Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

quotes from the Shniz(sp?) files pretty much verbatum

"Doesn't it seemlike(pause)last cupluh weeks(pause) Image result for Brickumentary images y'know what I'm talkin'bout
rewaRd;  Be advised of gypsy hex contact Usquir@gmail.com or ICPD Rob Rooff #23 @ (319) 356-5275 INC#2013014593 for prompter return for bounty re: the following:
1986-ish Diamondback Ascent 
- teal/powder blue-green w/rust spots

- possible black cable with padlock  attached to frame at saddle post  during lunch rush even: "...to make it more gourmet..."
~The Shniz

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

spatial ops

   Image result for bacon
 KNEWtaxes OOOImage result for ted Nugent imagesOOOh GNUTeXe2

Thursday, 8 October 2015

On em/immigration and the commentator sports

"...and I for one
  welcome our new (insert favorite flavour here) overlords"-Kent Brokman thus  behold unquoth

Saturday, 26 September 2015

just another casual water conservation weekend

on par with the dumpmen  witches salt and pepper sandwiches and  fresh water Image result for nerf football clams

Saturday, 5 September 2015


boi  all the way to the big suburb  numphi'n' 'ere  puppy heaven..
Image result for Rangers Army Babe Chicks
 future...  Boeing...  
 Labor Day...

Monday, 31 August 2015

On containing the cannibalistically communist tendencies of the reactionary, archconservative and religious extreme right

so much for options in leaving responsibility  to not another Cambodia  when the experts of compassion and understanding empowered  with that wonderful coiffuremarvelousknowledge is Nighy

Friday, 14 August 2015

Forgoing the ¡Jed!/Christie/Trumpumvirate for the ¡Jed!/Christie/VENTURA/Trumpumvirate

Hoping to get an autograph  when "chance meeting" Meobgyn Kelly  while on "vacation" next couple weeks somewhere around the Bahamas  or between luncheons with hunters and fisherpeoples in the Arctic WHEW like not a hectic enough week already, ¿¿¿si???

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Butbutbut after we PAY President Trump he will GIVE us jobs he CREATES

Welcome to Texas

This form must be completed by every nonimmigrant visitor not in possession of a visitor's visa.

Type or print legibly in pen in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. USE ENGLISH.

Item 7 - If you are entering Texas by land, enter LAND in this space. (LAND!) If you are entering the Texas by bike

, enter, unh-unh, SEA in this space https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jXazEYi3P8 .  Answer Yes or No. (Yes)
Poor PlutoThank you very much! And welcome to Texas!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ed's Specials [Eddie may have Celtic tendancies, just sayin'(...);}

hunch hunch  squash hunch hunch Image result for haircut Donald Trump squash for Image result for haircut Donald Trump the LADIES (sp) and don't forget to register Image result for haircut Donald Trump to Image result for haircut Donald Trump VOTE(!)

Friday, 5 June 2015

Stoned on their drugs grooving on their music they came in peace for all mankind

M. Huckabee   the George Hubert Wallace Humphry  of the GOP for tomorrow as well as yesterday considering all practical intents and mattering purposes

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Birthday Propers In Order SERIOUS

love to be jamming around  long enough in wait  for the Jumbo Integrity Party-the JIP-solicitations/demands/coerscions though going boats certitude  in this weather or check in on Indianapolis 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Penelope Cruz for P-Resident even after mourning the loss of David Huckabee's boy scout counciloring career and injustice over not being allowed a loaded Glock 9mm on an airline

Mr. Trebek going with reasons for healthy democracy not needing a "no-confidence" vote option in light of celebrated 2-party big powerball possibilities of Neil Bush's brother from dynasty a)  and the money ticket of completely different practice realm b) equivalent savings selection prospecting 
just gonna whip out magic Ouija board and consult Admiral Stockdale 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Brick parking ramps, stadiums, guns & butter

In  to the future gearing and keeping http://www.cc.com/full-episodes/hhkvzm/the-nightly-show-april-28--2015---baltimore-riots-season-1-ep-01049 of kids franchized https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRFtOVy-XaI naturally with fresh ideas from 40 years ago never implemented  with swell global corporate demoeconomic well regulated responsible bold  progressive altruistic philanthropic corporate vital neighborly family healthy  sarcasm hurty free get-alonging in supplement to the peace corps

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
solicitorphesus egg chickening reimbursment fraudsponsibility

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