Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Witches serious night to remembering to don't forget to register to vote

Cars Evil by Daef

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For fun at minimum though the costume...Sally Mason could dress as A. Perish vindic8tor of heroes past heavy sigh leatheer teddy sounds like rockin' teen combo yet...

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Perhaps Randolph Scott....does WHAT on Orin's behavior hatchery?

more on way now for costumey idears fror anyone not going as administrator or executive/admin legal staff...


Say pummpkin muffin....

This state motto Unanimous declaration could be mottos r 4 wussies 'ceptin Leggos posterity &so4th Hindenburg v. Forrestal Pea v. Princess Turnip v. Blood Humptypushed v. Bearporridge and is that do no harm threat; havfta look at badhairday for a term?

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Manga Unanimous Declaration Carta HOTCHA

not justhtah freemedyapresz...

& the daysb4&afterthat& the days daysb4&afterthat&...

Friday, 23 October 2009

Do ostriches seriously do that? Or that ostrigoths? Or Oligargoyles? Or Olive-...well anyway...

Props! Happy Birthdaymen and the stealth regents (not so much regents but manymore!)!

Weekend reading and costume ideas include and unlimited by:

Rocktober or what??!!??

Li'l clair-ahhtea e-merging casino/prison industriallatti; cut everyone a subsidy check resulting in drop of crime r8s as would (woods?) means law enforcement layoffs (get's trickey here...carry the six times pi sigma...) and hafta actually pay teachers never works

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Options for when backup vocalist(/s) demand promotion to groupie {sic} satus

Birtday props and many more!

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( 'Things' too wild and dangerous for a child to see? 3d 19h ago>span="source">By Scott Bowles, USA TODAYJennifer O'Brien wasn't in her theater seat 20 minutes when she realized she'd made a mistake bringing her daughter. O'Brien, 37, of Phoenix, took 7-year-old Eileen to Where the Wild Things Are on Sunday, hoping the girl would enjoy the movie as much as O'Brien loved the 1963 picture book. )http://image.ebook30.com/data_images/2009/07/19/1248040980-51sy1g63dml.jpg confines self to prose and other church-oriented social activity (Rippily, that a sci-fi alien exterminator?) Taking unity plural at minimum two with that curved universe biologisticienna calendar, y'know Professor ("travelmuch?"tater with an "E!") Fluxxdwrthtwy w/ whodathunk case no "Maus" no, Metamorphasis writers' strikesback-requillin hobo & Hodgeman Duchcamp ringed geek Mayakovsky simple past tense not inconvenient y'ite, innit TXTNBBF2 trillions in titianium for cash trades santa blood money lootary pretension o'values as cash lifestylefutures enforced tax reimbursement restituional geatway car and hostage swap Lincolnlanding for lake of salt hope as the public securit-e deposit act fine violations dept. don't tell new beggars' night scarecrow idea A. "Wads" Coulter (that spanglishndergckunkinfrugglkgnmphn'nuff oooooohmmmmooohhhhmmmmmmfrahbbalibbabbabetelgeusebouy....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Racey NASCAR steering right cautions 0-75 on 12 (w)hole 9yrds in 35 zone...

Wanted at large own risk voluntary personnel to work supervising executive congressional subregs adjudicator with own machinery duties including unlimited to feeding masses bonus in giving stuff to worship and things when feeling honest experience assistance availability and friendly attitude a plus dead or alive E.O.E.

Props! Carrie Fisher! 37 spankings calling firsties! Now do Jane Pauley!

Tom Delay quit dayjob like (Sir Eddie Money?) so abrupt when cops go bad video sales fun draisurnins fur new casino prison czar do Limbaugh prescriptions run out again yronit Raggedy Andy Fastow as$well2boot hhhmmmmmmmmmoooohhmmmmm

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another apple? Well in wisdom making delagetory "descisions" on other peoples' money and effort...Trick or treat!??!!

First and foremost birthday props hellya and bel8eds...happiests best and many more gentlemen! Man's a saint

Times two (beat snot outta refs and comentators at the the knee-gaurd and helmut show between advertisements

ah and no neglecting scare the toys outta Rudolph seasoning greeters before the Sioux find out about you-know-what because used to be kick the can, redlight-greenlight, and freeze tag, now what kids into(?); "perps, enablers, accomplices and administr8ors?

quid pro ipso long subltle waterboard hobbying for dummies; (which was Kafka) and not Ecological finance and athletic injury insuring public reusurpurjurious option bill passing on that note best with returns on referencing A-B-Sartre facto prenauseum carry the 2....

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