Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Horsefart to moonbase over...perhaps faking it after all former politicaling...

somesort of ancestral holiday  or something today just  feelin' funny and uh    hmm perhaps a case of all your MOONBASE R BELONG TO US can see now:" "how about put NASMCR trak into of tranquility next to Billobosboards and DUCT factory!"  Yeah more MOONBASEJOBSGOODTHUNKTINWORK with advance into sparkpuggers and mufflering career ops what's more patriotic than that tell you what!"

Monday, 30 January 2012

Mondaytime NIMBPCY (Not in MOONBASE Prison Casino Yard [not if TRUE democaticprereconsersivstrplumpblimpconiacy]) free zookeeperhuming mournerdovefinch timberwolf nuked gay whales for sweet 10 oz. 1 lb. baby massiah followers/ no tardyflunck imbecilic behavior without pizza left behind rights

if not billlord of Newtpitor/wife/vessvs nowknowno running little butts ragged so as to not be afforded time in good qwuestion pablumonix formulation such case that teleocxhz freeconmedia press haftaxplain ponzi in election rigs youngAWOLstealthchadfraudworks all eihsushiihsushie altermeat cost postings2l8no wonder loyalty dancepoll showing contest at casino prison fun for all æges offduty for [siciness] in wealth avarice/obstinate abstinence outsourced and in and out and in again wait 10 business days on directdeposit considerably as lest abusiver than MOONBASE oystercult party blues favor job creation of image uber over posterity educ8tion to adminissions penishunioneesshhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza gotta dig in smacks of:
  "Dude!  You're drinking and having a good time and we're here to make Bill G8s a bunch of money on sacred indijgineosn land with a lotta idolatrous stuff and attitude dude like making me do stuff I don't wanna do like act like your mom dude make me be who I'm not anticondescendantingly worshiping coursers without adult supervision dude why you making me do this dude  with the what the ya doin' dude and nobody here to lift a finger to help in keeping dudes off the course while we drink and have a good time dude so like dude like grow up dude or you'll make me act like your parents or like five oh dude dude like I don't wanna dude it's not fair dude!"  Sounds like pro-MOONBASE material while could be opening MOONBASE especially with that tone of voice enforced yeller sounded like hasn't even gotten through puberty let alone the age of reason...
ah rememberniscer the getting of flack for being a generation of spoiled rich kids getting way with crimes fit for treatment as a war criminal like using stick to draw a heart in fresh still wet cement and four letters and a plus sign in the middle or anything resembling dude for putting a hand out the window of a moving bus when being shipped to 3rd grade institute for suburban multiplication table training while 
All about Ryan the headband wearing Yeti playing mafia enforcer for Shwuahiten and all solicitizing for what was that, Hewlardpatackette and the grouperies in but gotta stick with keeping abreast not being paid for babysitting Joe the Pipefitters' kids competing with project MOONBASE over re-waiting for release of blue MOONBASE prints as exciting 13,000 in MOONBASE factory going to make a lotta soaplamp and shades and pharmicuetical adwriter for imaginary diseases paychecks which, if that atrocitytious dude persists, would cause unesecelary beefing up double protection from DRACULA  and who needs bodyguards in court for not wanting to clean up after killing the wrong DRACULA on their salary to pay for DRACULA insurance when becomes priority to amend new wardrobe purchasing into preamble for legisl8iornancess to draft ordinance illegalizing gaps in DRACULA insurance coverage when becomes illegal to not have DRACULA insurance especially in times serous constructing a MOONBASE with women and children around and would someone just think of the children of the dude's children!  So no, to ensure MOONBASE SAFETY for GODD OF HUMANITY imperative SOMEONE drop education cuts while weakening from undernourishment stress and fatigue to double up on missing good time reprimanding bill g8's untraininged chaperone enforcement with camera and a beverage at snow games serious business as this is MOONBASE talkin' here direct from new lord emperor of Newtpitor and by end of 2n'd term universe all-being but keep that low key as could wreak havoc in middle east causing MEXICAN ROBOT INVASIONS and can't have that now with casino prisons andall the with WHAT was hurtin' the FCC's fill'n's ever can't shout it all out as MOONBASE love at steak and all how about gr8 Godavi chalet de cocao MOONBASE giveaway: ..."YOU get a Godavi chalet de cocao MOONBASE  and YOU get a Godavi chalet de cocao MOONBASE and YOU get a Godavi chalet de cocao MOONBASE..."

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Any1 contacting MOONBASE Newtpitor pls contact Houston or Corpus or Epcot got conscious here real interested in development

 no less on peril  when like a gorgonzsolar or more a Chilton's perhappenss that other one not the Swiss why thunkting swisssshmmmmm mooooooonbase, mooonbase moooonbaǞce, theresuh a third camembert uh maytag no, gorgondeddar dern it, well hey hannyhooMmmmm no respondeettio, try french..., rein?  Ohhell may hafta open project SEMI-Search for ExtraMOONBASE Intelligence just neither here  nor uh   uhm the  another yeah that's it...uhm hm mmm yjup mmhmmm  

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Got moonbase fïnallïsïlïumly 4 full hoooomooonooveroundïng ordïnancaïrlïalquïdïteas cocommplïancïng wherewere such promïse after all empty hïstrïonhetorïx of knmonster gaps ïnn REALLY HAPPENED and what kïds know of, say, Los AdïAmïn dïploadmïnïstratorales kharmnasmah to forget not checkersïng with MOONBASE lest boonmace forget never havïng convenïenced EVER gettïng ïmage wrongïngs payïng off just can dream the smellïn's now

as in writ represenative see borrow summer moonbase must come with jetpaks as so  problematic in jetpachkintz assmblice unions to get jetpacks to moooooooooooooooonbase already even doubububbbling production with getting the kids stepping up and marching onto those trains and busses to summerwork camps as Newtdemad8s councilors from clear back'92ish no foolin' while allsooo close to asteroid orbiter, so right asteroids Chads gathering in mobile communiphinixs demo conspiration clearnoise show mand8 soliratdificharasmacations and tithes propers for MOONBASE NEWTRPITOUNANUSO XboponiX stripmall pickup ms. Bachoonamoonman  for space casinoprison, no wait there was another on one uh, what was that uhhh, uhm let's see, casinoprisonmoonbase one and asroides chads' wife for cappuchino$13 the jetpak riveterbase two in13time by only3rd term, wait, no second ateroinds definitly not empty unfufillment promise as if dinopoop reserves all dry no matter makes own sauce under surplus annihilation coerscion threat and for real bridge to more intimate moonbasespacings here think what ginormous figureheads of past have accomplished that only took 5  terms prior to be then just halfafternoon over lunch and cental east Europa and west that'll showtime ministes of cerebral feedingsers of newhatchinglingchixs en route to moonbase for training careers in regovrnforcement returnon vestments/groomings floss emphasis and key import PUPPIES for moonbase start now for one 9nine9 see if can promtcoaxtiv8 (don't laugh!) PUPPIES to loudfart upon MOONBASE command

Friday, 27 January 2012

what wrong with moonbase Newtpitor unless wrong moon just one around Newprune or, that other uhm one one what is..between asteroids and well definityly first two moonbase Newtpitor and second one let's ask taxeecuclusionsstate regovguy Nupttune , Newpitor moonbases and Pailin? no after disney dog moonbase bet before asteroids p-o-t-oto-r-or-o-r-onepioutonomonopia princess alpho moonbase Newpito to moonbase Palatoliunn moonbast asterodscome moonbase...wait no pltorpuptentmarsbots come in marsbots incomeing siganlal from Checkers moonbase Newrpiter though theer's another....around Reanreturning yellleader investment since first discovered at UMN 1319 by Princeton graduate now free for mobile communication device in ballet&yoga class&library AND during 5 ton combustion engine vehicle operations here thunkt Yale with Elvis studies double+likely4retreegovernor can't imagine why abdventurse of Missmeterrolomawomangycredit rates accountessing in fullness blossoms tardyflunck say houwse that airfilter hardly just Ktnentstatertotterors tuition fruition emission standardouss the sextuplet jeopardy 22

seeing all sudden chad surplus THERE'SANOTHER&SOMEMOE plausabbly just appearing for retooling hydropnoicgiculture expo quick motiv8 autoassembly and killer robots to lettuce headwrap dept hey Quoolaid with independent preservatives isolating infinity for justice 10 more busines[sic] days wait on next direct deposit no sweat swearing and scavenger hunting deliciousacacies of hummeringfinches within Chick Deney streeleyeshot titintiumpeppers backup teazerspreiy called it enlighten age because just b4 were going to discover solar power conpolarissultations via Nancyoujapollsouceonomics indicateing surveys showing reliable polls during supreemes overniteguardsshifghanging as per code of student conduct righttomhoneybaker ipso misprerepresrntative of monitor armed mercenary pimp for nonrentcontrol training pottys of 17-yr-olds near bi-decambianceciles plus 12 carry the one real businessworld posterity preparations accosting pithily silliuhmvertismentarketting and pesky architecture humanity +/- venivdediwaddumchu came seen boogie on all jiggy place team no we-ness in team fartypantscults mormons nofart condens8i8ing vapor lock (think of glaciers and aquafersstill there just preservationinging in water tower for service to consumervoter with bartering dollar libertreesbreezeneedsybeesy lambs eat oats and does eat oats just sayin' sassaucy) in whose camp's watch got the holy father a lead slug for X-masss9nein9 and cultco party of rearingringing  loch sodium raisinettes younghanimous monolpinimy freezing assets overseas for patriot de-fluidequidity wasn't greens' trickledown overseas avarice thrilling waking up to stranger daughter of someone everymorningweirder without wine ladies or song mostly song reimbrsing reredressings Terancehillstreertblues orderigng laws made by camp Romneybertson fresh yesterdeimously ajust a start on H4HW-2 disbarment and impeaachable as regret for not explaining floss to Fallwell  next round proporpoiseseails bonusround colada'n'milkphoneinn from colonel Xbox undisclosure localousourippixas

Thursday, 26 January 2012

yes no one can not just say sometime gonna be santorum of universe why back in adult days no one wanted to play mexican sanctions under cuban the rosie no special exclusion for cults take Newt instantiation (dibs on the halloween floss)...

hurtin' unit (as "saybabewannacheck on the one hurtin'unit") k. harris substitmelvilenstein cabbage  l'il ponyken patch super adult college pizza delivery hero solicitorgeneral state games as always never enough recess for  PUTTHAT DONRIGHTTHISYEMENENSTERNOW sitar banjo marimba oh dunno perhaps some early Andy Copeland Jimmy Mayall Sstravininzcartre Compository any1 gotta pignose & extra pick-ups, fannypackinergroupfishies, dancing ladies substiwhat was Kepleorlicus astrophlmelodiuos celestial dittyditty waddumpchuwhoolylouiebooley doing withtithetollhausenfeffer 13time and  Dweezil porpoipopstarts, yawn wow ssooosleeeepy, teleo off, lights out, rememembered to secure stove valve$essssssssh
      on [don'tlaugh] topic "yeahrightseriousreally!seeit all blueflossnot making ass appear smaller like impregnancy patriotic gimmie smoochsugar moreall cowtounge not eating anything come outta chickenbutt pro-orphan one string theory away from touching Tæxeacusionsanias  institutorial for kids' posterity John the e'wards still have kaowia[sic]saki d'Etienne and whose turn 2 keep eye on uber alpha Smapdybaker Munchma Quichi BOOSH hïybbprqag )

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

& just as spam starts regaining sizzlehhot flavor...

It's a deep fly to right no, no the other one wait there's leftcenter   no...where defensive guy on mound minute  ago throwing stikes oh what's cheerleader doing there and where from great pair of  sunglasses how did-~om pretzel  !

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

few select seconds between curtain and camera post pumping wife thru cattle swabing time for fascistfloss by special senatorial request now in red

atop    bonus shirt pants combo nearly makes own tie ok for Augusta wouldn't sport on flipchip diskcourse though...now where that Tiger guy with 25' putter?) mt. councilor public defenderrer per patrol unit to legal defense for neglegent contempt recollection reimbursement redress of grievance  menu form w'2s with flat tax inquiry only perhaps at this stage international promotions:  "comesee re-governor flunkturdspawn stay for fine tolls" *eherm* hmm cynicism...~~ not feein' it...good sign!...

francis gallo no know donnie brasco hear here know no hoho now with affordabubble kilt insurance lowlow and soon to be enforced insanely that could effect credit ratings of  the what to be permissibubble truely parents'  in numommyfuture


Monday, 23 January 2012

Hey buying that AND the Groovernments bees peoples too now inclusively even sans all applicabububble doublediscount no couponary taxsheltefeetollsubsidiaridizng restrirctionstandard every day 2013 post 10 business direct deposit full paid hazardous duty perdeim vacation from government emploer holiday BOOSH theregoesagainBOOSHloandbeholdBOOSH par example as 2B juxtsuuposed w/without OOPslet the dogsturdy out on happybunnydaugher's pet husband-in-law and breakfast roo big to call too close to chad the plumbers' pregnant specialistriviuletting to fail

(T?/sp?[sic]+/-)æccxeceptng nececelary troop in every refidger8ro accomodations on Pops' medisis chargings with puppy food and phoning for college of daughters' instrucrionserrs' administr8ive units' fourth estates revolvering surplus annihilations credit pesky mennanace statesaveinge by the vehemzombirficeee sphinctersavoring scores carry the onethymes9 divesisaur peoples foundingized on penal colonisticism and pirate s' honor amongst indidgeonists grovernmentalismist Aussie  and grovernmentalismist Geogiatte  still keeping up with grovernmentalismsi Cultahst grovernmentalismsist Snuffy, grovernmentalismsist Osmondi, grovernmentalismsist Parador, and grovernmentalismis Munchma Quchi  HOTCHABOOSH!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

ooh almost dropped the O bomb similar to whoupsie right around Taexecurtionarium St./Screw-U choking on it whilst tardyflunk dyeinhell kids 2 day not so much heard saying gee could use bit more misrepresented non-consentual admiseryation can see now "what haps last weekend" "ohnotmuch chillida cribbining with Spirit of Lee Atwater and threw on some spinmarketers' garb (Nancy Reayguns' ouija still trying to tame ghost of Jefferson Davisouth with good intentions?)..."

as in whose camp's watch got the holy father a lead slug for X-masss9nein9 can't call it greens' trickledown overseas avarice thrilling  infantile thinking labor imbecilic Marcos assembly line all dino fuelled footwear surplus annihilating for certain absoluluatudreary or LOVE thunktage that not for CEOp-res of preageicelaandicaged ovehiclepooppowered (and such mentality; dig in to pollute loyalty oathcheerledingdancanenowtaexmesss!) manufacturer like  Porsche made roundcentroeuro '39-nein-9 yet Poe'sailboarding hostle astrophysicstudies ... studies minors cheerleading mass hystrioncis or be extincted with frantic negligence for shame hyperbola with paradise allowance withhold threats onging issit 2 B

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Finally the real Mcmoonbase now beck and breakfast clubhouse gets own gleeeclub/forget not checkersing in with moonbase lest boonmace forget never having convienced in for EVER gettingHey blintzen clear out locker closing north pole tournament pros checkers tickets a head remember

 Japanes-American volunteer Darin Furukawa dressed in a 

 Japanese Samurai outfit, collects donations during an all day 

fundraiser to support the Japanese earthquake relief efforts outside 

 Los Angeles City Hall Thursday, March 17, 2011. Funds will be given to 

the Japanese Red Cross.AP 

Photo logo   
 make way for vision Atlantis orbit Newtpiter and your fault no new dress for daughter, or bike and books for Johnny as failed fatherdadfigure just that the omnidevine wants real patriot to blow off own legs to show respect loyalty to and for commander and cheif eber eternia or 10k yrs representative moonbase honorably mentions ask T. Keith no matter really think from there next ok perhps when int 3rd or 6th term lt Pat and Sraah take it for a weekend spin but not dad just doesn't care enough nono hushnow all for good of future and lobbyist moralityand real leaders like your s just think of as new daddy Newtbase now kisses and sweetdereams big rally coming up may be Barth Younghamblitzerooks and Condi there even bring dreams back in time for pension maybe not yours but Kath Harris shows why surplus annhilation great programming just wait and not a peep here phone for work in morning lights out snuggles all for about love 9 years after nine years from 9 years from 2omorrows kis                                                                                                                 aum vroom   

bozedeebozdeebobpzittybobptreturn of the revengance of sadist tardyflunckateleovanglistaexecutionstate other already self-induced having been shotness fascist foot party strikes ahead again guesswitch won-one!

or Jessica Hahn previous episodes eithrer way doing so now  ever feel like...last couple weeks...seems as if ...
remember...on the other handcould always go crank some Gr8full Billy and the Dready Jobs' promospins for kitchen staffing...

Friday, 20 January 2012

third thought accurate translating likely revealing as read and the indestructabubble mouthiness of mean little girl had never been believed to mislead or skeptically seen as viewed in misrepresentifiabubble action and light even until aged to 2/3 of 303rd pro orphan death accusadjudicieaxarion responnsibubble trimester & uhm like uh wha'evaurrre

as so to empowerment of CHARGE card, keys, and TXT messaging with tons of free chat blather volume minutes  in dino combustion heavy machinery for senate years on direct depository rolls after that all pedestrian friendly and not a tobacco product forbidden just pharmaceutical marketing running agriculture post-Rice/Cheney orchestrations above/beyond grace/diplomatic marvel in relationshipping for potential of grinkperrygrinch texacutions with former Georgian scholasticis & chix farmer of constabulitution...) studies polling shows survey studies statistics studies say postellar Houston on D, the Op-res thick now and spudsman Marylins' surrogade buddy and a dog  and no not um guy after the guy uh well uhm third v. Psychology of Journalism then of course good realistic non-fascist jobs for O.J. Tyson perhaps with Amway dept. of dietary  and waste reclaimation management international like Tom Baeullaer in foreign scrutinies security freshly concealed stealth UI  order of Rocklin Parish and Mason S. reliably certicredified or else no highway funds so twice mayhem if tradgeity of ohorrible completely disunderstandible "accidents" reoccurring over and over and over as regovernor reinfomentforceformingments of re-educative reentertainment preambphful oooh and Tonyada Hardledororph, no ther's anothername,no, Harddees no hm see Tonya Baker and Preambphful  redefinitely Preambphfulght

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Braces for Kafkas' kids bonus on little Freud penile parenting cheering the gringrinch envy policy on historical Atlas all Ayn Rand select groupiethunkt don't hafta be Tylor's Ms. two rocks even lesser coordinationified than formerally axealied reportage statistics indicative sources show

beyond land of sky blue trigger happy security tries bribe extortion hobby braining individual stockholm and nursing syndrmnorome for manchurianunion all waco king o'mt. thesboes st. hills blueelsewhere prime seating arrignments in 57 limochevy confirmations left of right of left of rightrightright petrock amicus prosethesis abbaproporobono uncoordina8dinglingaing liasoninternægis rangerings over living history hill'n'dale'chipshot for amber waifes waving gravy grain for mounting purple imaginesteeds outta loch clearasmud noticing pilf and dilf video commerce whilst currency devaluation with price rigging fine and still sales in stealth zombie ware wearyning wear where professure Beckbwontinglenn colored glasses and senator, executioner and service provider gringrouchy outta context and congress years now most reflective on education regovernor prisoncasino tax funded liquid preschool pension plans loopholysex ahead posterity expense toll fee charges full appliance   tardyflunky DANCE tears of happytrailing prepalectora8ad space young minds don't forget to register to vote write ins fair getting creaitneractive nowwhete ipos Tom and the Baker's doseng square tabs at sta8 lvl waiting for pro support short form a tour of AK thru OK for intention flossing minors derillect deposit brown lipstick double plus shipping and handling afairfare sorry backhanded "told yaso" rumour    speculation  taxexain' now at war with Soco at war with constitution concession candy soda one ,two, uhb ooo~shhh!

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
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