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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

And I suppose this man's a terradactyl (sp?) all sudden-like? Terrace-ist mayhaps~seems far stretch to go terradactyl jumping though...

New Energy for Iowa

Is there a better side of the conflict with terrariums or terriers that'll be missed with leanings not un-ferriner(sic)-like through current reePUBlikcannediscious doctrine of portion controlled petrol products marketed for your convenience fellow denizens all concerned with fiscal responsibility during our eight years together with loyalty to power junkie lifestyles insurance lobbying for the security of smaller government?

Why would members of the Gross-Nussle-Lightfeats for governor camp allow such rumor-mongering? I mean, man's the usurper?

Now I'm begining to wonder about gay marrage~~myth, boogieman, all and or none of the above sometimes?

Friday, 23 May 2008

One day even some lobbiests may recontempL8 career moves (yeah, right...)

Who We Are

What We Do


For immediate release -- Monday, May 19, 2008.
Contact Bill Brauch -- 515-281-8772

A.G. Alleges Telemarketing Fraud
by “Galaxy Member Benefits”

Attorney General Tom Miller filed a consumer fraud lawsuit Monday alleging consumer fraud by a Florida-based operation doing business as Galaxy Member Benefits.

Miller said: “We allege Galaxy’s telemarketers called Iowans and used deception to entangle them in unwanted memberships, and in some cases made unauthorized credit card charges or withdrawals from consumers’ bank accounts. Galaxy sometimes charged consumers without any knowledge or approval by the consumer and in amounts approaching $300.”

According to the lawsuit, Galaxy telemarketers got the attention of some consumers by claiming to offer $100 worth of free gas. Other Iowans reported that their first contact with Galaxy involved a telemarketing call offering a so-called government grant for thousands of dollars. Such calls were followed by unauthorized charges to consumers’ bank accounts and credit cards. Some unauthorized charges were recurring, and some charges were about $300.

“Instead of getting a substantial government grant deposited in their account, as they were promised, some consumers discovered hundreds of dollars were taken from their bank account without authorization,” Miller said.

Defendants in the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Polk County District Court, are Galaxy Gadgets and Gizmos LLC of Palm Harbor, Florida, doing business as Galaxy Member Benefits, and John E. Bartholomew, Jr., whom the AG believes is responsible for the alleged violations.

The suit alleges the defendants marketed membership programs to Iowa consumers through telemarketing and by mail, but failed to provide consumers the protections and disclosures required by Iowa law – including written contracts and written notices of cancellation rights. “We allege the defendants ignored these basic requirements,” Miller said.


Attorney General Tom Miller Biography

Tom Miller, Attorney GeneralTom Miller is serving in his seventh four-year term as Attorney General of Iowa.

He was born August 11, 1944, in Dubuque, Iowa, the son of the late Elmer and Betty Miller. Tom grew up in Dubuque, where his father was the longtime county assessor and an inspiration for Tom's early interest in public service. Tom graduated from Wahlert High School in 1962 and Loras College in 1966, and he received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1969.

After law school, Tom served as a VISTA volunteer in Baltimore, Maryland,for two years, and then as legislative assistant to U.S. (more here: http://www.state.ia.us/government/ag/tom_miller/index.html

& in other leading headway water edges (so2speak);


NEWTON, Mass. — Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough has a suggestion for what young people can do for their country.

"Please, please do what you can to cure the verbal virus that seems increasingly rampant among your generation," McCullough implored Boston College's class of 2008 at commencement ceremonies Monday.

He said he's particularly troubled by the "relentless, wearisome use of words" such as like, awesome and actually.

"Just imagine if in his inaugural address John F. Kennedy had said, 'Ask not what your country can, you know, do for you, but what you can, like, do for your country actually," he said.

Graduates apparently thought his speech was, like, awesome. They gave him a standing ovation.

& on...http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/phoenix/main/index.html

    artist montage showing Phoenix landing events

    Phoenix Approaches Destination Mars
    05.23.08 -- As of 7 p.m. EDT on Friday, May 23, Mars Phoenix Lander has 2.17 million miles still to travel in its 422-million-mile flight to Mars. It remains in good health.
    Latest news release (May 22)

    On the Phoenix Blog: Final Days Before Landing
    05.23.08 -- The weather looks good on Mars for landing on Sunday. Plus, some fun facts about Phoenix.
    Go to blog, post your comments

    Phoenix Mission Briefings
    May 24, 3:00 p.m. (12:00 p.m. Pacific)
    May 25, 3:00 p.m. (12:00 p.m. Pacific)
    May 25, NASA TV coverage begins 6:30 p.m. (3:30 p.m. Pacific)
    May 25, Landing on Mars at approximately 7:53 p.m. (4:53 p.m. Pacific)
    › NASA TV on the Web
    › Schedule of landing events
    › Landing Press Kit (3Mb)

Saturday, 17 May 2008

And I suppose republicannoughts invented NASA all of a sudden as well as it's never too late to take credit for other peoples' endeavours

Ad Astra

The magazine of the
National Space Society

Volume 20, Number 1
Spring 2008

Featuring a Special Report on
Space-Based Solar Power
[1.5 MB PDF]

On The Cover: A solar power satellite orbits 22,240 miles above the Earth, collecting the sun’s energy and transmitting it safely to the surface in this illustration from artist Kris Holland.

Additional information on Space-Based Solar Power is available on our website.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Hey Mid-Am, what was that about people too incompetent to run their own electrical affairs?

SOLAR LILY PADS Proposed for Glasgow’s Clyde River

by Jill Fehrenbacher

SOLAR LILY PADS Planned for Glasgow’s Clyde River, Glasgow Solar Lily Pads, Floating Solar panels, Clyde River Solar, Lily Pad Solar, Zm Architecture, Peter Richardson, Solar power, solar energy, renewable energy, photovoltaic

In a stunning example of biomimicry, Scottish architecture firm ZM Architecture have come up with a brilliant scheme to provide solar power to the city of Glasgow - and do so in a way that is provocative, creative, and aesthetically appealing. The proposal? To design Solar Lily Pads which will float in Glasgow’s River Clyde and soak up the sun’s rays, sending electricity to Glasgow’s grid while also stimulating urban riverfront activity.

Taking 1st Place in the International Design Awards ‘Land and Sea’ competition, the Solar Lily Pad proposal by Peter Richardson impressed Glasgow’s City Council so much the city is now considering testing a small pilot project in conjunction with the Glasgow Science Centre.

SOLAR LILY PADS Planned for Glasgow’s Clyde River, Glasgow Solar Lily Pads, Floating Solar panels, Clyde River Solar, Lily Pad Solar, Zm Architecture, Peter Richardson, Solar power, solar energy, renewable energy, photovoltaic

What we love about this project is the innovative thinking in a proposal for urban energy generation. Whereas most urban design schemes to generate more renewable electricity would usually focus on rooftop photovoltaics or wind turbines on public buildings, it takes a creative leap to envision Solar Lily Pads. But of course, the idea is perfectly natural, and makes good sense when you consider that the intrinsic design of the lily pad is all about maximizing access to the sun’s rays. We hope this great idea takes off and inspires both city governments and other designers to get creative with the design of photovoltaics.

+ Solar Lily Pads

+ iDesign Awards
+ ZM Architecture

Via the BBC >

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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Still @ work'n'progress but,
Happy Mothers' Day!!!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

"...And I know I'm not alone..."<--Lyric from song by World Party from Goodbye Jumbo album

Rising sea levels trigger fear over Shanghai's future


For midwest (Prince Harry clear over there by Kabul or something and here I am this close to Omaha) CONUS bretheren/sisternwren heads on this weekend weather as could get freaky like in the '70's Rick James kinda way not so much the 'Le Freak (c'est chic)' way. Can't even remember the name of that rockin' teen disco-combo band.


Trying to research elevation and almanac of Shanghai to troubleshoot need to pull a Netherlands levee/canal system in possible global sea rising /tsunami future seeing as how I may want to go win a Noble or Congressional Medal of honor or just go travel or work there anytime next ten years.

Any news on civil engineering on New Orleans of late?

Here's a little light reading and entertainment beyond the gates of EPCOT
as knowledge is bliss~ using it is the future..

2 readings I'm on contempL8ing maybe appropriate contextually thru numerous levels I feel:
  • 36 Children Herbert Kohl teaching New York High School late '60s. General reading for (don't laugh) today's more serious high school students looking to teaching. Not Frank McCourt, but then who is (embrace the madness that is Jerry Brown [no, not the football playing idol]! Go on! Embrace it!!)?
  • BEYOND VIETNAM the United States and Asia Edwin O. Reischauer college level polly sci- foreign policy dynamics moving into next century ideas on nationalism sorta. Internationally oriented kids (2morrows amassadors/diplomats, game show hosts possible Peace Corps volenteers, who knows) may embrace this. Though asks questions more on target effective for it's time (in retrospect how fair, eh?) still fraught with blind spots- encourage investigating gestalt- i.e.; what''s not addressed in figure-heading and democracy "problematicsisms" of top heavy bureaucracy and sleep inducing business seminars/committe meetings.
  • Life Aquatic? Movie? Bueller? Bueller? I actually got more seeing this 2nd time. Psychologically may be be good for younger volkenulcangardenurphths once cognizance of personal emotional realms begins to struggle with bio-chemical growth (can you say seratonin?) begins to be noticable.
    Take THAT "Dr." P. McGrauu and stuff it up yer Oprah hole! (srry, that slipped)

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