Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Nuperfect resyearsoleezgions great what good good good would Ghandi do great for chrissakes.....(??!?!?!?)

Gotsta tryin' the no kids' pets' girls' or visitors outside of lysol can glitteratti better homes & gardens how teachers cope with whatever odors the rock gots- even 60-year old ones-no-especially 60+yrs. olds'

fantastic crackers

Yes....Tucker, the 12.42nd continental congress, Valery Plame, K. Harris & the Sunshine squad....

no making world put off Jackie Chan for Kabul...es no bueno, amis, Kabul never built railroads or much of anything viewable from the ISS correctement Y key to prevent/recover from petrol and power junkie addictive behavior(s)

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Can't all b Linsay Lohan, right? ....issit?

Firstly props&onto Kennedy Center honorees!

Bel8ed birthday props to Twinkle! Go Bulldogs!


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Do Itchy & Splotchy know about this?

How many biz kids can play today? Is that snow sculpture to scale?
Bill "d'oh" Liely &/or imaginary friends specul8ing reference potential to Mikhail Gorbachev & subcommittees in regalia quite the visual coupons non-mandatory here in policy affectitudinal max rest ensured option pub assimilate to while by minimal unifiled there where's that Coulter girl and Ms. Schlamealliefly when needy bonusing abusive police powers of religious nannyin's all full'd up all holiday seasoning right back with weather and sports, sodaspeak? This what happens with learning experience resultant via non-promotion of Tip O'Neil; suddenly it's all "blame Martha Jefferson !"
More 'merican than ever luvin' 'merica pret'near in theorey (!both Illinois and North New Vermont [DANCENOW]!)

Monday, 28 December 2009

Did the Enterprise run on Linux or will the Enterprise run on Linux may not be questions that sepera8 from the animals

though may keep farther


cave fokken than ever bevisednst

arming bears 14 ammentments b 4 pre amble constituting illiteracy and judicial review paychecking restitutionary imbursurance morethenjustsayknow

Sunday, 27 December 2009

ow 'bout some last(ing?) profounda&%$477#*(*$&@ of '-oughts b4 y2k txtdecitrix stars clog the hustle sodaspeak with

For all the uhm lack of uh like whatever uh still uhm articulate though uh could um exhibit uhhhhh (pause) some parsiminous skilling uh in um delivery by uh green uhm lady

bretheren & the ladies sound like a sk8board gang/rockin' teen combo for that matter blatherous slime could be a monster trap in videogame/b-grade cinematic experience enforced/otherwise of futures past prime destiny of 2morrow laughknot

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Wh-where-whew strange dreams; good thing time machine fully functioning, can tell 'cause rhyming olde skhoooo

Mostest under promo'ed quality 'mercan produts (bi-inc. on frugal popcorn exhobinant pricing sanctions in effect policy) of '08. Just in time for synchro '10's of decade (holding out to save up towards xbox versions gon' make deans list on U>staqates gibberish deans listings to compare cars and deodorant for certain then get Enron posit! Or Athletic buisiness and medical/theraputic salary with perks into budget for ethics a shoe-in and all 4 just for making up songs about unhealthy spouse/daughter/puppy/employer resurance!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

No last-minute elf beating good listener gold star angels on deans' lists


know who not no-names named huh reserve swami policy game on
"impossibly war criminal (just 'humble taxpaying republican possibly enabler of demlibs/potential Enrons')"

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Considering Stalking Johnson Party

Not w/o sincerest blisswishes & on to (times 2) Capricornicus bretheren Sirs Eddie et H. Shearer
pressing thoughts re: public on option conflict w/hypochondria accomplicing victory over frictionalishes illiteracy plus
X-mass tree lightning

as Randolph Scott's nose where to loiter aircraft all stealthly (supportive of campus enforced stutter projecting EMS juristiction over lot of Eastdale plaza) when gianormous plumpred elf goes chimney diving (chimney what's that glacial Hindenburg keel not Lego?) things underheardof round corners of business latte marriage receptions anyhere in parts of thespian winter Iowa City or Vermont cover on this [sic] "....take money very popular with lotta people about to have victims' rights athletic baby perks grades fixed can direct deposit and cover taxes/bills/tuition/corp footware endorsements on own...." one holding pattern to caution altitude challenged JP-5/hydogen 'bout Ophranic theme park Mike Gallagher Immelmanhotep of friendly Thebes conscionabubblely

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
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