Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Friday, 30 September 2011

business atheletic leisure administration online continuing education programs and therapy available

 so The Asylum: The Renegades Who Hijacked the World's Oil Market by Leah Mcgrath Goodman: Book Cover posterical criminal toughtity 
Sun Tzu at Gettysburg: Ancient Military Wisdom in the Modern World for all tue means by ways of making up songs about non cannibal bastardy idolitcentrism and security insurance fetishing 13 business days till direct deposits straight to duty free Salt Lake representation for a loyalty oath harvest dance what trying to put nice Mitt and Newt haircutas outta office with Terry aon Teracce with terriors and terrariums pteradactly without terracotta excepting plant holdingerreers...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

tops for Ozministrators with wizards' legal doing career changings

the rereaplumpblibcon ladies' skills we're'nt deceiving so much so referered to as persurloinive at minion mass gatherings as the one where there's the judge who had the mayor's cousins' pickup

 of course then the judge with the limo driver chauffeur formerly with the NBA player attempting reversals of 50 years of affirmative action through 10 minutes and

quality assuptions of justice on a former talkshow platform...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Figureheads hiding behind 14th ammendment unstealthshhhhhhhh clause of tool abuse rights (as 2nd Pichell Santbain-Herman-Momney-Rerry may call "should be called...[{sic}moustache]") historical reactioning preamble with that much extra terrestrial water for slides and mountain biking plausabubbly cool and fresh enough by now

with imports could possibly set up near sports industrual complexes on mars certainly prefered option than admission to replumpblimpcon The King Speaksfundrainer conventioneeringerrs halftime 
pepshow rallies even if cults' pet idol talk to texationer and Salt Lake logic that much improving so quick by firing wrong professors while 19-year-old hall monitor abuse powers going through 

 colons of poor moustace groomer policy all high fructose dinopoop lubejobbed shureditudte only sounding porny at literacy just above 4th grade and still 
 under age of reaon for all rest of eternia on direct deposit beyond pension into next 9% prekindersholasticoachsalary care insurance as 

Creature From The Haunted Sea (B&W/Color Versions) DVD
 perks as what behavior risk if no consent/freewill how could anything grow 
 so criminally for posterity...

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

All month of 2011 never attacked go figure even in Alaska so close to Mexico

Some  Google's 13th Birthday     snazy conversion  lingoDImensionalZubbatteries all hydro requistitioning props aspirently (apparitionly?) between 
Blurry monochrome head-and-shoulders portrait of Aldous Huxley, facing viewer's right, chin a couple of inches above hand seasonal holidays Patch Adams meets with Matisse proteges  rough equivocation 
 around humming Doves mournings/nestlingings just Mick Pachman/Richelle Berry [sic] telling folks baby messiah told them not jerks~run for power, fame and smaller government fiscal responsibility on tax fueled direct deposits for rise FIRE NOW *cough* please excuse may be coming down with illness...

Monday, 26 September 2011

.."just want brains and minds to explore and for to do experimentation with how else to make good educational administrators like statecraft represenatives just vote right and can represent but with no vote right so to when in oaffischurshipping and handlinge eninas$zuring direct deposits gettin right protection will nverrest questions now ads and spoordts salaries for example personificly co-ahching Philinewta "Checkers" Huntmansaucy-Schlafleagrinch Rebozo settling 32K/annum+perkyhappy

over last 4 decades never new Cain's first name was Herman (or is it best check import duty birth pcper certification and pictures of family and transcripts of last 12 communications with animals and higher beings)   after all the sundae school on prairie floating down other french Iowa villa on water chestnut in morning even though was'n't ("'""'"""'") yesterday morning average  humblumilitylike mere 10th collegieat pro prep for smashing carryout on and delivery commandeer and no tip community pkillferrerrs too biased solicitaing don't stare into real world limo public service voice recording feefinder gradefix toll corporate kick tax holy loopistry bite Shamu-th'don"'"t eat dolphins p.s. best regards  Sammy Cooper in vunterluntdrr binluhdingrchhuntsbach and alphette captain Saltlaker cheerleading hoopdeeheelalala, Po, and Snufflie dwarfphffthlins in episode version dipshifticus of sicilanticvegarenos NV what free oafasure Gallioopsie reporting for duty ma'am Students in Rome protest against education cuts (30/10/2008) as so weren't paid K-12 still not paying enough application fees while un-accepted, invited nor on "atheletic" grants, "scholarships (now that funny!  Athletic scholasticity!  to Kent state or Houston or Limbaugh onling community college for fallwellian following pension tax feuled thunkt planning all jumped to conclusion inconcideration myth of recess violation unchecked balancing during cult of jizebelasusrurizzle hooked on Ohpruijaphonxuck no law agin it apairain't)", to ready selves to weather fees on (thyme of the feeson) growing Neil Young, International Harvesters - A Treasure
 surplus annihilations real world o'clockage so close to fashion timing fiscal fam.corp.moustache pension and Huntsman pro-orphan executionerr bonus regovRobertsongrooming sexy Michellle lookupto rhetoric smarts prisoncasinopornstituion enforcement future sales staff to assist directdepositry flush in poor Aaaarnldria camp of late word under frozen bridge and show of jury duty frrrrrrostbite.
for love substitute ala tempo du Roth boppawahmowboohm

Sunday, 25 September 2011

15-20 years in BTU's

Time to dance (well perhaps after Nancy Grace drags masses to 12-step mormon cult

Yes - Fly from Here [Audio CD]
else so weird

Saturday, 24 September 2011

meterciphonicsuarus ninja zombies 101 with Dr's. Suse of surplus annihil8ion for bribe 2 one/w feelin's' as blame 2 Harriet 4 aideea'mean from Oooh(U)ghanda though reading fundemental algebra's as expedition

friends' family value savings what else so weird about coaching salaries if every coach Hogaboom receivesdings half a Kirk Ferentz during Lisa Bluder awards this times with no Larry Estaclonecheehy Cyames show much would be left for higher education armed 19-year olds bucking promotion by assisting Haiti to Tokyo Femaur Jefferson Parish with jurisdiction over OhperahAmigaburgercorp pieholefeed&happy parking ramp between Milosokaradziczktzs' Gov. Huntsmansaucy Salt no tax culttithing for moustache groomer support subcommittee rebroadcasts of Nancy R's tarotism and gr8 Crunchy cococumbustomobile giveaways for frantic mass pwerjunkie crashes of Rhinocohornteabreations and coffeesipcuppa innuendo rumor gossip sports-solicitations-crime-and other stuff printed necceslery if not untrue dump harbor from breeds' hill, Taum Christos Howe? Bueller?  Anita?...Anyone?...Anyone?  Snoopeediddledeedumdeedlenoodledoodledoogdoodeely? Alphons?  Baker?  Anyone?  Cleo's Ojija? Anyone?four years of P-resident Hunstsmansaucy has stepped off Marine1 and P-resident Hunstsmansaucyhas waved at the press corps en routs to P-resident Hunstsmansaucy's state of the subcommitte address to the special sessions of Joint cheif congressional reports where P-resident Hunstsmansaucy will shorly therefafter leave the building to begin continuance of the P-resident Hunstsmansaucy ampaigning to rerig afreeconmediapress production for recidivist P-resident Hunstsmansaucy more fouryears of tax and superindustrial ginourmous tax kixkin' backsgood looholyday dimes season shopping sales surblus savings via trillios of basd war credit debt not to out looplink woes of aftermath versions in frantic mass hysteria loyalty dancing and no we in meat casino prison hotel cave attraction admissions just send consentual check made of cash

Friday, 23 September 2011

Methcraack princess never arrested w/o moustache in office (4 had th'livinng$-!+ kiskced outta wong pactual human being in riverside Mc+eeD's p(+/-/a/e)rkinglotz ([sic]thunk't aspirently fun2 type*aehrmm*) flossblau]y armed badgeredgly carrying direct deposit 19-year-olds bucking-promo screw-th'-chx & chase villager undhungier frozen bridges of 2morrow 2 AlacKsa nowhere but DOOM) for irresponsibubble non-compotency Jersey oven/Buddah of Boosh strikes trois temps dans 'the ceiling" etc.

why woodent former talkshow psychictry hostings t'lling if non questionabubble(Newt!)reeeahpublicon by what pee on special papayrus strip 'ooh yer repunbliconicorndicuss(!) gotta giveawy new Neusstletea cocoh conbmustion engine on dino poop credit[TX] w/ others' muhtuhs caredit{yes "caredit"}) balk in prison casino promoesque when

Jim Henson's 75th BirthdayTardy/Wizard/warwich(not to disconcrtar8)/vapourlock/Luscious/fishesee Spice floss long a holy xmass
Police - Ghost In The Machine CD Cover Art
 sales cabbage with bunting xygotes every squash face carving savings for hobbi/omuphyits' horse adhesive flyby faurx stalklings Johnsons all hold'm steathegg preplantin seasonry &so4th...

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

3 q's for "don a' mess with[sic] (actually anti-pollution slogan originally as 'give a hoot' campaign way back circa '70's no foolin')...

ain' a' a'callin' 1/3 land avast muilligarny blowinthar's fishes ahoy though hmmm..ezecution prison casino moustace americhers' pagentry with crudites visions of gestalt bicycliter furlip (image unavailabububbl hint imagine floating apparition curls one/cheek  with teeny fursquare just below nostrils to fiscally cut surplus responsiblies family values style all mini-Robertasonian empire of delusioning blameswitch twitchy pro-orphan ling continuous education for loyalty oath dancemarch...

Monday, 19 September 2011

think was due to all great foreign policy with halibutardtons' civil rights peace corps in Dubai checkers w/kids educations exchange S.E.C. fundied and all......

answer door when 
 spotting someone from stratosphere over satellite feed or chats with granny over a landline  while operating jackhammer in attendance seated 

 to see kids in ballet recital or  induction at Hockey Hall of Fame mom 's night  awards for community contributions ceremony ok pretend for a second (gonna be tough fuershr) all the crappy stupid crime and delusional "no jobs" argumenting and "evil greedy white-collar (though even stupidser-Enron?  C'mon.. cut a break 
-"Hey guys I got a switch that cuts power off to CA!  Let's hit it and uh wait for their herr governtor AArnod to call!"
-"Yeah!"  [flicks switch~click] [ring] ["Wow!"] 
-"hellow? Uh, ...like, yeah, uh ok, uh-uh, uhm, uh, yeah well uh...uh yeah well, we'll uhlook into it here, y'all, and uhyup... [&so4th&so4th]" 
[hangs up~cleck]  
-"Whoa! Can't believe that was the dude bangin' Shrier! what we gonna do?"
-"Uh, hmm, I dunno, hadn't thought's that part yet..wait!  I got it!  We wait for 20 minutes; hit the switch and when A-Sczawargzajiggy ringie ring rings we charge 'im "800,000 do-lahz talkin' bone-arollham-ee(i)gos dos predistinadaldes!"
"Supreme, dude!"[cheering and high fives then silence] "wait! He's gonna know!  $800,000?  L.A. alone's gotta be like 250,000! [silence...][ring]
[whispery quickconspire story-straightening conglomerate CYA similar to 14-year olds in library on cell phone:]
"8-point-two-hundred thousand, no...a million..."
"A million point 2, just in case..."
"yeah, you're right!"
[20 minutes  later..click][ring] 

curtain pretty much closed there

Then there's the PJoneszplidge greatest american hero of all suing higher education like every good hero in tough times with timeshare after 40 years drawing taxpay tuition and corpkicksall about student minds at University timestness, sideschmeel Taum, and Regovernator moustchioed Terryarance on Terracehill (for comic releif??!?!??) whatever dun'n'do'n'n these days handling finance all responstubly 10 business days closer to next direct deposit...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Smurphgeist elvixir meme/dens of intranquillity

Nano Wall-e just for upkeep :feuer:  too oilyooh dinopoopē gaga 2 archbishopone cucumber just harmless of microncleo tomato spore chevre and dQuayle spellingteenssquare hostshowcenter'stache gets the circlepsychic nortonwinstead opharhman jk-yp5   all good'n'gringrinchedy as well must needs bēs all capaigning now seen 
 croquet mallet en autre midest forte vei bon française de la mer allemand gauche dansez maintenant foin meh [sic] sans pi ou avec le cidre de pomme pendilliment pour fantômer and 

 for Regoise final is pope of blond bear woods litigators with dixon checkers rebozos chein wuuuuuuuuuphrd mots as police state'n'any, in order to police'n'any state'n'any a police'n'anyier state'n'anyrer policestate'n'any, policeststate'n'any policestate'n'any, policestate'n'any policestate'n'anyility, policestate'n'any for the polcestate'n'any policestate'n'any, policestate'n'any the policestate'n'any policestate'n'any, hence policestate'n'any the policestate'n'anyness of policestate'n'any, to policestate'n'any and policecestate'n'anyity policestate'n'any and policestate'n'any this policestate'n'any for the policestate'n'any policestate'n'any of policestate'n'any. Now sports don't go away and weather next 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

...missed lunch, football ads/teething swarm and nap and porn and ranting administratoners props for this (well that and yardwork correspondence catch-up props/research and housework and shower...

not best 
 on escape routes for nite skateboard high decibel teen combo mosh 
weary masses of relaxing seniors  perhaps  subsealevel ampitheater  appropriations between testosterone march venue  Create revolved shells appropriations...

Friday, 16 September 2011

good old future times presently passed five days ago from now there they go and aren't again heads...

and in 150 years it'll all be "... what happen to (shjkfjkdu Albert Szent-Gyorgyi's 118th Birthday /inaudable) future without leader or Hot dog statue.gif need for 4 year stints saving 6 years of expense arguing for two years about surplus annihilation depleting Tales of Suspense bills (qjlkdfi/inaudible) called 'campaigning" as seen old articles of  Du (mascot believed to have been Lesvos porpoise or somethin'
Travel to Lesvos Photo Gallery  -  LESVOS BEACH ) v DBQ_LOR_KCRG92 Lummox  holy conflict traditions sponsors for helmet manufacturing like Newt prenupt though gonna need better kevlar-flamethrower/rpg/laser/.5 autos and SAM deflector for more that Private Pyle to Commandant Clampet(sp?[sic]) stuff dunno checking with Magic Michelalalala Bachtovehenrauss balls

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Donutholes...rig elections for Nancy Raegunth may bring own hand crafted Ouija board

$1 pens y when  prekintndnergartners all had to carve own from one chunk of recycled dinopoop fossilized into milkcartons vandalfiscated from thrift emporiumsPaper Galaxy: Out-of-This-World Projects to Cut, Fold and Paste by Michael D. Prins: Book Cover as required by ordinance of alphageistsmurf in supporting furious mass histerianism frantics screaming theater in crowded globs of molten obsidian floes under glaciers
both sides of orbit stretching for pencilead sale quotas enthralledingly...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

workings with the walls and grommits separations mouse v. cataphant and all within derivititivation

puhlenty remouldin' in carpetlay czisctzyms of roughhorsie and plyboarding moustacehe '50s soooooo leading edge clich hardly noticabubble so innocent not baby with O.J. out finding real killer and should surplus budget survival need more high 
 trauma  CSI Miss Demeanohpruh seasonings tune into executioner state of traedmill manufactures enforing union by alterfake alias subcontractuals awaiting big comeback psychic no-fraud tele when quasi Mcphliraw good homecalls right after message ads sports leisure therapy accounting studies M.B.A. major quisinert changers to bigdaddy ethics of medici in witness protraction trappings free capers in marinara and excess peas in mexirice not that anything wrong not askin'

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Gringrinch-Prbobertstnyevunjelicult party continues to INDenial the game where republicans try to guess who thunktd foolin' selves and batteries not included think it Hapsbros or Avtari or somthin'... along with remoustace not being impeaced diservice of Terance Breeds mound royalyin tax funded to beyond pension hold it Bundy not from Gayce love of wives' childrens and small animals...

though funly was always just kinda into idea of Toy Tale animation meets nuvamp 3D battlecraft 
or mouse catch board and meetfreecon mediapressmyster betting Bighints Branusslelightvanplattersdreadgross nothing too fancy, maybe get Waindwrighted Nuetron to sing topless next to cheap prison casino as opposed to actually construcive preventioning sanity surplus annihilations huh Saratherine Harris-Bachatchmus and marriage staff with 12.6 limos each for sports and arm bear project never killed anyone bring on the dancing girls...

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
solicitorphesus egg chickening reimbursment fraudsponsibility

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