Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Enfeladeapault and administered mind bending disciplines double jeopardy try googlejeopardy! See! Cruel & unusual if not bizzre system of works and wonder!

Bester parts
is where after long day trying to get to bad room8 apt of stayupallnitebluecollarmusicians  in attempts to get some studies done working thru mind taxing post-secondary with 2 side jobs to pay bills enter confused armed patrol man trying to enforce non-declared marshal law curfew (goodly intended while bucking promotion naturally; all gotta at least try a beer in this life, eh?) authorititleed via oafices o' administr8ors whipping out subtle clause abuse fraudulent funds for ipso-facto punishment avarice in timeserved; freeconmedpressia "re-portage (c'est francaise, non?)", finery und, hey; what's v.p. of student service earn in corp subsidy tax deferred abuse fundments with tuition dollars b4 non accountability for poverty levition meteorology in snowballs' survival training during hellweek-hep; not finals yet Kindervolken garten stinn german coinage wuuuuuuuurd n'est pas?...Trebek? hm  aum  vroom  aum

Monday, 30 August 2010

Diploma brought by taxes and Killdolphinpetrol Corp to get you into real student loan success!

...and on other end of gregorian calendar...

Moon day-flat taxes-the Oswolds...who trains the triggerhappy bad ordinance enforcement trainers with paychecks leather ordinance and badges to collect taxes for a future where only lawful employment is in administration of makerting administration marketing?

 hm  aum  vroom  aum

Saturday, 28 August 2010

All the gossiopinion over chemically based emissions standards and Henriburtonon though never experienced no Kurdistani gas attacks under Kuwait hold it think hearin' lunch temales guapo makin' El Paso...

perhaps just late for football 378.56 years from now... (click pict



Still think Oprahhhhhhhh'd make a theme park; y not 51st estate fair even, as over around Guam atols where that factory is they crank out not 2nd amendments, not preambles nor neither 14th amendments nor 5th, not 1st amendments, unanimous declarations or magna carta, not  corpwelf subsideraryians with terridactyl bombing terriers in terrariums on terraces and..all the room for reimbusment/restitution for breech of social contract, bad faith prostitution trustaxtuition, and loitering trespass of criminal money launderers in higher athletic department bnd business leisure therapy
studies grant funding to sell mascot logo to snack munch community with high emmission standards where Haleniburtonron never attacked or misled green renewabubbles from oval office rooftop where solar collectors once stood with still room for wind collectors no, not there... no not 378.56 years from now for posterity with perpetual support for combustion import of halftime munch snack drive to fill tank who cold cornfuse that with Mexico attacking Persia land of post algebra...all that rice and tofu teaparty of casinoprison online collegiate communial lividin' w/ Archduchess Poo-poo and Queen of Alaska aum....
   hm  aum  vroom  aum

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Founder wot institutied International Question Authority Day

How's all that planning for S&M titual where boys dress funny in helmuts have tax/tuition/corp funded staff make good with brain surgeon pompom squad in research orrices on pro-life orphan consent posterity & from filffest resources older website ghost returns hotcha (click pict


Erasure?  Better grab an Tesaurusactyl-hold it;   how that work?

Ready for this-(deep breath...)

Un-learning falsities so under8ed http://images.Quebles.com/hotmail/emoticons/1511766.GIFheavysighhttp://images.Quebles.com/hotmail/emoticons/1511759.GIF never fade away like immutable; been reading Aquinus?  Reaching for the Aristotle/cave painting actually with all the "hey let's undo 4000years of idolatry to fill combustion engine with dinosaur poop gay lifestyle and replace muffler-sparkplug-combustion engine carburetor with digital hydrogen-lithiumsolarwind pwred jetpak/waterslide trasportationsystems" so much in freeconmediapress L8ly with no mention of formulaeus for prevention of Haitian poverty-Grenada invasion for $8oo pentagon hammer/toiletseat or dyslexia/\aixelsyd pre earthquake/monsooning sports solicitation seasons & cure for administrative pimparist future lobbying sales valedictorian v. v.p. Demolay ready to believe in local meteorologist suit and pick-up manufacturing distributoer marketleading consentians which are merely understood givens and as with auto emissions more invisible than tobacco enjoyment amongst some denizenry to be health threat warranting sloppy haste legislation in embolden trigger happy police in every kitchen nursery and higher learning classroom speaking of whichwhich not part of preamble, unanimous declaration or Magna Carta of Mexico again neither ever attacked nor attacking never again unchecked aggrsive nose tackle...


(yes; prahna [sp?], aum)

try interpreting "the rest " from perspective of "beware " stretch (pretzeled?  Silly Puttied?) into "beware military sports industrial theater superiority complex"..let know if that works...
...try slowly...
...with caution...
...perhaps apply modicum of provincially algebraiac touch of proverbial "word gets around guys talk ya hear things" along lines of wives' tall tellings about" helps if they think you're dangerous" as humpty pushed into boy crying and wolves and little chikens' gizmo devices alltogether@onceinsynchrotaneouswindtunnel phenomena while life happends during other planning tense; anyhelp?  Nothing?

Wow did I miss some fireworks sounds like...

As observedly trained first responder but first a free entity with know and live the thorns and roses of being there instead of hearing later or overhaul in aftermath solely comes responsibility by realiz8ion via what possible to affect and appearances never to be mastered by nature of quantum mechanics though better tutorial has done amazing things and  in interests of education may propose an "International Question Authority Day" with amnesty, liberty, and justice for to all...

"gummint" though?  What the skinney on this Gummint biz?  Yosimite Sam been by?   Reintarnation?  That when return to world as hillbilly?  Been reintarnated?


   hm  aum  vroom  aum

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Between Labor Movement stooupid industrial killingry expendatures and Kent State mmm with tax scale prior to Nixon Admin

Interesting how one set of law http://images.Quebles.com/hotmail/emoticons/1511766.GIFdetermines who gets to sit in AC raising funds for already tuition /tax/corpwelfare holding pattern acceptance fees for bureaufraudors at University waiting on paychecks (HA!  Implication; from "WORKING" HAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHhttp://images.Quebles.com/hotmail/emoticons/1511767.GIF*eherm*) and panhandling from already victimized/stigmatized under nourished (often over but replace word "nourished" with "feederered")  barely educated buck nekkid waste legislated for 7th grade prostitutes ready to give up Virginia 120 mentholslims in a box within '31 ft. horrible real estate purchases for athletic department as long as no one really enforces mobile phone and 1000's of pounds of combustion engine on way to unlawful exectrixing would explain much homeschooling telvisory lit skills & dance for Rachael Winfrey taste testing in land of surplus making up songs about poverty conflict victory can just die in streets by heat index warnings or FREEZE to DEATH or be strangled by psychotics (you know; non white collar ones that  don't get caught) under bridges TO THIS DAY and DAYS AHEAD http://images.Quebles.com/hotmail/emoticons/1511764.GIFwhile being FINED and BEATEN by triggerhappy badge/firearm and paycheck sporting leather fetishsts never arrested for purjury, hmmm?

Got Relief
http://images.Quebles.com/hotmail/emoticons/1511759.GIF (not my daughters' department-too busy w/reimbursement recidivist flattax nonsense of grievance recourse who writes this stuffhttp://images.Quebles.com/hotmail/emoticons/1511761.GIF...)?

A. Pairsh could  have preempted exorbitant litigation fees against higher learnins' [sic] with simple marketing spin suggestring switch to  "Stepping ON Prograah*eher*m" (truth in advertising, yeah, right just as combustion engines carbon emissions (ad-mission substanrdsourcedizing? aren't heath threat gotta go after the 60-year old with Winston Ulrtalights!  Road rage- what a doddle!) from the other one but these campus rapist linebackers aren't gay and not there is anything WRONG with that but even so, is that so queer?

Just sayng: any relief....(??!?) http://images.Quebles.com/hotmail/emoticons/1511081.GIF (...?!!?????!?!?!...)

Go Bulldogs!http://images.Quebles.com/hotmail/emoticons/1511082.GIF


   hm  aum  vroom  aum

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