Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

retread that accredit8ion dancenow! Oh how fair "what regov diddledle last summer on taxfueltollrespspondisabubbleign"

State powers fairness and true
apripoko1.jpg  reimburse this with Nebraska municipal still already have nuclear force called SUN "what regov diddled last summer metal-storm-40mm-grenade-talon-robot-demo_3 (<--new litigator model) on taxfueltollrespspondisabubbling" inside all year still losing remote without guns killing doves with outstanding issues though collecting paychecks and banking with no soul of interest how about addressing 12 step cullt brush off while throwing perfectly
good preambles and professors into streets being replaced with crappy half-buttocked future product quality and got any Alumnus issues resolved for snacks next football footware promo season kickbacks combining rapture and decoration holiday shopping seasons aum

Saturday, 28 May 2011

transfer of onus alledgements

if not here before return notify for ootpost rerapture (firsts so oogoood!)as extra bratwvoist holiday musta been imortant at one time otherwise why boomers all sweepy about renaming armistace in November with hide-under-desk rules to teach and armbanding nationalguard  floral in pocket protection arrangement thinking rerdo language so "election rigged poice state" souds more like"follow flunkin' buttock-scoot ordinance for rapture feely touchly goodly or never feely goodly toughy and not only that complete exclusion and pain and suppering for not compliancing brown lipstic poliy (see policy) as library of congress infamy concentration rigs was only in other versions of '30's germany and X-mass for struggler cheatingmommys' husbands (sure Newt may have had gay marraiage several times bigwu not as rapture distanced year after years and years after year before that...allyear long since myth dawn http://blog.nativefoods.com/.a/6a0112796f38d028a40147e35ace99970b-pi of colanders whirrled peas jeopardy response o'clock legal dignification firm  of http://blog.nativefoods.com/.a/6a0112796f38d028a4014e87c6f2fb970d-pi  
clarity/access/scheduling procedures/itineraries to coordinate/facilitate amidst routine boating/memorial day weekending perhaps still breather from apprehending Ratco and prepping next rounds (no pun intended) in name of scholastics while anxious for "represented by Gingrich/Brandstread" t-shirts and bumper stickers on enforced dino-poop powered http://blog.nativefoods.com/.a/6a0112796f38d028a40147e36c6599970b-pi futures for kids to contempl8 consent in retrospect for with institutional paranoia understood though hadn't heard anything from high student services offices findings regarding alumn/grad student/taxpaying/ educator-voter rights and earned privileges restorations/compensations aum

Friday, 27 May 2011

Uber conpfihmnbpdance

may inquire as to if L'il Debs' was Ohprar's old leader by consent and then perhaps to self-educate and whyfornot (txtsaavy: Y4nt [Georgia'n'mercanjibb'rish plufuture perfectpastprop'r]) desiring allbushtwins for mis representation flourishings heck o' jambouree (on dit "francais" peut-etre) t-shirt enforcement SO
CLOSE on infants Gingrich-Karadzycik-Brainsdtredread [sic]  party as miss representation freedom to implicit fiscal coercion without consent gifted regovernance IA Barry Transdread miss representation freedom to implicit (earlier pre-edit version publications for actual integrity-kinda checkers for Lilncolnfiscal coercion without consent, Adtwadtr [sic] miss representation freedom to implicit fiscal coercion without consent Fastow thru Haliburton miss representation freedom  to implicit fiscal coercion without consent, televangelick thru Theodore Bundy party with D. Duke representation freedom to implicit fiscal coercion without consent... redress of grievance, reimbursement for FRAUD WASTE and ABUSE disbarment and impeachment recourse too demanding that it hmmmm gotta be a honor dignity thang STEADMAN


Thursday, 26 May 2011

proof toll of purchase effectiveness/doublesecret steath censorship behind tissue doors of publlic tax implicit plausibility

go on smell the not tellin'-don't ask representation screaming theatre in crowded fire whole mess flunkin' buttock-scoots how would ever not cornfuse goRNpC integrity quality by media control what gave world to take credit allbagfulla ethics in death education priori pro-penalty fiscal orphan thru pension full fascist employment supporting lower quality stats and war winning on illiteracy/drugs with violence stats running well beyond

time to notice how white-collar crime doing everybuddie so busy to get impeachment redress recourse and reimbursement receiptingss dues un less direct deposit taxes in first for from party to print approval represented by Gingrich Braindreads Abromoff Fastow Atwater Olliesouth Rice Nickdixon Checkers BUNDY Robberskidevangelisteleeavision for childrens' gosslingsteps of course just so-so entertainment but bonus stuff in between louder more frequent and forcey gonna save in auto fixin's and how called auto with such efforts in infrastructure/savings annihilations until bogey man promise no fear or FEAR and run li'l flippin' tail into gratitute of oh no boogieman business as usual not for this triggerhappy angel powpowpowpowpowpowpowpow

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

secretword fortheday besides frantic is alreadyhavenuclearpowercalledSUN

"represented by Newt" all over
Accidents Happen starring Geena Davis: DVD Cover
bumpers and wet t-shirts and bunting and buttons everywhere...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

University job creation see at McD's parking lot all disatisfied though well fed, uniformed, badged and paychecked hallmonitors!

then in bed and breakfast and kitchen and bathunprecedented excepting for Kent State or 1770's Boston maybe Uganda with that Adi Amin perhaps some other day Condi Gingrich party unmentioning so with  all prosperity Y would University

 Metropolis Graphics Newbanditsmap V4 feel threatened enough to force away a grad student alumn over misunderstood politics under direct and imminent deposit perhaps what never explained in prison casino buffet about Oakland Abromoff and Fanny Mae for talktele hosts  to O'lielie-approved gameshow graduations could win dinosaur poop coupons well beyond kids' futures unsolicited though pre deciscioned for pharmacy expansion ouchsourcing hmmmmmaummmmaumgammashazammashebopsheboolylooie

Monday, 23 May 2011

Naturally occuring phenomenaeus

just seeking accountants for all administrative direct deposits instituted amongst free men with fantastic results though can't call it love like Steal This Movie Poster 110% effort in accomplicing wonkery futures security dance made up about being poor states of avarice and hiring quotas what next for "come work cheap source of labor stay for leechings day at prison casino with regovern8or though Mr. Potato with "e"heads nu goRNcP Newt Romney interchangeably haitcuts free with bunting sales every rapture hunt the mourning dove events posterity and Atwater/Harris not just for kids of all aegis these times

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Gone Rapturing

doublenickle-Daves'-calls-its 2% loopwhole

Hud starring Paul Newman: DVD Cover exactly

(pause for reaffects)


(...wait for it...)



Friday, 20 May 2011

First birthday props Mr. Joe Cocker and many more, sir!

Rule then all  never sent out spies or recon wot might've messed up Geneva regs upfjiords Celts p-referencing and interchangabubble coiffstuling leather early '60's NY truckstops and double stealth secret invisibubble ink small print well reg'd milita version preamble foreshortening all to cerebral for fast obsolesence yuppie screw litigation econimbursements then again 'Stones lyrics..what liked about

fast bugoguahrr royalteas lunch all about planniing Beck obsolescence or O'slannity or Atwaters blue floss (notice not about hair [interchangable Mittnacy Gracgricheromgrinchney products or lampshades matching soap and toothglam powerjunkie ethicslyrics allgoodthyme still bit broad juristictionally)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Alphus poo-ga tuxfailed Empeous snipe corner grill flux dictates

Mistertrebeck, going with pick-up-sticks-on-mound with striking psycho all non-offensive x to block center square no whammies c'mon Mittnewt hairswap day Cover Image Vidal needs new wardrobe risk fasiscmion failure alarmalarm insurance assurance for cheerleading ladies combustion converter fueled with
The Vikings starring Kirk Douglas: DVD Cover
sorority vomit*eherm* barf( girls no vomit or ever have flunking heads up flippin' buttock holes or effin' fart like uhm y'no uh like stuff & like wha'evah

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

the homeless'n'jack-abromoffoflippin' stigmata'fo'mentainmint

blue mamas in bright rain had been playing house long as can be 06 so as the start pumpin'outkids at 12 with omniscienor carrers in fullswing since prior 2 and logical as by 20 would be pragmaticly great-grands for
Made of Honor starring Patrick Dempsey: DVD Cover
all portents and porpoises went penious alheanuerizur diagnosismiss as trauma crisis promidlfeorpahn support therapeutic descisionry capacities in death or choice optioning near casinoprisonrenderpensionregovernance reposibilites how toevenconsider reactivity judges fearsome flunking doodoofascism totaolitaerrace imbecilouranus flunktardites there a thunkt gonna be about one home less'n average televangelangle lostning income on Easter island with hockey dad- bills'n'all prospourous for posterity ahead porn exclusive

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

was not 40 yrs ago students cash prohibition

in case of redress to litigation while paying for administrator muffler replacements alarm assurance alarm  Rene Magritte - the glass house elocution studies enforced athletic entertainment constitutions legislation wardrobe dinosaur poop powered carburetor foraging dove regardless of dietary need services bus
Great World of Sound starring Pat Healy: DVD Cover
donkey rules need not apply


Monday, 16 May 2011

ever read real original wolf cried boy story as most now remnants of Cossak trands into rosettaphonixperant then 'mercN gibberish proper

what if PTA were rough equivalent of  bored meeting subcommittee under defferment super quotum mandatus click out if anything as allegorious prior Echo and Other Elephants and in voting martail law mentioning ad "but she's nualphaprincess"  copies of pitches pilots and scrips exclusive deals for clones and zombies not necesscelery in that hors d'ouvers

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Want 8 year-olds and teens of no particular discriminant age hanging around  hedges and libraries and yoga classes and bus stops and the Englert and alleys and designated smoker areas (except of course in parking ramps within 2 feet of bicyclists where, apparently combustion engine second hand not a health threat quantifiably hannyhoo it would seem by "poll" supported expedient democratic legislators' representations of...well that aside...) conducting meth/crack deals on mobile phones all year round for spending more money funneling taxes to support prison casino render facilities? 
Of course if too busy with menacing morning doves with imminent finch and humming bird threats advancing...


then pay no attention to closing of Uptown Bills on Sundays

OR could get some friends and come browse some books and talk to some pretty laid back non-pressured thinkers and real sociologists in casual "off-duty" ambiances here corner of Lafayette and S. Dubuque streets right above PATV just south of tracks behind BP station by new Jo.Co.Admin building! 

Email forward this to and/or phone up friends quickly making sure Tom Gilenson knows having a coffee place on Sundays before during and after church and mornings after athletic events where Perkins and Hamburg Inn become inundated is important, even just on general principle.

Or FUN!  Remember fun?  Bueller?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller? 

The burgers and breakfasts here not untasty either!

Hey, may beat spending time scratching fanny mack or getting better poopie mouth diction to professors though uncertain elocution ever really abused on that note and on that note...

Uptown Bill's Coffee House


Saturday, 14 May 2011

great catch-n-release weather with Cleopatra's roving psychergency platoonafish

stalking some hummingbirds finches morels and doves; hmmm now to pick somewhere with snazzy politics and gr8 education for kids with athletic
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes: DVD Cover
business needs someplace with render casino prison facilities and labor cheap as Newt Bundy Roberthalsoniburtinabromoffthomasquayle accomplicing ethically inpractikliny speaking aum

Nosmoking lambsquarters

but escaping '50's brain busybacksoon though rules all followed land stint in nofunzone  educative value perfect with PTA minus librarian carry the A non smoking lambsquarters though combustion engine within foot of bike fine though ultralite vintonslim tobacco in parking ramp imminent security threat to health of ivory tower isolation behavior legistltionperforman specialists doublecost fossil pWr future junkie alarm fetishist enforcing loitering with
Copley's corporate lackey is supposed to relocate District 9's alien inhabitants. intent to jaywalk ordingance in every dorm clear outta juristiction 14th kitchen endendments thru preamble psychiatriactic nap second gag the coincedental twitchy student bodyguard never arrested for perjury kinda brain never to escape '50's Kafka sososososhappy diversitysions extracirricular pavilion bonus tuition/room/board/medical scavengerhunting big bags of bonus x-mas funtage tolling tax for administrative caralarm athletic estate maketeering image dignified credit shoppers saving deficite trickledown control distribution money for in Gingrichabromoff [sic] GOP dance the ad infinitum nausiationuous confliction povertics reternia ipso retchroquosatinhoodcracktroopsnipering landmind with already nuclear SUNopoly tan line choice of ford juristiction twitchy hallmoniter with handranged weapon and patches and directdeposit hike in good health curverd universe motion quantphysmech stats making up U of Chicago mascot all pep rally show reimbrsments keep'em on priority pt. shaver co.


Friday, 13 May 2011

spotting the floating bermudacudda post of thursday...

 ...familiar settings take two (they're small)...
"...it's a wall paper!"
"...it's a lunchmeat!" 
"...it's a wall paper!"
"...it's a lunchmeat!" 
"...it's a wall paper!"
"...it's a lunchmeat!" 
"...it's a wall paper and a lunchmeat!  It's Pastroramiagami" &so4th sponsoring free Newt Abromogrichphff tix to no fishy mommy smell even if brains never make out of 50's apron strings for control pWr junkie therapy addicts short of real friends "mommy can we go hoarding  what are obstinance and avarice mommy can we go hoarding mommy hoarding mommymommymommymommy what are avarice and avidity and obstinace and hoarding mommy yaddayadda askyourfather" de-winged at nekked emporess tissuetiger circe albequerque hop rally truck'n'monsterpull all the humanity for posterity thinkNg of and for children surivors of pro orphan life with preamble so serious hellbent on flunking head up flippin' buttock (new park way for rage or something?) baby messiah powered by dinopoop took Mohandus loincloth and forced at trigger happy hallmonitor firearm point with direct deposit bucking promotion to cohabitate quarters thungdingsDOTedu and "spend" on T.Lott blue floss
The Tonight Show (052.00.00)
just keep invisible parking emissions healthier than lack of study space while extracurricular foments of tuition hike tax big moneybagging administrators to editors with near-lethal speculative not innuendowing of opportunity as so much disappointments freecomediapress samepagery promo sales orderlike co-ching business major pavilion near medical allowance for over healthy double bozone science psyche studies grantuitude muhahahahahahaha


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

harder stuff

leading to precedential posterity and power junkie girls of tomorrow therapist pimp Martha Graham's 117th Birthday. Animation by Ryan Woodward.
daddy creditcard distributor-collector whirreled peas babies crack trooopiepoopie how convieniet not having to wait for dino fossilization of  non-existant glacier insurance assurance alarm alarms alarmed bodyguard gameshow well sure realistically gotta compensate for
quality integrity and payola handling offtop cream in trickle down delusion naps 10yrs projected thesbianism agenda nonetheless culty funny aftertastetest for loitering with intent to jaywalk charges as traumatise puppy threat policy tax funded enforcement for the illiterate peeps r'by chain loopy branch offices near


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Green Huxley hold not easy beans

...run Newtronious run one for Joe  sonofasonofasonofasailors' distant third cousin twice remoovethed flunking mothers' professoring professionalprostmorphans life muthahbuttocks
deficit mourning dove turtl'n' the a.m. cells rendercasinoprison professors tuition tax hiking scavenger hunter and huntress loveglory willcomewelcomingwhere dreams take wind at all'a-costing dignified of image for Utah 1869 and 1960 Triton toodeim carpe look what trickle strength peace deficit dividends doing for Haiti fresh fema deodorizers on highway fund withholds no locker space and housing for students though room for combustionengine insurance alarm muffler replacement insurance alarm asssurance alarming potential superseedury check around interstate poolers looks abu graib Geneva keel of titanic deceptive really habeus hyena "maji usiyoyafika hujui wingi wake" no foolin'


Monday, 9 May 2011

good thing city bus there to stop dumptruck from emboldenting P.D. speeding ticket writers

and just 15 minutes B4 other allegednesses of reports on traffic  into Iowa River even bad for monday morning so early then still no reimbursements from Ivory ed that university going online or

  something to bolster hiking loan tax sales in dawning of age of republialablia know how even conservrepricnts meanwhiling personally surrendered chauffeuring privies for less by measure and in full...


Sunday, 8 May 2011

...gergorian calendar updated to INCA Pi what missing...

talkshow blowhole for hole generation (s) and no McGraw wardrobe disfuction 3d x-ray occulus bonus
Purchase President Carter's book on his mother, Miss Lillian: 'A Remarkable Mother'
 Happy MOTHERS" Day!


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Dean Ashat's swell report card this baseball season...

"The ef-ng avidity to like flippin' punish will make an whole much buttocks out of even the best F****** of law [sic]"-Abe friggin' Lincoln

nuextracurricular scavenger hunt students go find big bags of cash to tuition hike ordering U administr8trs and student services legal-like acquireolising real estate team coaching mortgages get it ongoing all about tailgait why finance issue fishing kids with v.p. into pro-sports limo chauffeuring buckshot in face pay can't all be
Dan in Real Life starring Steve Carell: DVD Cover
televangelists opening  regovernors acting lessons in freeckoockoocon mediapress prison casino loyalty oathing march rally goodlyheart
lampshade soap directors of art dictater as cussword now or knowing moms friends of Gretchen Freehandengorgous combustions engines to kindergarten mobilecomm fighting for bill rights to BAZZOKA start easy with NURF or tranquilizers discourse swim out to greet troopships with Glenngay marriage WWFOOMILFD (what would friends of Ofthphrahpatrah milfs do other than txt not hearing youth sing "Let's carpool!" or "are what eat" song and yet again

Friday, 6 May 2011

Returning avengance of prince of the Zohanite distant plumber's apprentice the prequal

Rotten flippin' buttocks and los Nick Dixon Sphinxtorales blur-a-go-go showing soon tenatively Pwalblto Frank Zappa Make A Jazz Noise Here album coverPiscassneyo exhibitonaristms though with Ms. douglas on this Mr.ellie-may-clampett-tee-b.jpg Sean Penn-Viddy-um-divdy-dwaum-divdy-doowhackka-doowhackka-doo-whackka-moamao a) see doctrine of
throw-over for woman ii) no-dis just remembering writer filthy scoundrels & Granny knows besterer unlimited  skimping without on actual consentual content deceificit marketeering deimplication being default misrepresentation not fraudulent incompetence practicing recidivism so goodluck
with recourse/redress/14th etc nxt oooh look pay rise in
wet varnish


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Iowan May fresshscentering warsh bodice lathering gel could try 800-952-6686

x:....direct (319) 242-7357 sources for  fundepositry coach mortgages get goings tailgaiting there why for not afford kids' fishing expeditions w/vicing .p.-res? y:...posterity with deficit good teaching blackball firings and tuition hike scavenger hunts discovering big bags of cash treeturned to admin or detaintion and no limo driver after perpsly [sic] extracurricular studies to paradise or no dessert big kids as pro orphan zombie life +/-150 trimesters cloning stems prison casino cells
x:...realthyme aegeiseding of maturitingying murphoccoli Brownespuds to block...
y:...the character rough equivalent of starring
The Living Wake starring Mike O'Connell: DVD Cover
Dr. Jones on E.T.'s Chrystal homeplanet realmdom temosqupleurchagaog raiders of skulldoom...
x:....flaunting Chomskies...
y:.... Iccarus v. Prometheus Baccusfest w/Bazookas sensible posterity real friendly word leading edge constant motion curved panuniversal change as fictioning in writers' workshop...
y:axiom future only yesterday just two days prior... 
x:as homestead security guns'n'butter 19year-olds trigger promotion happy hall monitoring every kitchen hegemony depostitintianiuming act part one of homeschoolguns'n butter deal project not '50s ask not moruhmon nation'o'cultales tithe nonsurtollfee
conscripting public facility abuses  amongst child gang methcrac speculations mobile comm lobbyist accompliance unregulated so midamonopoluply clickque keep padding direct deposits in preparation

for underbridge heating works shelter humanity nanny neglect abuse fraud and waste malice again never attactracted by Easter island once again never with combustion engine alarm issuance assurance insurance alarm systems alarming as adsdivertised in freeconmediapress  solicitor  issue  power junkie control jurisdiction 


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Not hearing kids calling autopsy dibs a whole much these days L8ly...

...solstice holiday and ultimatum dogma redeeming big money savers tip idea seminar on anti-commerce "threat" and barter not to fully discount corporate avarice and hoarding /"point shaving" of hiring statistical information for instance in false security protecting (...but coachs' mortgage rates get to go tailgating why not more youth fishing with vice p-res or the finches get it foreign exxchange field trip tuitionhiketax scavenger hunting under5gartenarmbanding loyalty oath marching milkmoney exam shaving lessons and reporting practice?) subsidies and tax shelters as "overeducated" would imply as if many qualified tuition payments just went to
Cover of the March, 2005 is...
unthinking zombies instead of individually chosen intellectual pursuits.  If this is a percieved threat to alreadyU pension padding old guard then for shame in disservice to consumers and posterity; defamation and all enjoy weight of big bags of money while souls sink as stones in efforts of attempting to acheive heavenly afterlife status/international inabilities to get through grandparent-offspring relations/customs or several conceivable scenario other than "39 interviews and no hiring/can't-take-it-with inconsistencies/Hippocratic image delemae (no, not really Latin proper but why be trapped by dead language when free to grow with living, hypothetically) designs while children and grand children struggle to cure anuerismheimers [sic] and whatnot...just sayn ' derivatives fannymac  own quiz response to ACT's and Fanny May get own good typing and paper writing skills for super criminal career in cheerleading linebacker rape extracurriculars posterity bonus next coal-in-stalking season hint not quickie Pedro Jesus Ramirez smurphiest bazooka of all
Arizona WWAbeD

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Security help wanted

x: buy things
y: not under terrace duress pterodactyl terrier terrarium 
x: then explain buy things for sense of accomplishing accomplicement
y: no matter crappy or not business as usual
x: all of below don't get caught with cheating on milk money strength as team raping internationals coming up and all or buy things &so4th&so4th know who else never admit emboldening some one as right as self always?
y: Hatch Lott Gingrich Robertson Beck Hitler?
x: so close that ok just sign and buy everything gr8...
y: Dahmer Nelson Lu Harding Romney Duke Jones Cleo Abramoff Baker? 
x: look at time gee hope noting bad happens to you and loved ones and pets and hummingbird and freeconmediapress/church of option choice all liberated here bill pay quick or going to auction for rate increase admissions or die dying death take advice not want that see now at affordable premium channels rent due first not paid til third and everything when switch to no water and skip bread fish maybe gotta see and accounting expensive but not so much as pro orphan zombie clone life monopoly in winter heating negotiation time and combustion engine in new BMW mortgage combustion rate power juke therapy caralarmalarmist timecost share team no eyes though rearrange couple letters could bee m-e up scotchy notice why little old bidties gossip millionare love dance all not about money gigglegigle future yesterday just two days before

if Cloer right about Stevenson what St. Francis of Assisi sell tangierine deducing not 
walrus carry the nu pi rsq. to power of carry the one minus seven circumference administratively fiscal yaddayaddayadda Special Issues well could deduce not walrus
Cheyenne Autumn starring Richard Widmark: DVD Cover


like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
solicitorphesus egg chickening reimbursment fraudsponsibility

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