Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sooooo; 2009, hmmmmm police reports, sports pages, oh hey...


Gee Mr. C; suppose holding up voters in ensuring rights and virtue of it all being for lawsuit frivolity...wait a sec...what was that about not having to explaining things to young folks to re-integritize the Katherine H. version of the numerologist litigation expendature...hold it whaddsayin'???

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Comingsoooooooon: vectors on things goofuser than previously a'-thunk'd

....say no babbalones!

Wat was that about no taxation without representation and election rigging to advance the imagined right to arm and keep bears in the preamble, the 14th ammendment, the fifth ammendment , or gawd forbid just before or swaping order with the first to enable not having to explain things to young people, Ms. Harris? Still trying to save money with credit cards and 2-for one sales so as to have something to compare at the next PTA prom subcomitte in case it's Ms. Stewarts' turn to run the carpool after psychic hotline McGraw picks up teens from drivers' ed? Don't get it... at least Ms. Winchunks isn't crying about the bill, campaign lobbiests and currency de-valuation, huh!

Could it be that Hypnowogthingie is the mascot of some doublestealth retail advert lobbiest marketers union and not the pyramid with the pirate flag or this too close to outta parameter dunno....
( tune break here: Jethro Tull - Living in the Past [UK] [Audio CD] )

Market your school some sorta promo pro carta via emin8 domain (not romane....) over intellectual properties dealyyo to excuse in advance from good faith bargaining egress from the grill of Johnson's next 20 years of pentagon expendatures carteblanc ipsoprobona factoquaaaaaaaa non?

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Paper, scissors, ...scissors...hmmmmm

@ first felt hit like "No way Jose not this guy http://www.jimhillmedia.com/mb/images/upload/1979-acc-d-web.jpg c'mon reeeeally can it honestly be , , , , , , , , , or ?(??!?

fonzpinky325.jpg? Henry Winkler and Fonz Statue?![?] !? [naw-that's Potsy]?! ?!???) then the salt and ice chipping caught up so went epiphanatical-like and came up wiff

Pat Morita, but then this:

not this: Earthling cover

Monday, 15 December 2008

Mayhaps just too cold to not retro some melody



Tony Trischka - Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Once again can't contempla8 the out tossing of decent proposals enough

all comfortable with bubble wrap and nerf bridge abuttments and semis to cut down roadrage then again
Should Auto industry perhaps be offered subsidy compromise during the retooling existant manufacturer facility design in exchange for employee retention, employee leisure time and/or employee tuition as new engineering skills will be necessary in supplement for engineer/inventor/scientist corps treecornfigur8ing; that is, "revamping", if one will, of current facilities plus operational expenses? Seems more unaffordable to not explore such routes, Sacajawea...Popular Mechanics - November 2008


UBC Takes 4th Place at the Shell Eco-Marathon!


April 13th, 2008

After 3 days of spirited competition, the UBC Supermileage team was able to place 4th in our inaugural year at the Shell Eco-Marathon in Fontana, California with a mileage of 1864.9 mpg.

A thank you to Shell for hosting a successful event, and to UBC and our sponsors for their continued support.

Important: New Team Email Address

November 7th, 2006

Please note that effective today, we will be transitioning from our old mech.ubc.ca email address to a brand new supermileage.ca email system. The team email address is now as follows:
New Email AddressNEXT: Sun21 solar catamaran

...spitbabbalones...; goes for you too, Saturn


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Another wonder-studied CPR and EVERYTHING (case he had to use it on a great friend)

How about having this guy over to give the kids some swimming lessons , maybe take grandmother out for breakfast at Bishops?


Support the troops, gay victims special rights marriages, liber8 Joe the plumber subcommitee enforcabububble fundraising, free Lisa Bluder and the Timberwolves, The Pee Jones Awards of 26 million, paying 40K to get K. Rove to SAYWHAT in front of the kids, the Girls Gone Wild Bus finally gets a parking spot on top of a Bicyclist for 6 hours without metermaid harassing while tough on crime and nothing to be said about the sanity of Orca (hey, remember when WBAL had her in that city where the Lincoln-Douglass deba8s wuzzzzz?) orational endorsee for campaignist residenthead decisive-izer (or mayhaps it must needs be's "vizah" [nawww~prolly not], What Roger's kid do to earn his pop that bumper sticker? Support athletic tutoring so T. Baker could pay off the student loans in time to defend the linebacker who gets to take his .40 Glock to the nightclub ("...but ma!... he's a Role Model...doesn't make lampshades or soap or ANYTHING")? Sell the most Girl Scout cookies or something? This close to 8-magic reindeer day-off plus or minus zero to uno or more plural being at minimum over one carry the pi ain't this new math almost pret'n'r easy as writing, eh college of Finance?(!) College of finance? You there? Bueller? Aw, prolly out for tea with Bom Taker and Cathy Lee Harvey Philbin between negotiating Hermes endosements to save 4-year olds' fingers from unemployment on a third world island in a pacific rim economy somewhere philanthropy and all...would not believe; oh hell late now~heard Discovery Channel's on a quest for Lobos Blinzer's moustache! (Don't tell them already got one, m'k?

Okay, maybe a couple more tunes:

Got any B.B. Rebozo tapes? Ok, then this & gtg...:


This free and ever since the lost Nostradeemus and Fallw'll chapters this word processing done been polterguisted


Maybe balance as alarmism (Majick 8-ball and lava lamp still in working order) v. healthy skeptics start usurpermobiles not demanding enough do have a lookieloo sodaspeak; feelin' as silly-putty...
Image:Silly putty dripping.jpg

Friday, 5 December 2008

Better find a bookie that'll hold the Gordon Lightfoot 8-tracks....

Al Franken Recount Fight Moves to CourtsAssociated Content, CO - 7 hours agoBy Julia Bodeeb, published Dec 12, 2008


Ever listen to Switchin' to Glide by that one band?

How about some Donnie Iris? Or: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnaUL8OpBck ? and

Then there's Four seasons of MN; winter, still winter, not winter, and almost winter....

Go Bulldogs!!! Times two!

Anything like Dade County?

Would that be historical FL~Home of the Guideon
v. Wainwright project?!!??
What happens in Panama city in springtime?

Snuffleupagus Winnebago
parks fill up when the kids visit or something?

Either way
gotta get on the hustle-anyone seen M. Rose, Mmme Stewart, psychic hotline Cleo or Mme. Harris....?

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like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
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