Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Ok, getting there, going up on Dave's picks, I can feel it...

Must read, knowledge is bliss and all this is one smart man, knows of what he writes. And the language most user-friendly no lie.
And yeah, it's a 2007 publication but this is not easy, folks, and that's putting it mildly.

Also just read Plato's Republic (after all these yars reading Hume, Foucoult, Tillich, Sartre, Aristotle, Socrat8s, Teilhard De Chardin, Albert E., Mahatamus Ghandi, even some Plato, and god knows what else &so4th wouldda thunk I'da gotten 'round to getting through the Republic fer sweet one pound 8oz baby jeebuz' sake) reading a book on Vietnam written by an actual former ('61-'68) ambassador to Japan/'39 Harvard Ph.D. grad/WW2 Mil Intel Serv Lieutenant Colonel/President of Assocition of Asian studies ('55-'56)/andonandonandon thathorseisnotdead thathorseisnotdead thathorseisnotdead thathorseisnotdead called Beyond Vietnam:the United States and Asia named Edwin O. Reischauer published in 1967, and a book I just found Called Why America's Children Can't Think-Creating Independant Minds for the 21st Century by Peter Kline published in 2002, I believe, good stuff!
I'm liking them because they all deal with 'Gee, maybe we approached the situation shortsightedly and lost track of how to ask the right questions...' thinknessing.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Previewing for Return of the Son of the Monster Open Studio Display Coming soon

Walnut electrolytes, huh?

(cut & paste in search engine for happiest serious funtimes squirrely without so much porn):


Science and sport without the grade fixing! Y'know, Thomas Jefferson may have been brighter regarding education than imaginable go figure!

Not enough? One for the kids as in is it uninteresting that "It's raining it's pouring, the old man is snoring, he went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning..." is a nursery rhyme? Kindergarten-that's a german word, innit! www.gutenberg.org/files/14872/14872-h/14872-h.htm
(Project Gutenberg-tm)

Monday, 21 January 2008

Sneak previewing for upcoming open studio/gallery walk.

Got chronometer? May still pine for Inca roads but these are already too leading edge.

More to follow- going to be in the secret treehouse workshops (Keebler Elves rumored to be on the ISS Feedom these days) most of the week.

Scroll down for more art posts (new posts of older pieces posted by popular demand. For glance at samples of what treasures you may want for your loved ones' courtesy of your patronage for Karl Sternberg, scroll to Dave's picks ~Art, though newer productions not up at said link even more worth the visit on the 29th.

Must admit, for a learning experience these were kind of fun!

Wall Lamp, back-lit
The utmost professional finish grade lacking due to, obviously, the nature of Teaching Assistantry and graduate studies at the time. These are third generation reproductions as well, from 2000. Oh, and if I didn't mention it, I'd like to express to the I.R.S. my relief they found another way to aquire new BMW's without any, albeit humble, assistance from teaching salary contributions on my behalf. I suppose that goes for the Peace Corps and anyone else affected, though I doubt it's a whole that much with so much B.C.S. and Pappa John cash dropping in to receive the gratitude of pharmacuetical insurance marketing companies or whatever as I was advised by the attorney to the "vice president", formerly dean, of student services to throw away a teaching career as it may have involved thoughts not in submission to the doctrine of portion controlled servings. Not precisely clear on what my problem was. Figure I just couldn't handle the shift from "English" to "Nuu-pefect AMERICAN" even though I'm a few gener8tions Des Moines native. Is that it? 'Cause it's the other Frenchly named city in Iowa? Might get around to sample gratuate student body representatives as to the quality of treatment gifted from hands of people they are fortunate enough to be free to show gratitude towards in supporte via their love sweat tuition and tax monies. Then again busy. Busybusy, even. Matter of fact, need to go shovel some snow here, grab some lunch &so4th. My bad for not being a finance major I'd imagine. Good thing I wasn't blacklisted, huh! Reckon I'm just picky.
Walnut, glass, and smithed nu-gold coffee table. Upon dissassembly will transport in large shoe box (Shaq-size, perhaps), thrilled?
Some high visibility design ideas prototyped in hopes over reducing flight op collisions in addition to experiments in aesthetics

this from a show in 2001

A poetry moment you say?? On a blog during a writers' strike?...O K

Bucky's Gestalt & Linda Eastman (by daef)

so much
hugging with words
and phraseology per
to think an
out of context onlooker
may mistake customs
for violation of '50's dance convention
or rules of engagement

flash of bustle
not a stain of moxy dusk
(that's you,
girl from Impanima)

in umbra rather
body English tone
pressed doggerel

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Caucus eve!

I soooooo just sent the following to the State's Attorney General's Consumer Advocates' office, hotcha! I'm still getting mileage out of Bob's "...It helps if they think you're dangerous..." criticism (from other 'writwit') and Steve Alford jokes!
Miss me? It's me! xxx-xx-xxxx! But honest...‏
From: domartyn@hotmail.com
Sent: Wed 1/02/08 2:47 PM
To: Att Gens (consumer@ag.state.ia.us)
Your Internal Revenue Service (I know, different dept, not your job, whatever) rep hung up on me today after inquiring as to routine protocol, and I'm thinking, 'What sort of message does this send the taxpaying business community denizens with it's upstanding law enforcement ethics of bad legislation that hasn't been passed yet?' Was it the rhetoric? I mean, I took time from my personal lunch break to hopefully get some clarity, after being interrupted during business hours from another call from the Mssr. Edwards camp, when all I asked was when I could expect a tax reimbursement for all the cell minutes the highly service-oriented phone company was going to charge me whenever that Obama fellar or J. 'Carolina Boom-Boom' Edwards wanted me to caucus for them tomorrow and would I receive double for the calls received after requesting removal from their phone lists? For that matter perhaps triple or quadruple for after 2nd such demand, or pentuple/sixteeninial (didn't want to get all greedly just after happy fatbutt Santa day [I'd already written his industry before crunchtime] and all) after the 4th and during an interruption like this should I lose my employment and wife would I get a free country western album as a bonus? I understand there's a bigbig chunk of investment here with issues of representation, but she wouldn't stay on the phone for me even long enough to ask if she could patch me into your tax-funded office, assist with a number, or just a reference to an office of "yeah we really give a carp (yes I typed "carp")" even though with time short the effort to seek transparency on behalf of my weak and worthless consumer brain reeling from the ravages of years in and out of the educational system, veteran duties, and public service (not necissarily in that order) and hopefully for some benefit to others seemed like a swell idear. Maybe you could check through, that is if you're not too engrossed in catering plans for the next tea party with Tom Baker and Phillip Jones at the U of I or anything.
Well mymy, now it's "back to work for Algrenon as break's over" as they say out here in the commercial world of rightousness, though wishing you and yours a safe and happy New Years!


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