Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Friday, 30 April 2010

Keep yore caer

being right wrong to assume 4 atrociios wronahgah tude times 12 w/o abacus

flash bigbig big T. Baker downs on Obamahamamamarockckas or8orness d'Chi-g-cogo'toon 'cause accomplicing tom'rr'w all over history channel for sake of higher education

by christening seeking more tuition raising for cowbell lesson director payoliarolla footware markup outsupre source sizediers via Orcahprah'd otherhow themeparknursing combustionengine giveaway consider jerky uncool r8ings may prohibit new wardrobe from BMW dona8tions everywhere 'cept Haiti RIGHT NOW be4everybean Salkers stalking lightening stocks in stores soysoysoy

get new alarms for car alarms don't wanna look stitstoopid due 2 someone stealing car alarms and be only one w/out car alarm 2 security car alarm without car alarmalarm & bodyguards like pro-atheletes limodrivers getting moneyshot in face by pro-footie athletic hygienist therapy hiring with others' time/money or litigator council restitution/reimbursment suits (no breves?) all in fashion hear snail poop undwr pantaloonth


Thursday, 29 April 2010

Already made illegal 2 not arrest Birch/Ficus on spontaneous loiter suspicion and speeding ordinance cornspiracy to viotL8

now know sandboxes B-low redwood shade 4 ohwhatnext....time machine disservicing for mercedevokkenhindenjobs2 protect and serve in leather with badges and firearms with crappycheap products services abuse and waste 2 protect badges and leather and firearmed jobs to make administr8ors look good about accepting corp kickbacks and tax dollars and tuition to build new industries of crappycheap services and abuse and products and fraud with firearms and badges administrated to protect and service lampshades and soap fokkersversions of Kant (Nanny Clark Kent State?) thunkabubbles
withitMssrs. Corbussier-Aniston(*erhm* szzy wrong porn there, Mulligan what do administr8ors driving the insane to work tax paying for kids' tuition and corp welfare kickpbacks on pharmaceutical chocoL8s & tea institutes what wrong with cheese potato/syrup and power all hyp multi-factor clearing .5 of course it'll never be ilegisL8ed...)+Co.then there-threat imminently running out of future as new S. Palin (oneday 2 move next door and daughters begin crossdressing as Schwarzeneggre & Hatch, not so much Baretta or Bronson hour 'ceptin in spirit[then again more vigil) game/talk show hosting ref.: friar v. fryingpan and nearing Friday...


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Geek bovine juice wing game on

wed-ness day huh guess future closer from here...
gotta try the scrambled raspberry or peach; but in Dawson, not around D.C. or Ottunmnwah well maybe a'round'r-t' D.C. for a limited time to time again even a'feared not available in this guy's delusionary office



Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Throw in a free bruschetta & it'll be anti-pasto Aleezzahfredo Rice delivery to Thomas Parish in styrofoam

phone'n'directdeliver service t'wert no farm bunny on the Sean-Williams O'slannittly got shopin' swamp'N'john Deer pull unless technically THEGOAT and Red's Ox got KINDA f%#*d-up M%#$^-F&^%$%$^&*'N bad lava lamp jujumojhojuitzojcshuwicz after all the Chico and the Man re-runs



Monday, 26 April 2010

Mon & oh once again trying to cheat Ms. Leslie Stahl outta underpay as it is is it...

address gr8 delematic conundrums of reality for instance do guys dig boobs oh yeahhowmuch is it sexyist and what're them witches brewing gaze the gem
found in dumpster near campus printshop (somewhere east or west-by-southwest of New Orleans....:

Smell yore diversity go on; smellit re: high falutin' rhetoric & stuff & things semantically

Not to downgrade/defame/dismiss linguistics (nor, "god forbid" slang verbatim per se Wisconsin for that matter/on that note, soda speak) 'cause problematic/difficult/hard to exclude/marginalze as actually a fruitful and sincere study as with fluency and communication, statesmanship, semaphore, diplomacy but why the near-if-not-over idolatrous buzzwording "diversity" when often contextually referenced where a word (suggestively) say "multiplicity" may better serve interests of folks unaffiliated with some weird administrative cult and open discourse/dialogue or is "diversity" (whatever the f&^% that is) so gawdafull important to humanities and check writing to people benefiting from the delegation of tuition increases directly? Perhaps just pickiness/too much ado via infinite powers of deductive reasoning then too "...the diversity of languages on campus..." would threaten double secret license to make up songs about being poor if swapped with words such as "textures" or "richnesses" or "crime prevention" by default/mutually exclusive false choicery "celebr8 diversity"...that some new kinda dance or something been more successful than hooplah-hoopdie and sliced bread though twice as crusty and quicker to stale? Where to sign up for marching lessons? Any help?

Gernly Smithvolken

til t'morrow story on bay bridge engineering/physics involvement with logistics and administrators none too shabby well a wonder though K. Cour'ck never reading Flowers for Algrenon winning war on illiteracy (remarkable not single email tweet txt twit twhaaaaa....) for time to feign involvement and appear leading edge that in need of material comparing salaries with Phil McGraw missed one such as student halfway thru semester suddenly down with ADHD in graduate level class because ....take it away Buller



Sunday, 25 April 2010

WWWJMHDWDWHDSW what in the world would Juan McGlaughin have done while doing what he does so well...

only on Jupitor...
now to convert
the old 747 fuselage into an RV no summer home no houseboat...and numbers derived of world population seeking representation by Monica and requisite imaginary mainstream into practical statistics, y'know as hobby in case Brookings wants to chat while paying for lunch for instance...



Saturday, 24 April 2010

Anever seen'd administr8orales play god with toll fee monies and beat selves oh wait have too HILARIOUS!

expensive as hell and putting a cost/benefit analysis in lemmon stealthing qual/reqs well hoake eh an ethics as a taxabubble luxurititty item or knot aside Mark Fiore props right arm farm inn FULL yet a whole much
been wrong (true sounGd of one bell clappah) won't b4 lastin'
permayhapsBbeans all the never duress from again never attacked by Mexico or Switzerland nor Padua yet again never


"funny";-} below--> Iran all of the above,

"interesting";-} rederiviticismitivestings indecluded somewhere abouts center face 'twixt derivativity

"cool"4;-} none of the below Ayn Rand


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like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
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