Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Friday, 29 April 2011

from here can be seen clear over there somewhere a princess made yet unbegotten unstirred ok just guessing meanwhile Mt. Narcissism Tunisina or filament of derimainagminatiomentn or wot...

Girl may not raspberry
though sure can The Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton peanut 45817 william kate first kiss Prince William & Kate Middleton: Their First Kiss! So back 2 work-over-ponder finding Lotts O'hatch afforded any color long as black not so much Gerald nor Betty (though who gets option reg.
The Triplets of Belleville starring Jean-Claude Donda: DVD Cover
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Students in Rome protest against education cuts (30/10/2008)

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

two of one side both as in/abovearoundbelowoutta unity version(s) quotaum mechanics


(678) 331-7341


CES:  "...hi need to connfirm is this (insert wrong name here)..."
:"who is this is this about a job offer?"

CES "...were CES..."

: "...what do you do?"

C: "...we handle customer affairs..."

: "...Like what, build cars?  Market research?"

C:"...I told you-(pause...[...]...)..."

:"...you didn't say anything; Insurance?  Lottery?"

C:"...already told you...need to confirm is this (wrong name)

: "...what is your business perhaps may help (while personal phone being charged for this not to mention valuable time need to be attentive to countless 'affairs' to borrow wordage of CES 'represenative[sic]');  what is nature of your business 678 that area code where you from, Queens?  What do you do?"

C: "... told you..."
What's Eating Gilbert Grape starring Johnny Depp: DVD Cover


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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sellbatage "not pimp/young minds duressing for real world policy natural legal enforcabubble free to be put in cornsyrrup fed cage in Havenbrroke and free to be put in cornsyrrup fed cage in Oaklandpark and free

that game show teevee or something realwhirrled to see how much saved on University admin legal expense account passing to toll regumors taxpaying fee hike fetishists eerywhere for posterity 2morrow in unmisreppresentational disconsent and wonder woman's virtues both tolling enough trying to explain why "justice" not "revenge" in no.1 incarcernation system all viva eterniacraticocracy 'scuse while putting on girlpants in clearjet Ms. L. Carter 
Take the Lead starring Antonio Banderas: DVD Cover
marriage w/S.E.C. dad work out and meet Ollie East, no wait, Ollie Southbysouthwest, no hold it know this one..well Ol' what's-his-stagename sold to derogorillaguerilliaorigation at civic cornfuelled dinopoop auction syrrup prices between Oprhuhbakeoff and news ads

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Yoga recess session turbulance econotastrophy not fooled thrice with broccoi hoardings w/out e" tat'rs....

nor else never wrong following orders for wild women of Dade County brunch club saving illiteracy legislation still all the jiggy microslight happiness deficiency 'spectin' retro oh
226th Birthday of John James Audubon
yeah Newt Brainsdread admin shod product solicitory ala D.O.D. coverage and student loan expenses passing savings to consumers in tollhaus trim ponzification launditring chartus magnuaes [sic] deflectoring incoming imminent wild women of Dade County gone abu Ghraib buy 2 Lott'sa floss carry the one power of seven times piminusnegative RND then nxt txt toll for filing taxing tax on taxes for acquiring taxing tax so admin legal direct deposit security pevailance in protection of assurance insurace constantitudeinally roughaged in flourishing
Acts of Violence Poster
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Monday, 25 April 2011

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Sports Champions - Hole In One with the PS Move
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large vintage bowling pin - mustache man
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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Solahr festivites and how/why not ducklings hiding eggs post last-supper then

Like reconpubcan party of holy cocktails sais; abort Syrian violins...hold on oh..violence against students for highering educations taxfree with family econ plans demonstrating teacher rewardance in suffering PTA for administrator legal support expense in stepping
r2d2 easter eggs
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Stardust starring Claire Danes: DVD Cover
not at all the averagzimov 
of calculutricians though leprachaun chicks and haybaskets...

Saturday, 23 April 2011

along stealth brick sidewalk to stealthbrick house wolf outta pack and werewolfspiders from neptune

all awhile w(/h)iz of  iz what izness, defensive strikes from mound as anything reference mission circle gets square to block grandslam T.K.O.dunk

chrysanthanapalmum word thicket how about buttocks census and counting one admin attorney direct deposit salary tax dinopoop support for kids' parents' combustion engine meters around campus and higher minditude take homers...


Friday, 22 April 2011

Blathwittier if U prof had misused eff word then concern for Joe's siblings kids Joe the sailor/Jo trucker

now Earth Day
in cracked wheat give kid microscope could be nxt Jonas Salk teach kid dance with magnifying  glass on
Popeye starring Robin Williams: DVD Cover
sunny day say toodles to pro free life range ant farm hills then again may discover resources nuclear as sun spellsings out floss to T.Lotts instead of just getting back to Fema after compromising blue dressing far from imminentia as in effing republicans get your poop effing heads outta yer effing buttocoks woulda been A-effin' plus how about 1/2 credits direct deposit from ree conmediapress unless K. Harris/Condi Richestaag gonna prevent tyrrany on family budget fiscal

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Of course honoring Saskatoon currency per usualinum

other gags not included  unlimited by university college exec admin legal staff naturally accredited and constitutionally compliant just see code of student conduct ad when through with all extracurricular taxtollegiate loan funded assignments pay  for lunch perhaps find work or career in Kent State defense contractor office conscripting tithes and taking kids' parent 

tuition hikings expeditiously all pro free range life MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHawrr (mid-west version)
Hydropower by Thames & Kosmos: Product Image
anger comprehension hostilities management training timeliness classes need that sorta business about wonder...

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

but administrator executives allowed to unionized it's called department of treasury or somethin....

then the what would professors or hockey dads late for PTA and bible studies and le mans and voter
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie starring Michael J. Nelson: DVD Cover
anger comprehension hostilities management training timeliness classes need that sorta business about wonder..

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

martial fascist subtleties to be defeated with double reactionary overkill 'll learn 'em...

Johnny Appleseed how to
Tangled starring Mandy Moore: DVD Cover
hide bodies in prison casino full of prostheses bodybags and goRNpC fingerprints/DNA everywhere  minor CYa WATCHNOW aum

Monday, 18 April 2011

though carburator beautimous and all also cancelled zyklon besides nearly lost babalonesamba...

happiness as getaway vehicle (preference non-dinopoop P'w'r'd) 
Popeye starring Robin Williams: DVD Cover
even freerange prolife orphans of +/- 271st trimysters'll attest about
The Point starring Fred Wolf: DVD Cover
much liberty in womb as good as this living must needs be's administrator deficit ok easy reimbursement program with disbarmints and impeachy`mints hot  aum aum

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wakin'smelletin'broadwaydannyrosejomojo though fortune 700 club kinda union of Nafta 500 see Madison v. TuTu

undiscloseured locus along where stealth brickpavered path leading inviso ink farm version of martial law magna charta awaits barely unratified yet everyday with instruction such that explaining things to young folks
Cover Imageonline K.Harris loan sales numathwriting pay gets told (tolled?) into pay everything as represented in preamble just under sea of tranquility loyalty march oath why not Mr. Trump spening cap fire all world assuming responsibility for milker cowings outputs and downsourcing up going

Saturday, 16 April 2011

University official mascot of bison crazy fins with saucy unpronouncedabubbleyum

engineer glow slime and flavor as grape MST as what going in martial compliant genevassurance one way get monopoly on water in package  cablephoneNRG   bill with landlording no rent control due prior to

Mirrormask starring Jason Barry: DVD Cover

budget surplus of such interest to kidsavings offered credit studies gestalt stealth derivative synergy trickly wink'nod defaming Kafka then don't miss control issue admin doing with others' virtual devalue standards loopholed to cover fasionsales market staff sales researching kinder plus ednopaybrokerring this easter holiday costume pumpkin dressing in tintselfloss as bunny aum

Friday, 15 April 2011

intermobiousoutsourcing wall of Alaskasarahseranada

nufutureplusperfectense consdidoodoodid camperonertainmening subtrefusieion w/Five Easy Pieces DVD Cover Art  taxipsousurptionegntcopia martiaducation law rates winning war illiteracy conflict ringing on
Hall Pass
liberty winnings prison casino bells tween ears comm lobbyredressing for reimbursements reaccusiquisitions porpoised now sporst non-union limo driver pension discussion McGlaughlenn,... Pat?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Imaginary monopoly money as opposed to the ponzie stuff gifted to scumbag union grad student teachers and nurses

adminisexecutively souless argueminty wherebynot about effort or arguing feetaxtoll fears or seatquities or deriviations or lubricants of dinosaur poop then why atheist commies hafta do union shuffle amongst loyalty oath parade sweatshop pro-life orphan clothing/hairgroomy combustion expense compares beyond belief for best pro-ball limo drive bodysecurityguard hoarding avarice obstinately cheap witchunter winner bread inventioning to shoot in face for big savings as med bill fishing with former veep prison casino no amendments in code of Hammurabi though congress shall legally legisl8 B-S-y NEVER

off hook/onhook basomatasticicly freeing from turtledove menace everyone knows it's hummingbird threat of plastic lead full Phylistonya- Hardingnelsons nile avian virus syndrome industrial higher learning

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Thomas Jefferson birthday still haven't heard

"Honey going on 'see what came outta womb' parade again 2nite 900th morning and afternoon consecutively on budget asset charging tranquility in admin?"  no wonder no interest in nap
even alpharobespierre of oppressed georgians

post penal pirates with black sheep squad the cinema sales math tween jury tampering(x) and spindoctoringaganda (y) 
= pablum buffet of gradefixins (z)

  hiybbprqaq aum   

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

bionic zombie(s) (partial; mostly little toe/piggie)~zombionics

and why not everyday take civics to fishing option world public
may give kids wrong idea about trickle deficit responsistories and spouses to be for nostradeemous hopefulls supposing prop nxt all the stenographers with no colored pencils or tech literacy to oper8 ai'camshoptxt with decodering aum

Monday, 11 April 2011

tentimes fast calming snail on turtlebacks w(h)eeeeness (unless Foxwothycamp whooo-wheee) herd camp

album art even alpharobespierre of alpha robesspiere amongst oppresed georgians
The Imus Ranch: Cooking for Kids and Cowboys [Book] 
post penal pirats with black sheep squad the cinema sales math tween jury tampering(x) and spindoctoringaganda (y) = pablum buffet of gradefixins for best pro-ball limo drive secguard to shoot in face for big savings as med bil fishing with former veep

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Non issues not excluded by New Orleans/Iowa City/Haiti/Tokyo (of all "ironies" and [wait for it... speaking of which...]) Terrace Hill

oh moral poverty here thinking  
Americans Who Tell The Truth ©2004Robert Shetterly
too many cameras not enough  burgerynoble dusk of powerjunkie prostitution to avidity in punishment non-consentsual sadist recidivism whoring behavior
*Watch This Space: Designing, Defending and Sharing Public Spaces* by Hadley Dyer, illustrated by Marc Nqui- young adult book reviewhow can be illegal if all in agreement to be liking hmmmm...

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
solicitorphesus egg chickening reimbursment fraudsponsibility

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