Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Saturday, 30 June 2012

reserveugence sans carpe tunnel of cerebellum luff issues cain & robberbaronsin teleovistabernacle mummy where ideas for Bill to recompose package and micreomanosofatoff sell origin8 2 never B auspicturismanthropicredited besuedes holy roman empire when reap'n'launder into "ends as virtue" ponzipile could little bulb go out with tide spin cycling other than fox & grapes where stork takes tardyflunk pro-orphan deathpenalty friendly bunny from pre-1st trimyster

fox: hmmm... grapes-in-tree being fox  no wonder why going for grapes-in-tree as woodsman  in timberwolf forest freedom while granny gone recon imperial manuvering wilderness  knowings noses nos 2 find grapes-in-tree elsewhere salvatorious B-sides have 2 catchup    pop rocks corn'n'porn  rhymes withuh third *MOONBAYS* tabernacle culture B4 Olmec Ouija board starts smelling  funny option hold nose  whirreled peas project oper8ion  trojan eagle bonus Angie Dickenson anthem impeachyviction & everything to not exclude D. Sawyer bibuybybouysformfromforumfrumfphw/w/o regovernor tolltaxfee ædmission  boothings plans as Kent state Hindenburg over residential code by Bonnie & Clyde county cyote to credit re-elect Lincoln ravebash

Friday, 29 June 2012

may have been accredited to Churchill saying "Army marches on stomach" though suspecting Betsy Ross quote no blaming Disney's neice all responsible prerespect for sympathy by flaunting incompetent defaultsent8tioneven when checkers staling playbook pages as ordered during confusion over if preamble should have been ammended after 14th & 19th during way forward machine to repair way backahead machine not broke

each peach apple raspberry scramble cobbler version known as baked AK/pi to direct deposition redress refunding for redress restitutions evening nursery rhyme focus with teleovangtreepumpkin party real treatorteatso close to mayday & holiday sales staff ready to pass on big savings internationally attempting to avoid dishes with troop maneuverings and prepquarter  protection assignments thwarting poltergeists of zietgeistlooks easy in spirit though try being buried with ancestors under stripmall parking for phonebabblemobile and dinopoop combustion *MOONBASE* tabernacle  rebozofuture upon Kent state graduation fulla overseas service with no career offers prerequisite insurence enforcement security costs

Thursday, 28 June 2012

pep indoctrilly of chad pluribus safetycheck non-felonious prerequisite gameon all in for blue goldstar biscuit ribbon umpires hoodoo the hairdoodo...

from proxyholeiphant on green can't forget prostitution trafficking just when all about things beings all about racey 

time to draftgrift projecting crack frackersfutureturesures of mandatory pets and family owned paycheck business only dewdrop inn'r'merica  closthed 'ceptioning captstancaptainstantionstan ambiscuroed  yosemite pockets of times where gener8 hiderunderdesker skipped for superpoker sans casinoprisonucation taxes  though still F1 even if Nerf®  viewing with yeti...

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

goofus obstin8 avarice arrogance not copying disingenuity of facsimilitude of archritearmchai abromoffs holding santorum throne ungratitude to *MOONBASE* tabernacle just about to make breakdisco lessons for linedancehop when around hip groove valley when allamway parabolic business rep even without the A+ in esperantiphor non-oral can see where going to get what happens in and of Vegas and or therebouts has nothing to do with Joesph Smith jr. plus/minus regovernor cornholio mathethicalalculous8tionorality

to agree on one way tax reform THE way or no share and complete witholdance of GOOODTIMES of ONEWAY PLUS  complete annihilation without submission not about the one thing or the other nor 2 frame as the other uh what one thing before next three know four uh well hannyhoo the thing is the other guy if we and the thing just after second thing wot give of amminting to control line item fillibuster closer to direct deposit  hostage after first 57 but b4buttun 5 around 14th's preamble reconstituting then terrierdactylorists with paper shredders  could de-securite rebozo 8-tracks & then payso in best fiscal tax reform onus interest (saliv8 brown lipstick loyalty oath DANCENOW) precednt elriggigonas with mind-numbing absolutitude control disallowed to effectively fillibuster thereby denied platypusitude to fully vetoarmamintendoughmintmintamintmentminting line item  if not getting newcondo ranches this year next prior than first two on bookings again image in front of kids on streets not for someones' real human being son or daughter freezing  under bridges so close to childhood home until new wardrobe enforcment lifestyler costeffective dino-poop muffler replacement advice motiv8tors  just to frame issues as not about wearing brown lipstick for ego worship fresh from kaisersarian section in new columnseumade sales of year glory all humble as victims' rights defam8tion constreepumpkin selfservatown the univiruse fly ponzifly and beefree BOOSH

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

not even Delaware senate question on fitness for regovernorship impeachment after all attempts to establish bestest most exhalted naked clown by example derepresting via abolutist final phone a fiftyfifty consent default or be acexcussesed on no complicitation ruderule impositions full tollfee fiscal soundness broken recourds review of rebozo 8-tracks where the-just hear secons ago like doughenning with paper shredder bill poof *MOONBASE* next to municiple huskers and midam illinois touch state NOT FAULT of Wood paintingJoe the lawnmower repair ma&pa not broke image

when gammashazzamma still no preamble of hammurabi bill of 5th ammendment sales hidin' behind state flag "golden hummingdove  mourningfinchomeschoolliteracy" could be preapproved no money down sign for crutch posterity not much of doubt unreasonabubbly  as awol as air national guard  fresh cheerled from Yale then keeping change voucher or no voucher didn't ask not telling reseachearchaded just the same simple sayin' math in midst of all the fantastic hyperbole morality epicethic rank biparty saltlakewalking turn to cool frothy beverage 

 needy Ouja board defam8tion for sake of masshistrionics thespians in crowded fire team route behind on surplus annihilations goals by the wants toosbees millionares final double jeopardy reactions again & again never left unthreatened by enough stretch of imaginary gold stars myth of portion controlled scarcity of rescource a priori k-12 pension exam proprequoquidboninaugural seal abuse immaturaty impotencompeten8cious nonlegal veto quiz for 2nd grader milk money week after next weakening of state under church kidsfolks as '80's farming equipment lender service derelictedictdirect deposit by administr8ionalive enforced entertainment allpro-orphan deathpenalty friendly  


 overbearance of arms avarice  thuggist implicittickcarrotavor empitath(sic) prisoncasino corps fundry Eneuroniburton renamed stadium loyalty oath dancenow  

zippitydoomascot check Tom Mason Bueller BOOSH...

Monday, 25 June 2012

in peas tẫk'em to alpha schlomozzle mercenary hostages v. bounty hunting martyr partisans from *MOONBASE* tabernacle

as for dino-poop in muffler output replacement any given moment and sparkplug insurance gener8tion hideunderdeskers pension surplus annihil8tion allteam mondaeistars cause no harm apple smoked schezuan tofurkey per deim   closer than dutyfree bond deferment earmarking withholdances with wolves in masquerade of morality squaredisco heck what else administr8ors self-appoint into direct deposit overseas frozen asset accounts for sweatshop labor educ8ion online trust pre-seal abuse-K12 
 funds & otherwise & peace on them standards only if really desreving suppose...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

bonus 4 draftdraftreset

speaking-in chads-rebozo as checkersweatlaborobberbaron minion combatants    hors'douvers like uh well like uhm like the Grossnusslevanlightplattsderstead dirinking buddy of Eric's powerpop junkie sobering could have poles stating studies support surveys saying how reliabubble stalking Johnsons credit rating top-knotch 1% striking pension stockings whatevah  like uhm & uh like uh~hm stuff'n things as drumkit modeled after Zildfamigician prose reverse engineered regovernor party mathcrops conduction commandurabi deduation code of student service administratively threatening highway fund fiscal responsabubbleility to labor wealth doctrine during portion controlled direct deposits loophole subaddmissioninistr8tion motivacheer marketear loyalty frenzy  mouse feeds  in woods pro-orphan death penalty most flavoritbeaveratti active stay tunaed

nursmaiding NASDAQ burpy never had much such NYSE issues at so young only what 250yrs on planet age of, oh, BILLIONS though if using measure of Saracen colander in Olmec fishmarket all GATTsy-EuroNAFTApotAtoe....

how disgco the scramble  for ultima8 Gates control billing with guest pet robot toy world of wonders we-ness well with orbit comme *MOONBASS*  tabernacle  healing in tounges boogielouie fever generation dewdropdeadby&hideunderdeskerniks racey bipartisan still lame even  video competition not same  heavysigh... 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

treepumpkin talking dog dreams contiguous

still with *MOONBASE* hide under desker gener8ion and gener8tion duex-me carbon8ed hoopdium of the masses only  going to be reefering in treepumpblimpkan mediapress pro-orphan deathpenalty friendly shangruelahahahahallay Jutes of SaskatijuæhnochtitlannatisD'Or as La Romm (sic[!{?}]) like drinking buddies with Orins wife and Eric's poppa other husbands' casino prison pork render homeschool presthru pension  unpaid unless in office by tax and lobby corrps welfare as Rommormon-Ra duty free for revengance about all  mean and hurtful things said about eating rebozo 8-tracks, stinger missile receipts bilings for paper shredders and chads per checkerswhile future genetations unable to think clear about surplus  annihil8tions while compensating for refunding campaign loan restructurings and CYA for image in eyes of world all way to crack tabernacle on *MOONBASS* as leading to harder stuff  for sales bouynow...

Friday, 22 June 2012

could always ask Senator Glenn if rather interested in loan money to invest in attempting the appointment of mormon alpha haircut affiliate to supreme court or money to ..oh look

free Orin & looksee all more jumbo party with no idea of difference between consistencies in line item abuse of executive privileged and not merely partisan usurpation as extending into administrative  positions from universities like one with Tom st. student service legal brain predator and teirs of middlemiddlemiddle 1%s a' similar to being subregent supervisonariesas subcommittee lobbies or staff boardrooms from varieties of self-interested "corporations as peoples" (kinda surprising when an energy monopoly makes move to wind power in state next door to one been running municipal power since '70's successfully huh) and  no gesture to recompensate out of fair sense of commerce when on regovernly abusre manuvers check checkers or Michelles' dogs version of what son of superior entity sayeth'd (sic) ...

Thursday, 21 June 2012

and not to be unoverdone looking never tomorrow just later

done did again horse is not demised shame about fewer surplus annihilations  more crime preventivenesses with geraldo look-alike sightings in decline plus bonus uh uhm not third one but second after uh uhm like uh first still noticabubbly no record of Harriet ever having declaired beware   industrial sports superiority complex innitia8ting blame-Mami Doud E.-throw-island-denizen-into-hohoi-so-villiagers-can-sleep-peacefully-for-1000-years wearing t-shirt/armband combo printed with "trust as other husbands are mormon kiss now" *MOONBASE* loyalty swear from  stalking johnsons chapescorterone management mishap enforcement  with hall monitor pass direct deposits and vaugeloose jurisdiction promotion happy 19-year olds administr8tions circa checkers with peers pro nuclear called SUN death penalty friendly orphan enabler though more Appomattox-prior still sad reminder when personal pimp has to council via subcommittee shareholder meeting lobbyists by invite gerrymander filibuster for a raise in terms of pork sandwich shovel or plow in corporate welfare terms no blood for myrrh if not about oil must be that one thing uh...

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

what's up the regovernor

can't do both in attempting to defame P-res for "poor fiscal responsiblity math" while trying to ride in on coatails still owing  for attack ad campaign expenses plus soliciting promises of better future and no clean-up after attacking persia that never attacked no consent charge fee tolls for cleanup cost of doing business right out plusplus next hidden derivative as discoursed even under guise of interesting rise in popcorn prices after wampanoag and witchhunt from '50's secrets (shhh tellin' hide under desk please just asking) sales to commuonisses protectioncaresafetybehavior arms racey appropriate loyalty conditioning extorts with frozen assets avarice misservice derepresentation fraud however imaginatively wishful  the factlessness of kneejeck conclusion to mean slash education frogwarsh still anxiously awaiting video game and action figure versions while busy about time on the reimbursements restitutions redresses of greivances and liquid8tions of froven assests in time for state fair though theme parks should've been revamped by now & open for free ticket pass vouchering plus interest after all the hoarding from spoils of thuggary with ombusdsmen on salary without knowledge of how to work a scanner to be trained by yooung pimped minds bent after years of obedience pavloviandoctrin8ting refunds...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Folks say "cut that hair trim the fiscally responsible 'stache" but all belonging to supreeme being would require consent & seen how fashionabubble consent is amongst rebozo 8-track checkers stinger missle receipt paper shredder cost deferment chad enthusiasm campers

almost as if  by smokey mirrored  the bear with possible phone a friend final fiftyfifty cheat off own homework for once option to not break legs goal reaching crutch salin another twenty minutes...

Monday, 18 June 2012

not now only later as before ever

a type here  perhaps from own experience/research/critical objective honest inquiry however intensive and cause of no harmy or again with time as so productive on administrative review right to Sam's money may assist Tom plus Sally and regovernor & Utah cult  Howe timing Bueller feedingsers  compliancaise ... 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathers' day bests!

Hey someone's gotta 

 take the men fishing after all the driving endured to d8 & gotta hunch not gonna be Melinda or Steadmans' wife or  Eric's moms legal staffings or Newt or Orin or former vp golf hook-up or NB A-star-in-face limo driver  shooter...

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool

like kittens where asset/surplus annihilation to regovpension seal abuse business stable preschool
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