Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chad Rebozo Checkers 2nd Kent St. trimyster curiously meets witchunt communist freedomfighter televangelist belt tithing conscription partyer cliques

Ode to Windowsalmost 

Breathy are the new cost-cutting
Mercedes's soo shiny with tinty no-peeks
porn upon better sonnetotalpolitcracies 
for empire campaign enforcement via monetary fraud
ever occur goodly-hearted as born after 1983 control of 
purse steam powers Solomon off stagecoach on runway shadedsoap lampdim betrothed intensions

*eherm* needs work better yet needs nothing perhaps shy of some justice to STOP these destructive power junkies alternative to facing kids defamatorily (must be someones's fault may as well blame Harriet or Ms. Hoover or Ms. Represent8tion entertainforcement in lther) that already attain image of omniscience in imaginations with sad explanations similar to Chad Rebozo Checkers at Kent St. prequal version 20 years from sci-fi speculations with Nancy's Ouija board and Psychic Hotline Cleo's "Irish-Haitian" accent "oh wellsee Eneuron(sic) giganto-electric non-municipals of TX and stinger missile
 sales to weird persian factions  just seemed so harmless then.."

should if must needs bees time-time times... and don't forget to register to vote just have to check paper shredder bill-of sale surges in economy this once perhaps SEC awake from nap all kindsa optioning such to warrant quick how's your father to locoale(sic) governors' principal university administration offices with time to send letters to senators and attorney generals' offices as treepumpin freeconmedia press looks at shoepolish news with hiar styling now sports at eleven nine and six hotcha hoihoi BOOSH DANCENOW 

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