollar allocation form

as Intrernational party of free independence  vehemently on healthy skepticism to put it mildly regarding cult+cheesesl8ure soupersize combo out of dutytoll fee salt lake whis   and teleovangelic affili8tion go ahead check greens libertarians reforms & no consent/no confidences on the subject of recidivism reimbursemnts with out campaign marketing image surplus annihil8tions heck check Alfords & Dodd-McCain-Clarkoniansof course to be covered by fluxgnus should be at regovernors' collegiate administr8or direct deposit  benefitteleo'a'thon fundraiser diner to support pro-orphan deathpenalty friendly victims' bankruptcy not ethical & unfiscal with antimonetary dinopoop combustion  robberbaron superiority industrial complex 93ish residential onusering habeas insurance security polls block during themepark gameshow peak hours of poller viewershipping and handling  spinbag voucher gains on centrifugally intolerant any given moment now for future posterity ahead promise now about property tax reform regovernor lipstache preschool2pension seal abuse apriori literary slash state touching husker municipal sucess since '70s on power and underbridge   freezers upcoming winter so far from pro-orphan  death-penalty friendly take instiutional jobsanoia fiend furvour texacutionor Neilrobenrontsonbramoffbundyatbushwater or uh  anyhooo with elephmamnmonthino(sic) mascot party and conflicts of interested or not university +/- regents daily meditaions on tuition hike fasion all sponsornstar security insurance sane therapy  fund deferment supporting cult activities now sports and wheather right back reimbursabubbly impeachy redress recidivist responsiblity restituions and rewards...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

orbustRIO couples+ such heavy resposibbubble decidering enforced display entertainment bunting selections of OMWHLFswap mor*MOONBASE*on legischees2L8sure flunktardy schezuan porkvrst Lee "kaiczar(sic)" Fooks well into post-undergrad life & studies & non-boat rocking go with flowing however lemmingicidal resurgent

first they came for the hearts and minds of the children then 2B court appointed executive  system of administurdy adjudicialacative entrapings and dinner engagemint ownusing deaftectiffworks for the DSLFswap&auction mortgage insurance premium renegotiations not excluding limited by  and including 3rd-14th+ violations in criminal justice then  the tampering with legisl8ed freeconmediapresceden-wait     no uh it was first monkeyed with freeconmedia legisl8ed orgy pimp no uh well first two third was uh well chicken farm penny blintzerblitzhenny not now gotta go read fairy tales to preschoolers  withought direct depositings vehemently routing towards tax funded pensions in sweatshops  for surplus annihilations wolf  aum

Monday, 13 August 2012

'nextup in administr8or's national holiday everyday for next 1000 years without direct deposits as Kingbranvanderplattsgrossnusslelightfootstread *MOONBASE* of salt lake muenster cultparty despera8 for notoriety charisma image would appear

no drought heatwave non recession retreats in "gee athletic director of business college from k-12 unpaid conditioning morale really don't want freeworkfree future to be spending posterity on teams' shoulder pads under threat of highway fund witholdance  to regvernor pension but open banks to pay restitutions convinced of ipso facto consent justificarationalizations for costs indiversioning helmut pavillion security alarms insurance & hiderunderdesker gener8tion perpeteurpituity enforcement of acceptimg bill for campus rape attorneying every  increase in tuitiontoil tollfeetax doing business happy monday regular fill please ooh look price of beer lowering stabler    while potatos through roof (albeit not everyone free enough to afford potato amongst 93 houses)  still again never attackinged by Parador between defenses  from blame the victims rights reaggressionor regent stalkings/spin doctorings & mommnannymilfpimpimpings enduring during never being arrested for perjuries nor loiterings with intents towards jaywalkings pumps to pumps unless of course mormoncheese incentive" with majority  not commiting to crime honestly  aum

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
solicitorphesus egg chickening reimbursment fraudsponsibility

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