Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Thursday, 31 March 2011

funkywhiteboy trapped under ice upon the swan so acks'm very confidentially while everihbudddiewuhz kungfu fa'ite'n the dawning of the Age of Asperigus....terrariums....asperiguuuuuuuuuuus way down upon the swaaaaan.... funkywhiteboy

Firstestly far too many props to birthday best wishes beginning b L8edly with yesterdays' (or one just before +/- [sic] 3ish) Mr. Eric Idle and on far toomanygr8s into 2day knowin' selves even with repub con 0'-consts stressin' fams and faith (/'s?) when back at Libyan turtledove merendary menace IA
Robert Bunsen's 200th Birthday
not embolenabling unless regov moustache dreamaker of '80s brought 2nd largest insurance cap of planet status counts more than Ag banking mascots of bloodcrips online loan sales educations w/o helmets zombieninjarobots student service litigator disbarring

Asparagus Stalks 
w/astrophysicist brain special-T gather round campfire uncle Newt gonna tell love story for all to dance blues again this time with a herring about cliche always never same as other way never always

mascots hiybbprqag

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

stealth colloquy per diem rough equivalnt to boink, no, thalium, no poink, ok, multiple-guess...

promotion to detective 1st in application to air marshal already freed Henry Ford ghost saved Steve Alford hairstyling subdepartment promotional general general cheerleading practice even supra curricular in dawning of the age of asparagus by the book single handely defeating totalitarian zombie Libyan Mercenary menace (see v. student demonstrators) hostage swap

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

But pro fiscally responsible uncle Newt promised telling a love story of some historical signifigance...

primer something of once upona happening outside of Vegas Vegas sucks
 up pimping Utah less complicated than rules of Viking engagement and alimony prenuptial
 wedding reception etiquette apparent as Turtle Dove Bar Shootout: "Tokyo Rod" Terrierista Brandsteadales v. Mike the "Proschool Scavenger Tuition" Hunt-Brandpensionsteadales should turtle pidgeon be annihilated next round pesky hummingbird up for crime if distracting while working on timing for administrator combustion engine assurance...ala Lincoln Tech (now nuon-line student loan sales version!)

Monday, 28 March 2011

See age discrimatory job annihilation economy for non-comliant fascism kinda like wonderous Linda Carter-woman hobby expeses during another bat administr8tion and raise...

...revenued jury convicts self contemplating posterity before charges'd be a first even for republiwon't party of conselfservawonks and over-isle frehnzzz with Libyan Mercenary swap and hostage casino truck'n'monster firearm night fun for all ages teacher salaries and kids freenight so soon after '40's when "riveting" became "career" and left for '50's troopreturn "houesewiving" never before like McCarthy Goebbels Ricestaaag partying last days of Socrates (see last days of)  only who's actually literate enough to handle Plato's Republic (even Phaedrus) after all the literature on orphan conscriptioning pro-life 150th trimester clear back to -150th ell other than Dickens or Horwelluxian Gilliam Twain on Terrace Hill fiscally responsible enough to be non-abusive wasteful maliciously  fraudulent and/or negligent in such sacrifice for dignity humanity justice and image marketing why the meltdown hotrod with  sun in sky awaiting collections and causing harvestabubblele breeze NRG on windfarm just sooo easily demanding possible misconstruction funding taxation troop quarter freeing in daughters boudoir away at boarding preschool w/ qualye handling for bonus interest "e" in disbar or cash back with quit settle hostility gotta be "cool" as jr. high clique drill conceasecessions teachers' discounts-wait a sec-Vansphinctersplats not gov. of Montana
Frank Zappa picture or university naked empowress attorney for student services though tuition hike is kinda like scavenger hunting big bags of cash for top heavy tax and income annihilation discriminatory behavior with county juristiction WS capitol in art and art history with cost overrunning business athletcs adminstration expenses of others' efforts and learnings...
Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics starring Ryan Reynolds: DVD Cover

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ralph Fuhley v. Barney Fife; ok not fair...imaginary laws of physics v. reasonable hypotheical...

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I Knew It Was You cover artJo the plumber's son, Dwandoschobeər, has $13 for groceries but $5 goes to suppositoryies 'cause his muthuh has this nasty habit with innuendo and 
Book Cover
takes 5 hours to travel and fill proscription let alone  product attainment hidden costs..."How much?" gotsa acks with
Bite the Bullet - DVD
popquiz sometime up next...

As chilld with only tech toy was ellipsis and LIKED!

Galleons des
Monditos San Juanita to the

home on the house boat Subic Bay

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tuition hike as scavenger hunting big bags of cash for administrative malpractice/legislationary fraud-waste-abuse [tsick]

manmaid economic infrastructure day where votes for excessive spending of anygivenmoment counted
Secrets of the Dead: Lost Ships of Rome starring Liev Schreiber: DVD Cover
free what a conglomerate may go with all stats 

and curriculumhmmmm...

Friday, 25 March 2011

Disyear come rejudge not Mt. Cheesemaker recipie...


Original Day of the Triffids book cover
zombiepirateclone ramboninjas v. moustrap on clueboard with hairdressings provided by...

Thursday, 24 March 2011

One fine day in dead of night...

got it all wrong growing out of it and into fiscal math to join party of goRNpC 5-6% tuition hikes combined with budget cuts to advance educational qualities in administering higher learning suppose could cover 100%-plus-interest in reimbursement and restitution with resignations students alumni and taxpayers are and will be going (just go it!) to demand if that includes funds for bonus X-mass toys to pro-life orphans of all ages (-150th to 150th
trimesters+/- just a statistical formality anyway as complete hypothspculatheticion bretherenly not cheesesteak just better tourfish casino prison all certicustardified
Iowa not what's important just cash)  in sweatshops around the world emboldening athletic business school subsidiaries kickbacks perks healthcare for option less public (homeless; The Art of the Steal [DVD] that mean only 56 domiciles makes one home-less than average salaried policy wonk happy anti-loneliness clothing and fresh clean scenty (centy?) comparison marketing and executive salaried/real estate acquisitionwise to run preamble as country club for nu-eternia future evermore to never have to explain s&^% happyhappyzippity go joyjoy

Students in Rome protest against education cuts (30/10/2008)

Then always running legislative machinery as corporate clubhouse where ok to perpetuate myths of poverty and necessity of bulge in prosthetic lab economy while occupying young folks into Iowa_road_sign marginalizing peers/REAL HUMAN BEINGS into frostbite/death/suicide madness under bridges for online student loan and male enhancement chemical

sales statistics...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tulou moilou/greetings honkey bretheren~colloquy~~~~

Zoning for
The Art of the Steal [DVD]separatists studies to be offered thru online loan sales curriculum since by the people corporate governance A.I. passed by regents and supervisionariement dept.s' subcommittees and to that affect double stamping in fillibuster...

China - Hakka Tulou  starring itsybitsy on next anthrochaelogical (logigal?  that with great smelling hair or something?) grounds...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Jo the Lybian Mercenary euphimisms for porn

Please pass the Dryfus

Police Training Become A Police Officer & Have Better Job Security.‏             2:13 AM

and File:Caran-d-ache-dreyfus-supper.jpg record breaking presumptivity scenes that cloes to courthouse lawn where ten kmmandants were all ten of 'em...in

Agitas Gallery  as republyeswecans business and Atheletic schools shift back in to Korean medicine college for tuition billings for reimbusement of tuition hikings while adminsitrators go shopping on dad's credit do teacher salariy endeavors go where supposed to lie for PTA having to explain things by young folks though healthy preventive skepticism longterm planning for months oft seems less painful as drudgery refugeeing from Chad to FEMA for BMW resurgence of combusting petrol aholistic prison casino rendering future conservative superpowers not cheap on avarice obstinate corporate hoarding budget imagine how much saved and earned with eery student paid by pound in recycling beerfoam and styroluminium

Monday, 21 March 2011

crazy market can't keep Lybian mercendaries in stock like no Geneva rights or something hmmm

running outta Gold Ribbon from land of stratosphere-platinum waters thirst quenching goodness even sarsaparilla tastying

Utopia Or Oblivion

that bounty hunter's wife that'd be fair what Clarance Thomas ruling on that or too busy re Amsterdamgeneering Tokyo with Glen Beck's Spouse & she running Supreme ct. kitchen or worse thus where calendar recalibrators this lose to weird Teckxisaurus region(/s/'s) space cults...

Horton pays Atwater to say what exactly to youth of tomorrow and pro-life orphans of all ages try...

thinking Squanto/pirates and penal colonists (in juxtaposition with nu-perfect future prison casinos and rendering proprose [yes; proprose en porpoise]) how whenever change of subject underway again never opens with "what really happened at Kent state was.." unless complete hearsay as well as wholly blue dress business was really flossy and how inconvenient would have been to have explained to Orin Hatch and Trent Lott in front
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - XV: DVD Cover

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Los anti-socialistales seeing Lybian Mercenaries and Tokyo again never attacked not even nuclear which plus solar/hydo/muncipal (counting only Nebraska successfully since seventies[say12timesfast]) already have called SOL as also the SUN hotcha

  without above

Infernal Affairs Cover Art

beyond resounding as woahpruh-Pud Robotson aoculting  may

Where the Buffalo Roam starring Peter Boyle: DVD Cover

Japanes-American volunteer Darin Furukawa dressed in a traditional Japanese Samurai outfit, collects donations during an all day fundraiser to support the Japanese earthquake relief efforts outside the Los Angeles City Hall Thursday, March 17, 2011. Funds will be given to the Japanese Red Cross. derthunkt one unfit fershow not nesecelary horsd'ouveres yet again simultainiously  AP Photo logo as again ever/never ever again need bill not here mulligan ventue WS gov swap for state(s) 

deprived of municipal power east of Omaha


Mr. Seger and Ted the Jogger when off-duty

still not Joe Plumbers' cousins and the muthuhs' jettieyemind games though still spartan on preamble for every amendment beginning with 14th, no, 2nd~whatever no bill nyet *eh-aherm*...






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