Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Monday, 30 January 2012

Mondaytime NIMBPCY (Not in MOONBASE Prison Casino Yard [not if TRUE democaticprereconsersivstrplumpblimpconiacy]) free zookeeperhuming mournerdovefinch timberwolf nuked gay whales for sweet 10 oz. 1 lb. baby massiah followers/ no tardyflunck imbecilic behavior without pizza left behind rights

if not billlord of Newtpitor/wife/vessvs nowknowno running little butts ragged so as to not be afforded time in good qwuestion pablumonix formulation such case that teleocxhz freeconmedia press haftaxplain ponzi in election rigs youngAWOLstealthchadfraudworks all eihsushiihsushie altermeat cost postings2l8no wonder loyalty dancepoll showing contest at casino prison fun for all æges offduty for [siciness] in wealth avarice/obstinate abstinence outsourced and in and out and in again wait 10 business days on directdeposit considerably as lest abusiver than MOONBASE oystercult party blues favor job creation of image uber over posterity educ8tion to adminissions penishunioneesshhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza gotta dig in smacks of:
  "Dude!  You're drinking and having a good time and we're here to make Bill G8s a bunch of money on sacred indijgineosn land with a lotta idolatrous stuff and attitude dude like making me do stuff I don't wanna do like act like your mom dude make me be who I'm not anticondescendantingly worshiping coursers without adult supervision dude why you making me do this dude  with the what the ya doin' dude and nobody here to lift a finger to help in keeping dudes off the course while we drink and have a good time dude so like dude like grow up dude or you'll make me act like your parents or like five oh dude dude like I don't wanna dude it's not fair dude!"  Sounds like pro-MOONBASE material while could be opening MOONBASE especially with that tone of voice enforced yeller sounded like hasn't even gotten through puberty let alone the age of reason...
ah rememberniscer the getting of flack for being a generation of spoiled rich kids getting way with crimes fit for treatment as a war criminal like using stick to draw a heart in fresh still wet cement and four letters and a plus sign in the middle or anything resembling dude for putting a hand out the window of a moving bus when being shipped to 3rd grade institute for suburban multiplication table training while 
All about Ryan the headband wearing Yeti playing mafia enforcer for Shwuahiten and all solicitizing for what was that, Hewlardpatackette and the grouperies in but gotta stick with keeping abreast not being paid for babysitting Joe the Pipefitters' kids competing with project MOONBASE over re-waiting for release of blue MOONBASE prints as exciting 13,000 in MOONBASE factory going to make a lotta soaplamp and shades and pharmicuetical adwriter for imaginary diseases paychecks which, if that atrocitytious dude persists, would cause unesecelary beefing up double protection from DRACULA  and who needs bodyguards in court for not wanting to clean up after killing the wrong DRACULA on their salary to pay for DRACULA insurance when becomes priority to amend new wardrobe purchasing into preamble for legisl8iornancess to draft ordinance illegalizing gaps in DRACULA insurance coverage when becomes illegal to not have DRACULA insurance especially in times serous constructing a MOONBASE with women and children around and would someone just think of the children of the dude's children!  So no, to ensure MOONBASE SAFETY for GODD OF HUMANITY imperative SOMEONE drop education cuts while weakening from undernourishment stress and fatigue to double up on missing good time reprimanding bill g8's untraininged chaperone enforcement with camera and a beverage at snow games serious business as this is MOONBASE talkin' here direct from new lord emperor of Newtpitor and by end of 2n'd term universe all-being but keep that low key as could wreak havoc in middle east causing MEXICAN ROBOT INVASIONS and can't have that now with casino prisons andall the with WHAT was hurtin' the FCC's fill'n's ever can't shout it all out as MOONBASE love at steak and all how about gr8 Godavi chalet de cocao MOONBASE giveaway: ..."YOU get a Godavi chalet de cocao MOONBASE  and YOU get a Godavi chalet de cocao MOONBASE and YOU get a Godavi chalet de cocao MOONBASE..."

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