Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Wuuuurd on da streets...

On a psychic hotline Jenni Joneser-(she a' weddid 2 that P-Jobchonas and t-Bone Baker rockin' combo from Utah or hawk Admin-a-country-hold that thaught sumphin amiss dar)-O-meter the pre-admin' manuverin's are not even worth referring to as campaign extensions...Case in point:
as friends suggested Secretary of State~certainly has the resume.
while still interest on skinny in Department of Human Services or favorites [lest forgetting some others with solid sound and smart experience and
not stupid men; privileged to have spoked with at least one~~'nuthuh box o' wormly Pandoras' canning boxes sodaspeak hinthint&so4th times 12 mius pi carry the seven...] ... (...next to Save P Ffhillyshniz Jones'zees' 2.25 milion psyche [hey, wasn't that a '70's technodrama?] and sparkling pension [also tax funded...{"discourse welcome here"~ should put that up next to "Slow Children X-ing" and "Help Wanted" signs}]) just as Secretary of Education department (one option; this poverbial hepcat:Frank McCourt~talk about a man who can work within budget constraints while leading by example and put those concerns in earning the magic genie wand staffing as a veteran of several lives worth of unrest and mayhem throughout wars including and not limited to [could be some stuff in files they keep hidden beneath Virginia, dunno...] the inner city academic jungles of New York City High Schools and administrations unless his publishers forgot to check the credentials from the Teacher Man publication...word on the streets @ minnimumbly and if not this guy, a certified marriage psychiatrist from an accredited scholastic institute, payhaps some blogger or:

, her:

, or him:

YouTube - ali g interviews noam chomsky
3 min 29 sec

, then throw a bone. Only 'til January {well; Gregorian colander-Watso wrong with Machu Picchu?} to cover for vast two years of campaign expendaturing and keeping from having to explain payments for picking up frozen-

under-the-bridge denizens before impeachm~~~OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm guuzfraaaahbaaahguuzfraaaahbaaahguuzfraaaahbaaahOOOOOOOOO
or shuhh-uhhh uhmmmm wuh'-evahhh
positions in the name of higher learning??!!!!??!?

Golly this statesmanship crafting can be sophistic8ed, y'all. Maybe back to BelAire for some online community cowtippery lessons. Maybe just another oakie off the turnip truck from the water chestnut ferry floating down the other French city morningtime in Iowa, naw, not yesterday morning . Go Bulldogs Go Bulldogs, Los Lobos Los Lobos (dance now!) naturalment

Then again healthy commerce does not grow by planting fiefdoms as free peoples service enomologies in preference and lawful-like y'all wuuuuuuuuuurd or so it's been a'writ...4 the chilldrin'z...

Taking comments on following nomination to actually perhaps accomplish something along the proverbial lines of getting money's devaluation reversed via Dept. Treasury for Accounting experience no foolin'
(suuuuuuuure he'd want the work)
oh, but accuracy in public fund expendatures? Is that un-american-can't be, naw, the system never screwed anyone. Really how come so many victims have tax-funded civics positions building their pensions/retirement funds part of the witness protection program or somethin'? Dismay surprising or not, bees here 1/3 of the population of the U.S. was reported to have voted for M. Obahahbamaamma (you know; the Illinois Or8er who's decider next in '9 [the oh-years?] so Orca Windbag wouldn't think everyone ('ceptin' that reeeely smaaaahrt Philly McG fellahr) was a racist jerk one hasta know them policies hafta work in the future, the theory being all so sound an' uhm wha-evehhhh uhh y'no as if like y would the freeconmedia press print stuff wot wuz un-true? Likewise tele dun seend on stuff between ads, runningm8 parades, and write a check to mobile phone lobbiest humanitarian feeding assistance solicit8ions so how could it be un-accurate?

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

From the dept of "nothing impossible~only impassable"...; has no one thought of....

Should Auto industry perhaps be offered subsidy compromise of retooling existing manufacturer design in exchange for employee retention, employee leisure time and/or employee tuition as new engineering skills will be necessary in supplement of engineer/inventor/scientist corps revamps current facilities plus operational expenses? Seems less unfordable to not explore such routes, Sacajawea...Popular Mechanics - November 2008


UBC Takes 4th Place at the Shell Eco-Marathon!


April 13th, 2008

After 3 days of spirited competition, the UBC Supermileage team was able to place 4th in our inaugural year at the Shell Eco-Marathon in Fontana, California with a mileage of 1864.9 mpg.

A thank you to Shell for hosting a successful event, and to UBC and our sponsors for their continued support.

Important: New Team Email Address

November 7th, 2006

Please note that effective today, we will be transitioning from our old mech.ubc.ca email address to a brand new supermileage.ca email system. The team email address is now as follows:

New Email Address

NEXT: Sun21 solar catamaran

...spitbabbalones...; goes for you too, Saturn


Friday, 14 November 2008


Live from New York it's as Reported in that bastion of free cons press media outletting...(...wait4it....)...(...pause4effect...)...(...drumrollplease...)...(TAKE IT AWAY DON[!]...Patientce and Politeness!!!

And after Obama went to all the trouble graduating Harvard Law that one day in ending deficit exspendingature explanations to young folkengartnears in order for payment of the national debt by rebuilteding the towers whilst single-handedly forcing the the terrier menace defeat on the battlefields of crime statistic reportagitude so as to get the Jetski for Mr. E~oh, wait, something's not quite right, hmmm, s'pose~~~

News results for Al franken recount 2008

CBS News

So the implication of the premis would be "...trust rep. Colman (phrumrom the Nixonesque elephantitis pah-Rtay?)because Al Franken is a war criminal for seeing that voters are represented and not completely delegated as to where and for to whom tax dollar mailings are sent..."???!!???

Can't finger it completely out, little help....?

And as no man is an island unto himself though if you catch one in the right light there is resemblance to a peninsula; should it mean posterity to treat elections and, less there be delusion, requisite build up as much awaited versions of game show contestant award ceremonies; this stance shall have it's a-inert'n'groove consistantly furrshurr hotcha absosmurfly and amen.

And this just by recollecting the equation whereas liberty resolves many affliction when knowledge is bliss is time is money is there any wonder no one sais what freedom's valued as haste makes waste? Big Wu/samediff v. only one person's ever read Guideon's Trumpet hafta wonder.

Still miss Tip O'Neil Image:SpeakerO'Neill.jpg and Mike RoykoOne More Time: The Best of Mike Royko



Monday, 10 November 2008

Guess what...

Is this too horrible? Where's the S. Alford's haircut for the love of Oprah? Or that of Mitt? Or Paula Abdul with a Jetski on each five of ten metatarsals attached to the remainder? I could play on the link below for the years and the years and the years and the years after that! Bravo Zulu "Planetdan"!



Saturday, 8 November 2008

Mr. K, recall autographing a napkin @ the Mill, just after "teach kids of Swedish ancestral posterity 'cool' pronunciation technique session?

Garrison Keillor at a 2007 performance of A Prairie Home Companion in Lanesboro, MinnesotaProps for C.R.P.L. support nonetheless sincerely!


~towards last 1/4 of this article the next exclamation may make more sense(....):

Ohno, promised the kids a puppy!
Then in other inquiry, anyone get status on Mr. Edwards' watercraft? And how's the MN Senate raciness getting about?

And if every shot at a Nobel in poetry ain't blown'd there's this:

Bamboo Sprouts Paula "Karaoke" Abdul and Green Solpwr

Li'l zither
fired up hibachi
4 Shanghai Ree
ree rass would there be a goldfish Valhalla
hafta know
Mahatumus juicebeetlebusterghosts Mahatamus times three
& the dillyo free
timber wolf safe Eucalyptus
How much Etruscan urnin'
minus thesbianism plus plebes {carry the pi}
rough equivalent to farm credit teacher pay versa per vice


Thursday, 6 November 2008

Works n' Progress

Hate to see the bunting clean-up crew get bored adjusting Cyote Thunder's mustache, glasses & tie for the camera money shot before arguing over the bill so Utah can get into heaven or something...dunno

Linda Hattendorf Cats of Mirikitanai: http://www.thecatsofmirikitani.com/aboutMakers.htm

Bomb it: http://bombit-themovie.com/

& not to attempt applying max humor in tight situations though wondering (pause for effect) did A. "Triple-f-ing-plus" Francolin make Senate up in land o' great fishin' on mannylakes-ville? You know, the Harvard guy?

Monday, 3 November 2008

Request intel on taking the kids for a field trip 'n' say "apples"?

Google earth (since when precisely had googlearth become a verb??!!??) "Vinton Iowa" and/or "Applecart Orchard" & compare notes...20 minutes GONOW

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