Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Contrary to bold support in motion to define folklore Craig Chronicle NOT proactive substitute for rent control and technically AG scrutiny preferable

...or "why not cherished as desired"+"where the luff"(??)

for a good time how about speedsweatshipshoppinging some pro-life orhans over to Farmer Joe the insider traders flat to swab some swine for the labs to cover the cable bill and get Mid Am to expedite some Hydra'lectrophonic chickory to our good friends in Saskatoon that too demanding for Sparticus and his wife with the propeller orchard drop in infl8ionry currency r8ings growth sizing to free companies begining with "E" and ending with "nron" ore then there's true meaning in dance the hiding the egg hider just 'roud corner...hhmmmm hey what's that wess'n Snipey feller-ah upta haven't heard there workin' on new Woody Harlequin sequinlalox cost bene ratio audit 2 jumpy should O-holy Winphrie pay taxes with all the good the load bearing bulkheads of Willy's Wonkatubing a la Nestleggly much churchier than some f#%d up cults far as cultscales go and the Easter (...mummy Y is "Easter capitalized 'cause effry1 knows where leggoes came phrum an psgeddi bud Easterverbatum Sanskrit?) hay

Saturday, 27 February 2010

This some kinda freakydeaky Aniston Kushchnyerr thing hey geek rhyme! Got Iambicility?

though not neglecting b-day props for the galactic Mr. Lou Reed
can hear some disgruntled Hockey dads out there now just in preparation for NEXT Olympics
Tip: when applying for the position, truth be known teevee viewing of Olympic coverage only 90% of actual hostcastinging slot in prep to "GO" time; mostly reretroviewperspecive while popcorn and hotdog consumption ettiquite a plus hey word on the streets; just sayin'

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Oil on loam or missles don't start wars, lack of discretion caucauses prolifration behaviors though

purchase 'm pencils & puppies for higher learning and no emails nothing to hang on fridge just collects 4 wireless twitterrer (war on tweeterreranists? Ferrin'rs whipped fresh right after this now spores but first 72 Virginians) orgies and adnmiistr8or lit'g8ion as the future unborn pro-life orphans of 2morrow may sometime demand "was every American guaranteed the liberty to hear Caravan with a drum solar perhaps getting a GOPenthausenfuffer MILSPOR INDUST Superiority COMPLX financial service during a moustachioed NEOREPCONADMIN and convince into incentelivising Mexico into again never again not attacking Persia and never again never (not at expense of) just to check possibility because the clean up is better spent improving, say, plumbing in FEMA or Haitii or some trailer parks in/about DADE County FL that may, for the money, have submarine capacity to underride a tsunami (tell 'em, "oh of course it comes with the Tommahawk pork supertriplesizecombo facilities for riverboatswine corrections in case the Flying Tomato needs to go embarrass the fair and balanced [no mention of informed and knowledgeabubblle on bloody hellish logistical bungling that, hellish as is, aren't wars- hell at least implying recognition of human aspects of emotion however unelected the buck nekked emporess wisdom appearently no facebookings hmmmm {rough equvalence to om}]) reinterviceversaviewer with the $975 blowdry twice a week of pedicuring after 70 hours of shopping to become a porn STAR wood bee to the lichen) just to see if it can be done at risk to maybe a pro-life orphan ref. that gave it up for team or several to remember sadnessess from not onsides with angelness (sniff) or that the creationsim v. tommahawk grant package deal for dogwrastlin' contributions to helmut engineering sweatshop advance technologies presidenture assitance thong-bluing loopholes dept. can in supreem flossbubbled for posterity

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

March 23rd goodstuff

no goingback and negotiates a&$ till that after plus verfum splundt simply ask in hard copy of hard facts of hard numbers w/o skimping in interest (& as with revamp the hyerwarpdrive on the skinney fly engine coolant expsenses saved saving comp "do no harm" practice ie: likely loss figures re: Ben Franklin props administr8ive logistics celery w/overtime breaking good backs & banks curious good no feathered cap sorta associonegotiarratvive...carry the seven times pi per 900AU Kevlar hazzzardous backsies wotnot notice no rumplestilkin in effect having never been attacked by Mexico even in Tjuana, Mazatlan, Panama to Singapore hotcha)

coming up




see(/[n]in') the Freddy Fender 8-tracks...wot with Mitt's coiff stature on reimbursing

Joe the plumber's cousins' boyfriend's daughter studying green holistic architecture/design philanthropic hypercre8ivity as a threat in hell possibly for instance

then there's the wife/2.7 kids potential


Monday, 22 February 2010

Suddenly overcome by desire for granola or toast...

all thinking Dr. Strangelove on the bling looks like badge paycheck & firearmed kids stole coralville fountain
adjusting telleevee & taking tags from matresses with aluminium reception chapeau when in comes Phelps and something about cowtipping...

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
solicitorphesus egg chickening reimbursment fraudsponsibility

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