Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ok, gestalt boosh off with Waldo publishing worse case scenario introductory (more/less postulatif than thesis-ish to not be mutually exclusionary amongst peers)...

Taxing time in taxes to file, and vigil and waste in poor discourse taxes freedom. Respectfully reserving right to fire/retire/readdress/reimburse/redress grievance in/of self upon failing to effectively present management by collection endeavors of, say, social security towards fiscal represenative responsability proposition  displays appropriations promoting freedom/justice (neither revenge nor vindictiveness; peace being not the absence of warfare as strength is not by necessity brute force neither by entirety nor appointment and by temperance exercise and practice essential for opening potential infinities of explorations from which to select for further information knowledge[s] and wisdom[s])precedent setting.  This lacking is itself tolling. Ignorance, apathy, avarice and obstinance are not bliss and fatiguing in turn requiring constant effort enabling entropy(/s) stress(/es) fear(s) and, again, inertia(s).
In the "cost of business", solicitory haranguing (though currently curbing energy dependency comparatively in converse where powerjunkie lifestyle reattempting validation drains resource and option as blind haste [ready-fire-steady] self-defeats with behavior/junkie un-policy long-run) whereas via disciplining and harnessing of existing powers like stars (subsequentially gatewaying into "harderstuff" [GRAVITATIONAL/WIND/HYDRO]) which, VERY NUCLEAR, power more than enough to harness surpluses unimaginable beyond illusions/delusions of dis- or un-empowerment(/s) from "hot air losses (not listening, to instantiate)" upon realization someday may need ice cubes, shade, fresh water, and justice in harmony with, say, Pittsburgh or Dallas somewhere as FUTURE posterity.

Much is maintenance simple. To free time, making time by maintenance and amelioration leads to more free and improvable time in turn making available time for, say, research/development (education for example from math and literacy to acedemia to certifiable qualified professional science), gardening to full scale world nourishing agriculture, constructions, improvements and enjoyments in relationships, leisures, exchanges, and savings.  Not new ideas, not even rusty and occasionally fogged in unnecessary combustions and confusions by panics, mass hysterics, and pollutions.
Neither mandate nor manifesto to sterilize everything just observable spaces in accommodation time for engine(/s) coolant to select and seek peformance improvements, safety checking, perhaps de-icing and suggestions of further possibilities.  One stretching bit: "unity is plural and at minimum two"

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