Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Monday, 30 April 2012

Reputaion of rumor has it occasional somestate of "gets regovernor never paying taxwriteoffs is with nono-appearent sevenral(+) homesings and gardener platoons motivational non-fraud incentive pre-playschool seal abuse prior to innaugur8tion into illegal veto pension straight to heaven back stage passes where's Sam's stolen rent money rent return theft and '80's farm crisis settlement justice compensation proper as must needs bees checkers eat that too with stinger missile receipts and chads and rebosezo tapes find out how Nancy and proscuouttio telovee get that concealed behind and moreBONUS

down't if really that fluncktardy interested then consider castingvote flavouering candidate with  name that would be best name for a sandwich/candid8 that would looke best with moustache/moustache-beard combo tryseveral variances of scenario-on-theme as in in with out 'stache rite quick Archlordduke *MOOBASE* commandeererr  gonna get it as just asskin' with final response of how many mormon wives out there sociologically soda speakhey time to chalk up some Abu Graib /illegal discrimination v. tired poor hudled masses reform with big payoff from municipal menu-solar collection bonusing menu ratings personal flat tax copleing corpration-as person scaled biuhzzilion success psuedoquasi non-profit accelery8d standards cheat from demolibtreecornfiguær8 formsand the thitd uh, hmm uh the uhm well first two and go from there for starts this lundi though good looking back overeons

Sunday, 29 April 2012

foreverholding dearly departed uh seems theres a third, obey no, uhm hmm uh

oh wait that not this massservice Advanced feedback of guidelines

though MoMA  natural public history and science centers with vast book collections waterslides petting zoo and rec centers must ac account for something should Orin and Mitt's families(sp?) values sweep them there off fleets of limos (or cyclones) after 700+ homehausenes cleasnings with non linquitdity tied in overseas footwar assembly mission assetts to pep up for tithing in other tax fueled facilitie city hall or soccerfield on school yard with instruction on how to command other's hard earned dollars sweat and tears be spent may still be stowayway  room in trunk or luggage rack and though appears as Perkinsian that the real flag as searscircussucker out of  Bvarnm collections seems as not love thunkdin to don't forget to register to vote 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

time for onus bonus chad rescavenger round categories undruber scarecity of over rescoursce noblame hearinn that voting for the homers still not unlegislated trojan eagle even stealth unillpreamble reversion

just decidering distinguishmint homerage &montage realdillyodohdah  as with meta heidiggsartrestotle ok just gliding into luanch docks qualific8tioerrs  glass case asimuthwith windows     dolfphindjinneons just sportfree catch no eat release  as is that a rerun around or just happy to force someone to spend and think and vote by b.s. code of biowhimsy for security payola and bill passage faster than DEVICE loiter charges with intent to jaywalk while never arrested for perjury bill through  alien furriers aboard giant redwood cruises  lo-li-tah deck for antigoaoggle response "honey does Trent's blue floss make moauthiyuhsdei seem ginormouser than misdelagation reprise about control of waddle canal berth in negative square root of uno because glove didn't fit Reg[sic] Dennys' nor Darrlex Gates for that matterscale

Friday, 27 April 2012

breakfast burritushi reminiscence over INS circa '46 good ol'banditistales v. Argenindeyj'naro times BOOSH pass the coconut ml...uh...there's another third uh well weekend no time to disccoursologue execubranch surplus annihil8tions cutlery on taxascælæry

Being FRIADEI mornbritesmurphfittydoodalali first with the Saving Private Perez Poster hungry hungry checkers  Tenniel red queen with alice.jpg & the major Lee Atwater files on the 40kearlrover lecture pl8 shipping/handling roadshow soon all out battle drones this week coast guard v. asteroid mining drones armed with drone moms' choice (probooly something resembling  btrooms and grasstrimming bags though with reasonable pricing in popcorn snax and beverages as moms dobeedoobeedoBdoodaday termin8tor jurisdictionariy wisely impudancing lessons onwith4th junkierkindzrtgts,ask fulcrumblintly if done in *MOONBASE* bake'n'shake math assignments allready)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

in name of keep amteachers respectabubble homeschool by gracious executisementalinty as if never B4 encountered break leg 2 sell crutch routine veri8sion "not ID robbing to invade privacy for planting bad credidt reports implication innuendoidence 2 collect coercion harrassed 'dues'" now right-wing death squadmilf export gone wild vidsales in pro-orphan mortempenalty friendly casino prison support 7+cult no-paytax recidivist surplus illegal inversion party of *MOONBASE*ersram muthereuraticon leveling totolitaerritorrriloiteryalists jobwurk freedomswapout dignity carrereen v. news anchor wardrobe avarice...oh & victims rights doctrine strictly enforced as so portion controlled surplus forbiddance for unworthy by stigma under edict of scarcity of resource myth

how about that hungey hungry checkers first 8 the rebozo tracks then 8 the stinger missle report with a Trent bluefloss chaser fowwing with chads though missed couple 3 hey why hold up on *MOONBASE* this just bestest or what newsper deim until solicitations dreadmilling duties all word ever to need read or think *MOONBASE* use inflectiontonevolume 

 *MOONBASE*  *MOONBASE* *moonbase* *moonbase* *moonbase* *moonbase* *moonbase**moonbase**moonbase**moonbase* *moonbase* *moonbase**moonbase**moonbase**moonbase**moonbase**MOONBASE**MOONBASE**MOONBASE**MOONBASE**MOONBASE**MOONBASE**MOONBASE**MOONBASE**MOONBASE**MOONBASE*  &so4th&so4thNowDANCEloyaltyoathrise 4 Archlord NEWTPITORMinion Rommormon herchperson ORINbotintin to protect from zombie ninja robot vampirezilla mummy threat via flying nileswinelimeleadtoys wiley plot of Sascatoon, MXassgulfvaldzez, b4 sold back to Spain *wink* trainging for adeominssons confidence coaches with bonussalry deleg8ing disserving salary (how could be possiible ethics viola8ions if Clarence's wife on bench hands  self  cola to prosecute after seen on Anita or Archduchess firstterm spous' possessed reach outta 14th ammendment fine of unlawful interference with healthy informed publicocracy in contempt like uh monpomobilcomm-cable no municiple PWR co thug future polling 

so as to ensure nuconfidence trainer as getkidsall on same page of "ank" pronounced "onk" asswith hank and thank and tank and honk keeperings wrong teachers from McCartyrosutioninquisiballing while new limomarcedes fleets back to sell footware to kids in streets ready to phone ahead sales for crack shootings exchange

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

thoughts on becoming mormon as paying taxes so filthy

hey why hold up on *MOONBASE  as regov stepping off after out of own pocket offering big cash deserts to pre icestorm salter/chippers/sandbaggers and post-flooding hazmat handler unmentioning construction gyheros trainees not paid pre-K2pension     & gov uhuhm still busy thingking of reimbursements to campaign fund deficit emboldenerrs    ooh another  chad-no false chad  though guy shouldda just come out & 2 already "been studying Hawiianologues and uh'huhuhmuuhuhhumuuhuhoop, see??!!?!?" but no

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

anyone thinkin' to send a note home from school to Cary's mum

and all with the who 2 B the first to step withinto space via   Defianansce of the Zombie  Demon Ninja Robot Curse The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye tickets  on sal now

Monday, 23 April 2012


Whencethusly t'wasa 'thunkt derr treecornplumpblimbpchat repossession 7cultavaist pahteaerrs peprallied 4 2 commnence recommensurating (out of communissly corncernage fer payback on campaing bills fillibustering) the behaviors of libsdemo frugality BOOSH outta  love of the gr8 wiz uncle OZ nuaunties' nuwardrobing by misappromptiate shelfish disrepresent8tion surface actuallybeegan a Dunndeal round era of bad hair boys' 

 bands post-checkers perhaps even mid-centurium when preamble (then spelt "preamble" L8r to be modified into resemblance of "paramumble[sic]") gun jumper    gaitudeignorance  and  uh there's a uhm third uh...not so-well known   TRU€leadinger 2 hardmousty  stuff & uh like thingys & uhm wha'evffasvwvulphfn tardygoufphtnzstumpffhhhuhuh

Saturday, 21 April 2012

brainiac Jockco departuremints decidering touronado outsidie Ames season "good thunkin'" place for Olmpeead trafficking during trials no where near the Hauge nor Copenhaagen nor Oslo nor Nuremboogers a'knauightly bratkids FUN

 plus may buy lightrail transit sun passes for rapids commutists  bonus imaginary asset jungerkindneargardenerings compost heapage operme8tionas sporting cowjuice monies with coco essxpress OH all tzso summer acedemia  grade tuition doll'r with partisan 2 party (one with about up to & not excluding 24 cults and running chronoshalftime gonna be gr8like discovery true Maya 21DEC12 just meant  time to recalibr8 as at time no pass in one-way v. way to Nostrildeemoouth beesides beeyond'r 3day precalcudiction jumpiming and 13's like decks "unluckyprime" so as not 2 exist as 14th2googlefloors and square root of negative one/zerah wrong

Friday, 20 April 2012

Juicemental8or 4 2ence inning a hankckerin' agin' 4 schezuan the generals business pork just see Sartre and if shy pick up where Hume left off Foucaulteatowers

to save on rent-a-kid  payments to keep using young underdeveloped minds and brains from compensation K-pension while still allowing plenty abuse access especially during delic8 years in tuition fuelled Graduate colleges for benefit of flooding healthy community with superfluous medical administratoer in need of new kitchen remodeling unpaid mortgage BWM not to stealthy double-secret unmentionabbubble litigator combustion engine dinopoop avarice easing in era of clarity  so as to not mix Vieux Boulogne pouprtoporri with Catalina ambieulence impeachy refundabulbbles during ride straight up beanstalkes to *MOONBASE* and present guardians (security fee to be assessed at dinopoopcraft departure station) with all-pro orphan death penalty friendly totalitarian practicing real human beings (ironically enough oftseen in zomie robot vampire dragon jezebellzebubblette form in wetfloss around keepings of hidden flying mummy ninjazzillas nuhanger decktxksacowoolybooley!).  Credit card numbers and pictures of pets and parents toobusy calls being taken now or go online with favorite smile easy as patriot publinickinpie and fresh corn oh wait that's not til closer to July still on April showerfreshfish laundry soapking in it with mudgey after long  gruellish tuition hike for l'il homeschool on metro no histate roadway no uh what third well funded uhm not firs2  insert threat of surplus annihilation and implicit armed enforcement quartering in tardyflunk lodging acquisitions to justicify pompom glut no chance of rentcontrol here

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wheel of GoFIsh!

Like to buy a chad ooh sorry no   chads what as second no third uh GOFishahead and spin category is...(!)...Warren's war on where's Waldo going with war on mormons no whammies optisurveytomomatry  acceptabubble judges Bueller....

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cybernaught Immelmanhoteplviskneival has left the rite of building passage to be reviewding ah angelhair

sosay on about it go knoodling  yjhorse elves & so4th uh uhm  wait no 3rd too won

Monday, 16 April 2012

well for certain arranged caste marriages did wonders for Serbia were that truelike meaning of gay wedded bliss as could see how helps acceptring

all the frenzy to compete for legistaL8tionary cool points as applicapubabubble in a rough equivalent lifestyle thus BOOSH

Sunday, 15 April 2012

ipso chadsfo Chicago style polishapulco softshells & bootsk8s boooooogeeeeeleeza rice

major Chad in the observa- no, billiards, uh huh like uhm uh no third  not f-o-u-r-t-e-e-n-t-h show on doily where raygun h8ed nuclearsunpower panel though big on checkers bowling because tapes don't kill pep rallies, surplus annihilating unlawful supreeme court appointees on bad hair on cola days amigst cliquesquesh legisl8ion however goodly totalitarian hearted  kill reason for otherwise decent human beings...

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Guess facial hair supposed to be "out" according to pro news fraudsentation so who tells the Wookies, Ewoks, OB-Wan or Malinda and Vvulfinblintzspfphinckqtr and seal and panda no idea why anyone would want to thrive from domicile of scrubbing bubbles canister

plus good frennnz of baseball h8rs withWingnutladyoh covering in 4 Archlord Neuutpitro's hairem (sp?[sic]*eherm*) could just see 3P0 rebooted to be set on  meltdown not to mention treecornplubblimpchads credit repayrefundredresstitutionimburspeachmint club cult pehaps 2 review some criminal toughness on smaller government pro-orphan death penalty friendly casino prison with dinopoop combustion via *MOONBASE* good faith admissions encforcement production fess unchecked and don't see all kids rushing out to join Archduckchass Poopoo's summercampprograomming for that matter  weird   

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
solicitorphesus egg chickening reimbursment fraudsponsibility

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