Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?

Ever play wherewaldofish ladies?
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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

OOOH! More fascist architectrure so slave children wondering y no education or ability to escape threat of deficit foreclosing can b bilkable for milk

*Generally fairly decent dollarvaluativequalintafbly McGraw contnt selection available here aside from moustacioed VVinfteevee yet the ocaasional articl sooooeyecatching as to nearly diminish Richterhoftenguupenfuhvour nailing Maria Shrier who'd she commencementalize whan Aunt ummuy Jenna dun got cret of'sckhool'n..yes, Gwythalyn?) measure of writers' strike impact in light of Ohp-clypse mag. “For me, the relationship with the client is a huge creative component,” who the f writes this Ingrid Spencer gawd hope that's just dancing/massusse/cookingshow "pro nom de pole" how the prep cooks getting fed? Boss seeing any proffits? Could imagine.... rejects from bouldering stoners almost getting something past editor a preschooler might be able to read, maybe-not insulted directed nor mis- to nearly der vunderkindergarten bundt-that's german but where was Italy in one them WW's?

Fractals wow! pop paid bills so everyones kids could live in 9th grader home ec project and cheat other kids outta years of having to support cell/mobile phone lobbiests BMW dealers and fraudulent wasteful abusive credit manipulators pork lobbying (that a new olympic committee event or something?) never arrested for laundering avariced bizajilillions coerced from hungry sweatshop youth teens, atheletes, and check writing messianic ghost-mo-tism susceptibubbubble suggestivilites executin' in texas to keep pro-life orphans happy free from asking questions Kath Harris?**
How come Moses never visits these vundermacgrubervolken carpe requium gloria dictum brontus erectus sphinxterazilla?
Or Ghandi for Pete's sake?

(Chrystler bldg photo via Wikipedia; David Shankbone so it would seem. Personal favorite Big bottoms and Earache my eye courtesy of Soundgarden originals by Spinal Tap and Alice Bowie Chonga and Lennies Brothers Brass Bob B. Goode ol'e Blues projs or whatever into P. Boone and Hayseed Dixies 'round 'ere 'otcha...)

'@ least an honest enough fascist regardless that integrity disallows recognition of sensei/ prior artists laser engineers and mathemeticians- & toohpaste ad tv sally freecon media rottencrotch; "gosh have we learned a whole much today?"** 2nd grade called-want's it's rhetoric back. Feeding them too with spoils of war? Billions vanished from persia contracting & no national treasure robberies where fun in that? There's that thing on that nose could insurance scam to disappear that-hope the gingerbread house doesn't melt in we season... came back on an early flight spring break and stay up an exrta hour and everything working so hard on that thesis? no Alumn privs earned monkey stopmped w/o so much as apology there 'twixt aristlotle & socrates? presence o' sorritude pitiably unmistakabubble; lack of effort of reimbursement/restitution/move to jefferson parish offer lack still bewilderingly atrocious so much so getting foggy as to proportions of hyperbole
Good thing the devaluation of the currency; body count of this winters' freeze and the bills aren't issues! Might have had to go make up some story about her coach or t.a. or having west avion niledysfunction as IT COULD AFFECT PARENTS' CREDIT RATING &/or lead eventually to penalty of death

WRONG! Wahoo overpaid
flashenattzi on sandbagging burn some qual dingding workoff hrs;
FEMA Amsterdam for engineering studies STAT
fatcamp 2awol with cameras and not enough snakpie call Elvisonic security
! OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhpra!!!!!!!!





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