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Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Monday, 29 June 2009

NEWSFRESH: Ayn Rand Full of Beans; Atlas Geared to Market Homeade Jetpak

(en proceedium...)
We could stay in from out of rain and view "The Brazen and Rampageous" between adverts or....

OOOooooooh! Let's play "Dude, borrowed some deficit spending was just about to return it but, well when uhm..., anyway, uh here's the bill pretty routine really for charges regarding early schedule detection and necessity while copies remain property of party on the first part triplifica8ed and everything else for double bonus certituding earnesty contractual pre pro-mamalpractice and redress of grievance recourse protection to be announced l8r"!

Thinkin' like Undergrad Finance Major Hiddencosty; or was that a film with Sum Chunk Encephalopod but the PG-8 version; the one with the rules of Clue and board of Moustrap here (pause for effect) by Mattel's Parker Hasbros Fischer Brothers Price and Homeplay Skouool education or just keeping combustion engine emmissions at any given moment safe and invisible for inner city workers on the way to Toxic Smell to eat outside the piehole.

Who wants to see Mme. Sawyer show up with a new suit (reckon as opposed to buck nekid teelee-a-vised) to prove employment maintenance when shelter and freedom from poverty and dietary threat'n's not only far from administrative itinerary as a Star Jones wardrobe/equiptment failure (eitherway) whilst bungie jumping but not even part of 1/6 pop U.S. Ohpracalhacakhanahkca's mand8ing proceedure for playing field even-outaging? Long as doctors all a-happy in practice of love shelling out dough for the world's 6.2 bijillion check-to pharmacist script analyzing in ensureance innoculations against Thumper's Disease while keeping Joe the Plumber's kids safe to have threats of tuition hikes on way to Anesthesiologist salaries for pro-sports fashion consultants further what nation can't respect that life and deeply cherish the desire to emulate a career in suing institutes of higher learning thru demonstra8ion by precedent to the young-uns subjected to reruns of "how to accept a postion salary and pension via career title of student services czar (sic) as opposed to re-vamping education proper I suppose on the one hand to cleanse sticky fingers violating the code of student life with hand to mouth of state budgetary, federal fundaged and corporate finance emboldened "legal" in-office assistance is there brown lickety-lipstick applied for symesters upon symesters and years after the years after the years after the years after that T. Baker & Co.?

Some possibilities:

  • Maybe that or a cooking show featuring chickenlady fried fried fingers in everyone elses' plumb pudding pies.

  • Wes Snipes never got script for "Pale Face No Bounce"

  • Chris Howe and his practicing brother's secretarial staff could return the two dollars. No calling anuerismic Alzheimers, Kool-aids, or himpies!

  • Other

Newsclique Upwuuuuuuuuurd Hyperwarp Burst: Star Jones Snubs Michael Jackson's Memorial Service Calls White Teen Girls Jerks-Dewey Defeats Whoever's Running Against Illinois Orator Next Term

Option of caring for health preventively and investing in some 10-year bonds....(pause for effect)
...that is once employment discrimination not limited to hypochndriacs or what looks good around America's Funniest Vid fam-val time waiting on full reimbursements and who wouldn't want those M. Diagnosis regul8ions regulating the regluar program regs regul8ed on credit? Always frankensteinian isol8tionism and blackballing third worlders as virtue for teens not shooting towards peace corps stints with dad's tuition money, car keys, credit cards, and cell/mobile comm payment coverage in equally rigged footworking furtures, eh? Sing together now; "Oh Can-NA-DAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa; land of brave and true (what key is this in?)...."

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bring 3-D devices

ah tech futures and John McEnroe

Wondering if ESPN is stalking Battle Bots or the Supreems should just emminant domain more chins

Then there's the Disney-ification of Utah; What if Oprah were a theme Park, hmmm....

Better thinking (in pro-gress/cess) for instance

All about waterslides but subcontractor modificatory accommodations and wiggle room negotiations HITTHEDECK!

Sorry that slipped, soda speak

Personally enthralled with part where the explaination/lecture to Joe the Plumber on how getting through last 12 years of campaigning without payola to mobile/cellphone lobby-ist industry plus reimbusrsment for all the other budgetary overruns so as to borrow more deficit spending credit to propog8 taxpaye/d/e/r/(/')s(/')/&so4th&so4th education(s) on how to cover hypocondriacs in case unemployment for litigators without surplus surgery as sure fire guarantor for redress of grievence in case the wife doesn't approve the administrator's wardrobe and gets behind on shopping duty.

STAT get fines from lady with the Benson and Hedges Deluxe Ultra Light Menthol 120's in a box to pay for prison builder contracting lobbiests' lunches as anything else threatens health and/or the pterodactyls and terriers on terraces win!

....and about relevance to nearest Denny's?

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Semi-semiphore; the other white meat difference between a DOT grant/commission and penalized starved artier constructive contribution...

Repetez; que tiennes?
Not the gesture for "Stay in left lane & slow down, pal" (though can imagine briefly read as so to a statistically significant degee) however not hand signal for most other communications seen in Jersey transit for certain.
Es tous bueno & ipso versa....

Friday, 12 June 2009

What's got into Mr.Helms?

One noodle allegory (as if it's mandatory John Hodgeman should happen to block coming up with new final Jeopardy! response categories) and what exactly is it that all about diet; resversatol, anti-oxidants perhaps though after seeing the interaction with staff have conform8tion and public disclosure there's someone out there makes Hell's Kitchen chef appear as Fuzzy Wuzzy, no; the fabric softener teddy! Never mind but two hands on that Mets ball! TWOHANDS!! Thinkin' this a Willie Mays demo or somethin'..?? Two hands!

Would stick around~just that trying to get to a Royals' park, fer, well y'now in case the Cubs need to show Urbaplex education support par example
  • War more like soccer or lacrosse handling than football; come to think of it even more like trading baseball cards
  • Other: Katherine Harris could win as many awards for advancement of austerity as for beauty queening
  • nothing in "old" or "new" testaments, Bhagadvahd Gita, or even Sun Tzu even suggests the way to counter death is by becoming a a blinkin' fascist
  • may think paramount to refereeing, troubleshooting, watchdogging, chicken hawking or whistleblowing that a prerequisite must needs bees a whistle- actually it's a fence or in Paul Revere's case, a horse
  • good intentions can be evil and getting a good wholesome name, say Flavoraid, Tylonol, or, I suppose, Krispy Kreme behind any new pavilion, exuberently priced mall acquisition, or stadium project, can even make the business college look credible and less like pimping.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Just another day |;-]

New treehouse shaping up, how about some interior views?

Maybe some transportation; as intrametro from Omaha to Chicago and St. Paul to St. Louis unless preference for strip malls and parking towers becomes all the rage for Nu-Perfect North of Machu Peruica....dunno

Hannyhoo here's the reading list for surprise exam which may or may not be pending towards finals/bonus points should it be decidedly so:

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
solicitorphesus egg chickening reimbursment fraudsponsibility

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